What Does A Barista Robot Do?

Speedy, accurate, and consistent barista robots will change the coffee-making scene. So what does a barista robot do exactly? Learn more to find out.

What Does A Barista Robot Do
A Barista robot does the same job as a human barista, but with automation, consistency, accuracy, and speed

Technology shapes our future in a way that few people can predict. Artificial intelligence and automated technology are on the rise to change the way humans operate the world. Robots are gradually entering factories, stores, and households to replace humans in their day-to-day tasks. 

The food and beverage industry is no exception. With such an intense competitive nature and high staff turnover, coffee owners and makers worldwide strive for something different, innovative, and game-changing. And after years of research and development, robotic baristas have come into life as a modern, handy, and effective solution. 

So what is a barista robot? Simply put, a barista robot does the same job as a human barista, but with automation, consistency, accuracy, and speed. CafeX, Briggo, Rozum Café, and Once Alike are a few robotic baristas to be named. 

How Do You Order From A Barista Robot? 

robot barista serving a cup of coffee
You just look at a screen, make an order, and the command goes to the robot

As a customer, you will look at a screen, make an order, and the command goes to the robot. A few seconds later, your cup of coffee is ready on the tabletop. It’s as simple as that.

Robotic Barista Benefits

It’s Automatic And Qualitative

Robotic baristas can whisk up hundreds of beverages within a matter of hours. And that’s nothing close to what a human barista can do. So the idea behind this automatic solution is how to automate the service of great coffee without ever getting tired.

Barista robot is not here to quit unexpectedly, demand a pay raise, or call in sick. So that’s why café owners don’t have to find an alternative barista as a last-minute change. 

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It’s Fast

On average, a barista robot can make up to 120 cups an hour. In contrast, a human barista can whisk up a cup of coffee or latte somewhere between one to five minutes, depending on experience.

It’s A Good Return On Investment

The input cost to acquire a barista robot may take a large amount of money out of your budget. It’s a good deal in the long run, given the consistency, safe service, efficiency, and reliability without hiring employees.

Coffee shop owners don’t need to hire several staff members to support one another during the shift. Think about it – hire one handyman and let him take care of supplement loading and regular cleaning.

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Barista Robot Disadvantages

No Human Connection

You want to buy a drink when you go to a coffee shop. But we all know there’s a lot more to coffee culture. 

It’s the human touch. It’s the communication that makes a café a better place to hang out, connect, and revive. A barista with a good personality is ready to have a small talk with you anytime you need.

Even though robotic baristas are being developed to deliver a connection on a human level, such as handshakes, voice greetings, or personalized offers – it’s a long way to go compared to an actual human being.

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Flexibility Is A Concern

A barista robot is speedy and accurate but not that great in terms of creativity. When you want something new, fun, and challenging to inspire your customers’ palates, the IT team will add a new recipe, but it takes time to get it ready on the order screen.

What To Consider Before Picking A Robotic Barista?

coffee robot in display
There are a few stellar choices in today’s market if you ever need a barista robot to be a handyman for your in-house café

There are a few stellar choices in today’s market if you ever need a barista robot to be a handyman for your in-house café. BaristaBot by Costa Coffee, Café X, MontyCafe, or Ella, the latest introduction by Crown Digital from Singapore, are competing for the top rank.

So what should you ask yourself before buying the right barista robot?

There are a few variations in terms of machinery. Do you need a simple automated vending kiosk? Are you looking for a full-blown robotic barista or even a robot café to monetize from your newly-bought slot of land in the busy T-junction of downtown Los Angeles?

And then comes another big question: How about water supply and drainage connection? Does it support your type of beans and beverage?

You need to consider your target market; are they young and familiar with innovation and technology? Do they like small talks with the barista? Will they want to try new drinks? 

Will Barista Robots Replace Humans?

We can’t predict if barista robots will eventually replace human baristas. We just need to wait and see how the world reacts to robots. 

First, we must understand that the robot revolution isn’t to scare you or harm you. It’s a solution to get the job done as quickly and accurately as possible.

However, the lack of joy from connecting with another human being is a red flag. Plus, not everyone is keen on looking at a screen chock full of words, numbers, and instructions after a long day working on their laptops.


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