What Is Fenugreek Tea? Explained

You might ask, “What is fenugreek tea?”. Here, you’ll find that spices are not only reserved for cooking. You’ll find Fenugreek quite interesting in tea as well. A warm cup of Fenugreek tea and its maple syrup-like taste opens the doors for daydreaming like nothing else.

What Is Fenugreek Tea - Fenugree seeds
Fenugreek taste like a maple-syrup

It’s hard to imagine Indian cuisine without Fenugreek. However, its use case transcends kitchen as people in India discovered medicinal properties of Fenugreek. It is used as a supplement and remedy for many medical conditions. 

Suppose you are like me and don’t like the taste of over-the-counter drugs and healthy herbs. In that case, you’ll find Fenugreek tea quite mind-blowing. It doesn’t taste like anything you’ve ever tried before. One sip of this warm tea will drown your taste buds in a maple syrup-like flavor.

But that’s not the end of it. This tea has powerful health benefits too. Let’s see what you need to know to decide whether to find a dedicated place for it in your cupboard. 

What Exactly is Fenugreek?

Fresh green leaves of fenugreek
Fenugreek was first used during 4000 BC by the Chinese and Indians

Fenugreek is a herb. In scientific circles, it is called Trigonella foenum-graecum, and it is believed that people in India and China started using it in 4000 BC. At first, it was used as an alternative medicine to treat various medical conditions, skin conditions being one of many. 

Today, we use all parts of this herb. But the, Fenugreek tea is made from light-brown seeds. After trying the tea, I visited a local Indian restaurant to see what texture it adds to the dishes.

To my surprise, it tastes slightly differently in dishes than in tea as it gives this sweet and nutty taste. 

What are the Health Benefits of Fenugreek Tea?

You’ve probably heard from your friends or family or discovered online that Fenugreek tea has powerful healing properties. It’s one of the rare few teas that taste like heaven while still packing many medicinal properties. Plus, it has no caffeine in it whatsoever.

For me, it was great news as I do love my caffeinated drinks, and I didn’t have to give them up so I could enjoy Fenugreek tea.

Here are the noteworthy health benefits of this delicious tea:

Increased Breast Milk Production

New moms can sometimes struggle with breastfeeding their babies for several reasons. They know that breast milk is the best food for their little ones, adding additional pressure and affecting milk production. There are a number of prescription drugs to help with this, but Fenugreek stands as a safe, natural alternative.

A pitcher and a glass of milk
Drinking Fenugreek tea helps in breastmilk production

Having a tasty cup of warm Fenugreek tea can help new moms lift their spirits. But, more importantly, it can help them increase breastmilk production. They will be happy knowing that their babies are well-fed and gaining weight. 

Boosted Testosterone

Testosterone levels tend to drop down as people get older. But given that testosterone is vital for many processes in the body, it’s important to try boosting it. It’s responsible for a healthy heart, libido, mood, body fat regulation, and thinking. 

Fenugreek tea is quite potent in regulating testosterone levels in the body. It can help restore testosterone to healthy levels in no time at all. Just one cup of this tea daily can help increase strength, improve sexual function, and reduce body fat. 

Better Control of Diabetes

Fenugreek is so powerful that it can even affect our bodies at a profound level. It can aid and improve metabolism, which can be problematic for people who have diabetes. Drinking this tea can help with controlling diabetes and enjoying a healthier life.

Fenugreek tea can regulate blood sugar levels, reduce bad cholesterol, and improve insulin function. These properties come from the unique nutrition profile of Fenugreek seeds. It has high fiber content and healthy minerals, but besides fibers, these seeds also contain iron, magnesium, and manganese contents. 

While these three health benefits are the most noteworthy, I’ve discovered that it offers additional benefits. Drinking this tea can help you put your appetite under control, regulate cholesterol levels, reduce heartburn, reduce inflammation, and help with skin problems. 

Take Joy in Making a Cup of Fenugreek Tea 

To make a cup of traditional Fenugreek tea, you will need a pestle or a mortar. You don’t put whole seeds into the water. Instead, you have to crush them with a pestle, and once you’ve done that, you can boil the water and pour it into a teapot. Add the crushed seeds and steep them for about 3 minutes.

Now you can strain the tea and sweeten it with stevia or honey. I didn’t sweeten it because I enjoy how it tastes. You can drink it hot or cold. In either case, get ready to taste a unique tea and unlock its many health benefits.


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