What is the Best Tea Kettle For a Gas Stove?

Wondering what is the best tea kettle for a gas stove? Let us help you find a tea kettle that is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

a modern tea pot on stove top - what is the best tea kettle for a gas stove
Having the best tea kettle is essential

If you have a gas stove and you like to drink tea or coffee, having the best tea kettle is essential for multiple reasons. You’ll be using it every day, so it should be efficient and ergonomic. Plus, you probably want one that has a nice appearance. 

Until I found the right kettle, I was always looking to hide it when guests came over. Now I can leave my new one out, and it seems like it came with the kitchen.

What To Look For in a Tea Kettle for a Gas Stove

Ensure the whistle is loud enough to get your attention. If you end up becoming distracted, you risk scorching it. 

Also, the tea kettle’s handle should remain cool enough to touch, even when the water boils.

man putting kettle on a stove
The tea kettle’s handle should remain cool even when the water boils

Finally, make sure that the lid fits well. If it’s overly loose, it will rattle and potentially let steam escape. If it’s too tight, it can be frustrating to use.

How To Pick the Best Tea Kettle for a Gas Stove

A great way to pick a tea kettle is to pay attention to customer reviews. If someone is quite happy with their kettle, and it’s worked daily for years, it’s a good bet it will work for you too. 

In combination with this, it’s always a good idea to do your own product research. Prioritize function over aesthetics but trust me, there will be one that ticks both boxes.

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Best Tea Kettle for a Gas Stove #1: Le Creuset Enamel Kettle

This is my favorite kettle for use on my gas stove. It comes in a variety of colors, with an enamel coating over a solid steel base. Its capacity is slightly less than two quarts, and it will even work on other cooktops.

The handle is a little bulky, but it’s heat resistant. The lid fits tightly, and its knob also stays cool. The whistle is loud without being obnoxious, and the pour spout works quite smoothly. 


  • Range of attractive color options
  • Well-made, sturdy, stay-cool handle and lid knob
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Made in China so not local
  • Enamel may chip
  • Requires hand-washing

You can see what customer’s are saying about this product here.

Le Creuset Enamel On Steel Whistling Tea Kettle, 1.7 qt., Caribbean
  • 1-4/5-quart whistling teakettle made of enamel-coated steel
  • Heat-resistant, ergonomic handle ensures a secure grip
  • Removable round-shaped lid with stay-cool phenolic lid knob
  • Safe for use on all heat sources, including induction; hand wash only
  • Measures approximately 6.0 IN 10.0 IN 10.0 IN

Best Tea Kettle for a Gas Stove #2: Cuisinart Aura 

The Cuisinart Aura is highly-rated and inexpensive. It also works very well for induction or electric cooktops. 

With a two-quart capacity, a loud boiling whistle, and an ergonomic handle with a sturdy pour spout trigger, you really can’t go wrong.

The only caveat with this kettle is that it’s fairly light duty. I wouldn’t leave it unattended on the stove or take it out over a campfire.


  • Durable, loud whistle 
  • Ergonomic handle 
  • Smooth spout trigger 
  • Elegant, classic looks


  • The handle can get quite warm, requiring a towel or pot holder
  • Not heavy duty

To find reviews on this product, click here.

Cuisinart Aura Stainless Steel Stovetop Teakettle, 2QT.
  • Whistles attached to kettle to signal that water is boiling
  • Kettle heats up quickly and retains heat well
  • Classic stainless steel design to fit any kitchen
  • Hand wash with mild soap
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Best Tea Kettle for a Gas Stove #3: OXO Brew Classic

The handle can pivot to the side, making it much easier to fill from the sink. With some other kettles, I find myself holding it at an awkward angle.

The handle also remains cool to the touch even when the fairly loud whistle indicates that the water has begun to boil. The bottom is flat, helping maintain solid contact with the gas flame of the oven, boiling water fairly quickly. 


  • Pivoting handle for easy fillups
  • Handle stays cool
  • Flat bottom heats the water quickly
  • Large capacity


  • Handle takes some getting used to
  • The lid gets quite hot and sticks
  • Takes time to heat when at capacity

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Swissgold Cone-Shape Coffee Filter
  • 24 Karat gold-plated foil filter is neutral and won't alter the taste
  • Precisely defined openings hold back unwanted residue while letting the flavor carriers through
  • Non-absorbent gold-plated foil does not absorb flavors
  • Smooth gold-plated foil is easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • It also eliminates waste.

Best Tea Kettle for a Gas Stove #4: KitchenAid Kettle with C-Handle

This two-quart kettle features a porcelain enamel in a handful of colors. The handle is C-shaped, but don’t succumb to the temptation to hang it from the tap while you’re filling it. If it slips off, you will likely ruin the enamel

The removable lid seals fairly tightly, and the thumb-press spout trigger is also fairly ergonomic. The biggest negative issue with this kettle is that the handle gets quite hot when left on the stovetop for a long period. That is compounded by a relatively quiet whistle.


  • Attractive color options
  • Simple operation
  • Easy to use 


  • Whistle not loud enough
  • Handle can get quite hot
  • Enamel may chip 

Check out what customers think about the Kitchen Aid kettle.

KitchenAid 2.0-Quart Kettle with C Handle and Trim Band - Cameo Blue
  • Removable Lid
  • Thumb-Press Spout
  • C Handle with Comfortable Grip
  • Vibrantly Colored Porcelain Exterior
  • Attractive Trim Band

Testing Criteria

Every one of these kettles has boiled on my stovetop. Once I decided to find the best tea kettle, and I put them through their paces in my pursuit. I made tea, coffee, and oatmeal with each for about a week, helping me gauge their fit and finish. 

They all seemed fairly durable, and though the enamel made me nervous at first, I decided it was also the most attractive option, as I got one that matched my cabinets.

Trust Me

I am a fan of kettles because they make me appreciate taking a few moments for myself in the morning. I don’t use a quick brew percolator to make my morning coffee, as I prefer the results from boiling water in my kettle and then make french press coffee at home.

I think the overall best tea kettle for a gas stove is the Le Creuset model. It’s easy to buy on the internet, and though a bit pricey, I use it daily and enjoy its fit and finish. If you don’t want to splurge quite as much, take a close look at either the Cuisinart or OXO models, you can’t go wrong with either.

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