What is Frappuccino? 6 Easy steps

With so many iced coffee drinks out there, you might be wondering, what is Frappuccino? Let’s learn more about this iconic iced treat from Starbucks.

While the name sounds like a play on the word cappuccino, a Frappuccino doesn’t always contain coffee. When they do contain coffee, it’s usually brewed coffee, along with other flavors, but you can skip the coffee and go for the likes of a strawberry Frappuccino or a matcha green tea Frappuccino.

A Frappuccino is somewhat like a milkshake. It consists of a crème base which is blended with crushed ice and flavoring. These can include espresso for that coffee flavor, pumpkin spice, and more. You can add chocolate syrup to make Chocolate Frappuccino or even Caramel syrup to make Caramel Frappuccino, among other flavors.

Frappuccino Vs. Frappe

So, are a Frappe and Frappuccino two different drinks? The answer is yes; these iced drinks are different. The easiest way to tell their difference is that the Frappuccino is a Starbucks patent drink. Starbucks launched their Frappuccino blended drinks in 1995, and they’re still as popular as ever.

Moreover, a Frappe is a blended iced drink often served with whipped cream and other toppings. It originated in Greece and is made of instant coffee.

A Frappe always contains coffee, but a Frappuccino does not. Both drinks can also be made with decaf coffee.

How To Prepare A Frappuccino

What is frappuccino?
Check out our step-by-step instructions for a coffee Frappuccino

Can I prepare a homemade Frappuccino? As mentioned above, the Frappuccino is a Starbucks trademark. As such, there is no complete Frappuccino recipe, but you can still create a delicious iced coffee drink close to what you’d get from a barista in a coffee shop.

Check out our step-by-step instructions for a coffee Frappuccino. You might also be interested in our round-up of the best Starbucks drinks and the best Starbucks snacks.

Materials Needed


  • A jar
  • A tall glass
  • A strainer
  • A straw


  • Coffee concentrate
  • Crushed ice
  • Cold milk
  • Sweeteners of choice
  • Syrups of choice


Step 1: Cool Your Coffee

Brew coffee concentrate and allow it to cool down in the fridge.

Step 2: Blend

Once cool, pour the coffee concentrate into a blender and add milk. If you use non-fat milk, be sure to add some cream. Be careful not to add too much milk or cream. This is done to make sure the drink maintains its coffee taste.

Step 3: Add The Flavors

Throw in a flavor of your choice. For example, if you are preparing a vanilla-flavored Frappuccino, you can add some vanilla essence.

Step 4: Sweeten

Sweeten the iced drink by adding some sweetened condensed milk, normal sugar, syrup, or any other available sweetener.

Step 5: Add Ice

Once you are satisfied with the added flavor, add some ice cubes to the mixture in the blender. Blend the mixture until all the ice cubes are broken and the Frappuccino is smooth.

Step 6: Serve

Serve your iced Frappuccino and eat it using a spoon, straw, or any other way you prefer.

The procedure for preparing any type of Frappuccino flavor is the one mentioned above. The change comes in when adding the flavor. As such, if you are preparing a Mocha Frappuccino, make sure you add a substantive amount of chocolate syrup.

For the Mocha Chip Frappuccino, add a good amount of chocolate chips. You can also purchase coffee syrups or flavored syrups on Amazon, but many local cafes could offer them, too, if you prefer to shop locally.

How To Prepare Concentrated Coffee

As stated above, the concentrate you use has to be very strong coffee to account for the dilution that happens once you add ice cubes to the mixture. It also ensures that the iced drink does not lose its coffee taste.

One way of preparing concentrated coffee is brewing espresso using an espresso machine and then placing it in the refrigerator. You can also do the following:

Step 1: Prepare The Coffee

Pour your preferred ground coffee into a large clear container. It is recommended you use a strong brand of coffee. The best coffee should be strong, like a dark roast, so you can still taste the coffee flavor beneath the flavors.

Add some cold water to the ground coffee, but not enough for a full cup of coffee. Stir the mixture to allow the grounds to mix properly with the water.

Step 2: Let It Steep

Cover the mixture and allow it to settle for about 12 hours as you go about your day’s activities; this is not unlike making a cold brew.

Step 3: Strain

After 12 hours, take a separate container and place a mesh wire on top. Gently pour the coffee mixture into the separate container through the strainer.

Step 4: Cool (Optional)

If your drink is still warm, you can leave it cool down in the fridge. Otherwise, it’s good to go.

This method of preparing coffee concentrate is great when preparing large amounts of coffee. However, if you only need your personal iced coffee, do not worry. The concentrate can last for up to a week as long as the container is tightly covered.

Are Frappuccinos Unhealthy?

These drinks are generally high in sugars, calories, and fats

There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to a Frappuccino every now and then, but a Venti frap drink every day is not the best idea, especially particularly indulgent drinks like a mocha cookie crumble Frappuccino. A shot of espresso or a latte is better for everyday consumption than the likes of a vanilla bean Frappuccino.

These drinks are generally high in sugars, calories, and fats. So they should be enjoyed as part of a healthy, balanced diet, along with an active lifestyle.

While the caffeine and sugar can perk you up, experiencing a sugar crash alongside a caffeine crash will leave you feeling sluggish for the rest of the day. They’re best for the weekends when you have fewer responsibilities.

FAQs About Frappuccinos

Can you prepare hot frappes or frappuccinos?

No, both drinks are made by blending several things, including cold water and ice cubes. As such, under no circumstances can you make hot Frappes or Frappuccino. That is why they are known as iced drinks.
Although some argue that the espresso used in Frappuccino can make the drink hot, it does not as you cool the coffee down first.

What Is The Shelf Life Of A Frappuccino?

A packed Frappuccino should last quite a while in your fridge if unopened. However, once you open it, it is recommended you consume it within the same day. Always check the use-by date to ensure it has not expired already.

What Is The Lowest Calorie Frappuccino At Starbucks?

The Mini Mocha Light Frappuccino at Starbucks has the lowest calories of these Starbucks coffee drinks. It consists of rich mocha sauce, non-fat milk, and ice. It just has 15 grams of sugar and 80 calories.

Is The Green Tea Frappuccino From Starbucks Healthy?

While matcha and milk have numerous health advantages, Starbucks’ Matcha Green Tea has a lot of sugar and calories. For instance, a grande size contains 63 carbs and 410 calories. You can check out the Starbucks website for all of their drinks’ nutritional information.

Is There A Keto Frappuccino At Starbucks?

The Strawberry Acai Starbucks Refresher Beverage (also known as the Pink Drink), a sweet-tart drink blended with coconut milk and tea, is available as a keto Frappuccino.

How Much Caffeine Is In A Starbucks Frappuccino?

There is 110 mg of caffeine in one 13.7 oz Starbucks Bottled Frappuccino, which is quite high. The caffeine content varies per drink, with those made without coffee beans generally being free-from caffeine or low caffeine. Whereas you can expect a java chip Frappuccino espresso Frappuccino to be quite high depending on how many espresso shots were used.