Making Tea In A Microwave Vs. Kettle: Which One Is Easier And Safer?

Wondering if you should heat your tea using a microwave or a kettle? Read our making tea in a microwave vs. kettle guide to find out.

Making Tea In A Microwave Vs. Kettle
There’s a slight difference in making tea between a microwave and a kettle

Making tea with a microwave vs. a kettle is a never-ending debate.

If you’ve already purchased a tea kettle at home, that’s the best way. It helps you avoid guesswork regarding when the water is boiled and save you so much time. 

But, people have been arguing that heating tea inside a microwave develops more antioxidants. Not everyone has an electric tea kettle at home either. 

It’s time to understand better the difference between a microwave and a kettle when it comes to making tea.

How Do You Make Tea with A Microwave Vs. An Electric Tea Kettle?

couple busy preparing tea in the kitchen while the woman is pouring tea from a kettle
Avoid putting a cup with any metallic coating in your microwave

Making tea in a microwave is straightforward, but you shouldn’t overlook the instructions. You need to add water into a mug with a teabag placed, place it into the microwave, heat for 30 seconds on 50 percent power, and let it rest for a minute before removing the teabag to consume. Do not put a cup with any metallic coating into the microwave.

An electric tea kettle is the easiest way to make tea; it heats the water using electricity rather than a stove. Some of them are cordless while others need to go with an outlet. When it’s on, the electricity goes through the cord and brings it to a full boil, or you can choose the desired temperature for each type of tea.

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What Does Making Tea With A Microwave Vs. An Electric Tea Kettle Have In Common?

Both devices can heat your tea for infusion in no time, especially if you don’t have a decent teapot at home or are busy. They both heat the water for tea, and you should have your cup ready within less than five minutes.

Making Tea In A Microwave Vs A Kettle: The Differences

Microwave Tea Kettle
Microwaves heat water unevenly, resulting in a hotter top and a colder bottomTea kettles heat up the water evenly with the desired temperature button for different types of tea
You can’t keep track of the boiling processA seen-through kettle lets you see the bubbles
More dangerous if you don’t know how to use it the right way, resulting in splashing water all over the placeSafer and reduces guesswork, which means you only need to press the button 
You don’t really have that many choices as the microwave needs to agree with your cooking habit and not only be used for tea makingTea kettles are made of heat-resistant materials dedicated for tea only, which means you have more choices at different price ranges
A microwave usually flash-heats the water, resulting in fewer bubbles and higher chances of exploding waterOxygen turns into a gas before the water reaches the full-boiling stage, releasing bubbles on the wall of the kettle which lets you keep track of the boiling process 
More expensive More affordable

What’s Better About Brewing Tea In A Microwave?

Making tea with an electric kettle helps heat up the water more evenly and is safer. However, according to research carried out by Quan Vuong from the University of Newcastle in Australia, the microwave releases 80 percent of the caffeine, amino acids, and antioxidants found in tea, making it a healthier method.

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What’s Better About Brewing Tea In An Electric Kettle?

An electric kettle eliminates guesswork as it heats water evenly. The kettle is also easier to deal with and safer to use. It lets you keep track of the boiling process by looking at the seen-through glass.

Some of them also allow you to set the right temperature you want, depending on which type of tea you’re brewing. For example, some tea kettles at the higher end of the price spectrum are installed with different “tea buttons.” You can press the “oolong tea” button or the “delicate” button, and the cord will automatically receive the correct temperature.

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Who Should Make Tea With A Microwave (And Why)?

a woman operating her microwave oven
You can use the microwave if you are not sensitive about the taste and the aroma of the tea

If you don’t have an electric kettle at home, go for the microwave. Make sure to read the instructions carefully.

I also recommend a microwave if you are not sensitive about the taste and aroma of the tea because the tea mug ends up with hotter water on top and a cooler bottom, preventing the aroma and flavor from developing fully. 

Who Should Make Tea with An Electric Tea Kettle (And Why)?

An electric tea kettle is best for those new to the tea-drinking scene. If you’re unsure which temperature is optimal for the type of tea you’re drinking, go for it. Alternatively, a tea kettle is also handy for those who don’t have a microwave at home or are unsure about how to use the microwave properly when making tea.

Last but not least, tea kettles are a time saver if you look for a perfectly-brewed tea while in a rush.


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