Things to Put in Coffee Mugs for Gifts: 11 Great Ideas

Need inspiration for things to put in coffee mugs for gifts? In this article, we’ve got 11 inspirational ideas for you.

Things To Put In Coffee Mugs For Gifts
Exchanging gifts have positive effects on interpersonal relationships and cognitive performance

According to the Scientific Reports, the prosocial behavior of gift exchange can have positive effects on interpersonal relationships and cognitive performance. With the countdown to Christmas officially on, it’s time to start thinking of interesting gift ideas.

You may have already made your list and checked it twice, which can be overwhelming if you have many friends and family to gift. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be stressful as many budget-friendly gift ideas can be placed in a mug! This creative gifting experience allows you to tackle your list, one cup at a time.

Keep reading to learn more about these gifts that fit in coffee mugs!

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1. Coffee and Chocolate

chocolates and coffee beans
Chocolate-covered coffee beans is a nice dessert suitable with your cup of Joe

Add several wooden stir sticks with your coffee lover’s favorite brew into a mug for a simple gift. The shredded paper around the mug’s content brings the entire gift together. Another nice touch is to add chocolate-covered coffee beans, which gives them a nice dessert with their cup of Joe!

2. Tea, Sugar, and Biscuits

For the tea drinker in your life, add sugar, tea bags, and tea biscuits into a mug for a thoughtful gift. If you have a friend that’s under the weather, include honey, fresh lemon, and tea bags to give them a cup of cheer!

3. Hot Cocoa Mix, Chocolate, and Marshmallows

Not everyone prefers coffee or tea. For the hot cocoa drinker in your life, layer marshmallows, chocolate chips, and hot cocoa mix in a treat bag. Tie this bag with a string and add it to a mug. Make sure not to leave out the instructions on how much milk or warm water to add to the mix. A great gift for an entire family includes a collection of mugs with a hot cocoa mix in a basket, which will give the family a chance to enjoy special moments over a steaming mug of hot cocoa during the chilly winter months.

4. Chocolate

Here’s a simple coffee mug gift idea, place a bag of chocolates or candy into a mug. This nostalgic touch will bring the recipient right back to childhood!

5. Art Supplies

different kinds of art materials
Art supplies are the right gift to give to you crafty individuals

A cross-stitch kit, knitting needles, pens for hand lettering, watercolors, or scrapbooking supplies are all excellent items to toss into a fun mug. Crafty items that you know the individual will love go a long way. You could even include a gift card from their favorite craft store to round out this thoughtful gift.

6. Notepad, Tape, and Pens

Pens, Washi tape, and a notepad offer a cute and thoughtful give to help the individual get their mornings started productively. With this idea, you’re simultaneously giving them a container to use for morning coffee!

7. Kitchen Gadgets and Baking Goods

Is one of your friends and family members a baking enthusiast? Fill a mug with kitchen gadgets, small cookbooks, spatulas, and baker’s twine. This is a practical gift with a delightful presentation.

8. Gift Card

This gift is the easiest of all for the shopper in your life! Combine a shopping gift card and holiday card into a mug with string, clear wrapping, and paper shreds. This idea allows the recipient to choose exactly what they want or need using a gift card. Don’t forget to add in the gift tag to round out the presentation.

9. Home Spa Products

Since space for filling a coffee mug worth money is at a premium, finding travel-sized items to create an inclusive pampering evening is critical. Include small and individually-wrapped luxurious chocolates for an evening of delight. An absolute staple to this gift is a face mask since they are malleable and small enough to fit into the mug. You can also purchase 30MLhand cream tubes that go beyond a single evening of pampering. Finally, select a nail polish color you know they will enjoy. To provide a more luxe feel, upgrade to a gel polish that’s thicker and longer-lasting.

10. Coffee Gift Card and Cereal Bar

For the perpetually late individual in your life who misses alarm clocks and skips breakfasts, chewing gum, a coffee gift card, and a cereal bar will help them get on track. Anyone who is running too late to drink coffee hasn’t had time to brush their teeth, so the chewing gum is a handy reminder. The coffee gift card will help them get their favorite cup on Joe while on the move! Breakfast is supercritical but may not be worth the extra five minutes of sleep, so you have them covered with a cereal bar.

There are thousands of combinations of mugs filled with goodies that deliver a personalized and thoughtful touch for the recipient. If nothing on this list appeals to you, think about the different hobbies, or likes of each person and find small items to place in a mug! For the sports lover, add tickets to a game to a mug. For the gym-goer, a free month’s membership to their gym or a new activity is a great gift. Think creatively and you will provide an amazing holiday for your friends and family!

11. Coffee Mug Warmers

If you’ve bought the coffee lover in your life a nice mug, why not get them something to keep their drink warm too? A coffee mug warmer is a nice and affordable complementary present. They can even keep it at their desk or plug it into their laptop. 

FAQs About the Things to Put in Coffee Mugs For Gifts

What does a mug symbolize as a gift?

Gifting loved ones with mugs can symbolize that they are loved and cared for. The mugs can also represent a connection as they will remember you when consuming their morning drink. The imprints on the mugs can also give more meaning to your gift, so consider finding the perfect print for your loved one.

How do you gift wrap a mug?

To gift wrap your mug, it is recommended that you use colored tissue paper and cellophane. Put the tissue and cellophane under your mug and bring up the corners until the mug is covered. Then, use a ribbon to tie it up and write and attach a gift tag.

How do you decorate a mug for a gift?

You can decorate a mug using acrylic paint to draw pictures on the sides of your mug. You can also etch your mug with markers and etching cream. You should consider the interests and tastes of the person you are giving your gift to before putting on your decorations.


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