9 Uses for Coffee Filters Around the House

There are tons of different uses for coffee filters besides brewing coffee, and this article explores the most interesting ones.

Uses For Coffee Filters
Clean coffee filters have many other uses other than your morning java

If you love brewing coffee at home, chances are you’ve got a lot of coffee filter paper in a press or drawer. But did you know clean coffee filters have many other uses? Other than morning java, here are nine ways to use coffee filter paper.

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1. Cleaning Your Glasses or Mirrors

a man cleaning his eyeglasses
Coffee filters can be used to wipe down fragile surfaces because they are made of thin papers

Because filters don’t track lint or dust, they are great for cleaning eyeglasses and mirrors as well as your computer and tv screens. Since the filters are made of thin paper, they can be used to wipe down fragile surfaces without streaking or cutting into the glass. Simply grab a filter, then proceed to wipe down your favorite mirror, TV or computer screens, or even your eyewear.

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2. Protection for Your Dishes and Cabinets

To save your cupboards from being decorated with glass rings, simply lay down a layer of filters between the glasses or cups and the base of the cupboard. The filters will soak up any excess moisture saving you the trouble of emptying out the entire cabinet for cleaning. You can also put the filters between plates to protect them against potential scratches.

3. Add Flavor to Soups and Stews

It can be frustrating to scoop out excess leaves and other spices when creating your soups and stews. As a solution, put the leaves or spices into the center of a filter. Secondly, fold the filter over and tie the top of the filter with string.

Once this is complete, hang the filter and leaf combo inside the soup. When the additional flavor has met your expectations, remove the filter and enjoy your meal. You can also follow the same process for tea, using the filter as a tea bag and brewing the tea leaves in the filter.

4. Individual Food Cups

If you’re laying out several snacks for yourself, use the filters as a disposable bowl for each delicacy. This saves on dishes and saves you the uncomfortable mixing of different snacks. If you’re looking to limit your snack intake, you can also use the filters as a weighing bowl.

Put the filter onto a scale and add your ingredients until you’ve reached the ideal weight.

5. Create Dryer Sheets

If you don’t appreciate using regular drying sheets, you can use coffee filters. First, moisturize your filter with white vinegar, then add the ideal aroma, depending on your personal preference. When drying your clothing, adding the scented filter to your laundry will make it come out static-free and smell wonderful.

6. Facial Care

a woman carefully cleaning her face
Filters also can be used to wipe excess skin oils

Instead of using expensive facial wipes, use a filter to wipe excess skin oils. The filters will soak the oils up, leaving your face dry. To do this, store cut-up pieces of filter in a small tin for easy transport, then remove the filter for a quick wipe down as needed. 

You can also help those puffy eyes by soaking a filter in either water or some tea, then putting the filter in the freezer for a short time. Before going to bed, put the folded filters over your eyes before falling asleep.

7. Odor Control

Similar to using filters for adding flavor to soups and stews, tie a spoonful of baking soda inside a filter before placing it inside your fridge, backpack, or shoes to deodorize them. You can also add a touch of essential oils to make your belongings smell that much better. Following the same process and then laying the scented filters around your home, you can also reduce household pet odors.

8. Gardening

Use the filters as you transfer plants between pots as a liner to keep the soil and water from leaking out of the pot’s base. You can also use filters to begin sprouting your seedlings. After moisturizing your filter with water, add seeds, then tie the filter.

Next, put your seeds and filter in a ziplock bag, then place them in a warm, dry place. Watch your seeds begin to sprout.

9. Dusting

Rather than using a dust cloth or paper towel to wipe the surfaces of your tables and shelves, use a coffee filter. Spray the tabletops with your favorite dusting product, then wipe them using a coffee filter. The filters leave fewer streaks and don’t track the dust or lint layering your furniture.

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