Should I Get A Milk Frother?

If you enjoy cafe lattes and creamy hot chocolate drinks, you may be considering, “Should I get a milk frother for my home?” Let’s find out. 

an electric, silver, milk frother - should I get a milk frother
Milk frother has many uses

You can use this device for frothed milk in a delicious latte, to make hot chocolate and other creamy drinks. But it has several other surprising uses too.

It’s Easy to Use

The type of device that works best is one where there is a plunger. It forces air through tiny holes to create bubbles within the drink so that when you pour it over your mocha latte or hot chocolate, there is lots of delicious foam.

Start by measuring out how much milk you want to froth. For example, if you are boiling the milk or heating it using your coffee maker, put it into a cup and then measure how much liquid you need for one serving. Once you have poured it into the frother’s container, replace the lid before you start the process.

If you don’t have an espresso machine, but you have a milk frother, then using skimmed or half-and-half will yield similar results when making those rich and creamy, frothy drinks. 

It Warms Milk

Pitcher full of milk frothing
Handheld milk frother allows users to heat warm milk without the use of the steam

The handheld coffee frothing attachment that comes with most espresso machines allows users to heat warm milk without burning it by using steam. This makes it possible to froth warm milk for hot chocolate drinks, cappuccinos, and other recipes that call for heated milk. 

If you use a milk frother with an appropriate jug, you can gauge the temperate of milk by touch or by display before serving it to customers or visitors.

It Whips Cream

You also can make homemade whipped cream with a handheld or standing milk frother by adding fat-free half-and-half. Whip the cream until it is fluffy and stiff before adding any flavoring such as vanilla extract.

When you heat lightened cream, it often separates into oily and watery parts because of the fat content. By adding frothed air to ordinary milk or plain lightened creams (for example, 1/2 cup of heavy cream), you make the resulting drink appear much fatter than it really is.

The upper layer of white foam on top of many cold-milk-based coffee drinks hides this trick very effectively; however, a sharp-eyed drinker can usually tell that the cup is mostly air.

If you use skim milk with added frothed cream, you will have a super-skinny coffee drink with plenty of rich foam on top. You may need to experiment to get the right proportion of fat-free milk to frothed cream for your taste. The ratio should be 1:1 (one part milk, one part heavy whipping cream) or 2:1 (two parts milk, one part heavy whipping cream).

It’s Suitable for More Than A Latte 

a hand holding a cup of coffee while pouring the frothed milk
The milk frother is not just for coffee lovers but a very essential addition to anyone’s kitchen

Milk frothers allow the home cook to add a cafe latte or cappuccino flair to their repertoire of homemade drinks. You can make hot chocolate and other beverages that require milk. 

A milk frother also has several alternative uses. Depending on the model, you can use it to whip soup or protein powder. It’s an affordable implement for those who have trouble swallowing solid foods.

Bartenders also use this device to prepare cocktails and freshen up drinks. Cooks also use a milk frother for shaking up toppings on meals and desserts

In short, the right milk frother is an affordable addition to any kitchen. It’s not just for coffee lovers!