What Are The Top 10 Coffee Brands?

Coffee drinkers may have more options than ever when it comes to coffee, but what are the top 10 coffee brands you need to try right now? Read more to find out!

It doesn’t matter if you are new to drinking coffee or are just starting to take it more seriously, there will come a time when drinking mass-produced canned coffee will not cut anymore. Where do when you want to expand your coffee horizons? Well, these top 10 coffee brands are a great place to start!

Ten of the Brands that are Producing Amazing Coffee

The coffees below range from grocery store staples to more exclusive choices that you may need to order online.

Big Brands

Big isn’t always bad when it comes to coffee. These coffee brands expanded without lowering their quality.

1. Peet’s Coffee

What Are The Top 10 Coffee Brands
Peet's Coffee

Don’t be fooled, for a brand that offers so many varieties and is as large as Peet’s Coffee, it’s surprising just how good their coffee tastes. Major Dickason’s Blend is a persistent favorite, but you’ll definitely also want to try Arabian Mocha-Java with its hints of chocolate and the light herbal Sumatra Batak Peaberry.

2. Stumptown Coffee Roaster

This Portland-based coffee company has certainly made a name for itself by producing small-batch premium coffee beans. Some of the best cafes serve Stumptown Coffee and so can you! Folks that love stronger brews will love Founder’s blend with notes of vanilla and cocoa, but espresso drinkers will definitely want to pick up Stumptown’s beloved Hair Bender blend!

3. Counter Culture Coffee

Coffee is big business, but the management at Counter Culture Coffee never forgets that people make it run. Although the company puts people and sustainability at its forefront, it churns out seriously delicious coffees. Forty-Six is a standout for its full-bodied, dark chocolate flavor while those who like their coffee a bit brighter will appreciate Apollo sourced from Dambi Udo, Ethiopia.

4. La Colombe Coffee Roasters

While you may know La Colombe Coffee Roasters for its unique line of nitro-infused cold brews, the company also offers some killer coffee beans. The company’s dark roast Corsica blend is a customer favorite with its spiced wine and baker’s chocolate flavor profile. People who want something a little lighter can’t go wrong with Rouge, a blend with notes of caramel apples and maraschino cherries.

5. Lavazza Coffee

Lavazza coffee shop
Lavazza coffee

It may be a giant international brand, but there’s a reason it has been one of Italy’s favorite coffee roasters since 1895: it’s superb. You may know Lavazza Coffee for its perfectly roasted espresso beans, like Lavazza Espresso Italiano that some of the finest Italian restaurants serve, but they also offer several wonderful coffees for alternative types of brewing methods.

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Smaller Roasters You May Have Missed

Micro-roasters may not have the volume of the bigger brands, but that doesn’t mean they can’t compete when it comes to flavor!

6. Coava Coffee

If you haven’t heard of Coava Coffee, it’s no surprise. This tiny coffee company isn’t big on advertising, preferring to concentrate on delivering amazing single-origin coffees with an eye towards sustainability and fair trade. Shop for unique freshly roasted beans from around the world or sign up for a coffee subscription because you’ll not want to run out.

7. Coffee Labs Roasters

Located in historic Tarrytown, just a short walk from the legendary Sleepy Hollow, Coffee Labs Roasters does big things in its small storefront cafe and roastery. Good options include the semi-sweet medium-dark Witches’ Brew or the Doghouse Blend with its tasting notes of dark chocolate and berries. This brand has very limited quantities, so your best bet is to order direct from the company’s website.

Coffee Convenience

Third-wave coffee gurus may scoff, but simplicity sometimes wins out over trying to produce the perfect cup of coffee. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find great-tasting coffee that is easy to make!

8. Waka Instant Coffee

For those times when you can’t brew a fresh pot of coffee, Waka Instant Coffee is the next best thing. Just add hot water to the freeze-dried, 100 percent Arabica bean coffee powder and you have a well-balanced medium-bodied cup of coffee. Whether you are making Dalgona whipped coffee or just want the convenience of instant coffee, Waka Instant Coffee is one of the best affordable options.

9. Canyon Coffee

Sure, Canyon Coffee roasts incredible coffee beans you can brew in your favorite coffee maker, but it’s the company’s Canyon Instant: Granjeras that is truly exceptional. Although voted by the New York Times as the best instant coffee, it’s incredibly expensive at 20 dollars for six servings. But if you are willing to pay a premium, you can order from the company’s website.

10. Death Wish Coffee Company

Some coffee drinkers may shun K-Cups, but it is tough to beat the convenience. If you are going to have a single-serve coffee, and you love a strong brew, you might as well order from Death Wish Coffee Company, a business that advertises itself as “The World’s Strongest Coffee.” Choose medium or dark roast, or perhaps you prefer the strong, dark, and low-acidity level of an Odin Cup.

FAQs About What Are the Top 10 Coffee Brands

Are better coffees always more expensive?

Nope, you can find delicious coffees at every price point although you may have to pay a little more for well-known brands. There are plenty of lower-cost brands like Peet’s Coffee and Waka Instant Coffee that offer great value for quality beans.

What type of coffee is best to drink in the morning?

Morning is probably the most popular time of the day to drink coffee. If you are looking for the most caffeine to help prepare you for the day, then you should choose a lightly roasted coffee. Although it may seem counterintuitive, darker roasts have up to 60 percent less caffeine than lighter ones.