Nespresso vs An Espresso Machine: The Differences

In this article, we explain the difference between a Nespresso vs an Espresso machine, so you can buy the right one for your home.

Nespresso vs an Espresso machine
Nespresso vs. an Espresso machine
Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine by De'Longhi with Milk Frother, Graphite Metal

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I visited a friend of mine and saw him scribbling down some notes on the paper, not until I touched him before he was aware of my presence. What are you doing I asked? Then he told me he was trying to figure out the difference between Nespresso and Espresso Machine.

After practical usage, examination and result, I found the Espresso Machines depend more on individual aptitude while the Nespresso machines depend on automation. Only people with the skill to make coffee can prepare it in a conventional way, while anybody can do that with the Nespresso Machines.

The Espresso Machines, in any case, whenever utilized accurately, can give you a way better taste at the end. This is something that cannot be derived with regards to the Nespresso, because of the fact that it’s all pre-modified for you.

Another immense distinction is the correct flavor, while the two offers you with varieties, the flavor you get from straightforwardly fermenting espresso is quite often not the same as what you get from capsules that are ready-made to be prepared at the touch of the button.

The Nespresso Machines are nearly more current thus offer you a more stylish angle, which, while not by any stretch of the imagination missing in the customary models also, are practically present in the upper ranges.

Lastly, the Nespresso machines are substantially more costly than the traditional Espresso machines. While it surely is as yet less expensive than simply going out and burning through the entirety of your cash in an overrated Cafe, the customary machines carry along another conventional attribute with them: conservatism with regards to cash.

Nespresso and Espresso are great coffee-making machines even though they have their differences and similarities as you have read above. While they attempt to bring you the same end result, it seems unlikely that both provide you with the same great taste.

Now we shall take a different look at each.

Nespresso Machine

Nespresso Machine is a modern technology that makes use of specializing and ready-to-use capsules to make coffee. This machine brings an unimaginable comfort level because it is fully automated. You only need to put in the capsules and sit back while the machine makes the coffee.

Nespresso have some key features which are as follows:

The Nespresso machines are more expensive, this is due to the amount of automation that comes with the machine. You really have to check your budget if you want to get one.

It is simple and easy to use as the brewing system is fully automated. You don’t need to know anything about making coffee before using the machine. All you need is the capsule and the Nespresso machine, and you can prepare your own coffee. Wow!

Some machines read bar codes and prepare your coffee the way it has been programmed, you cannot adjust anything even if you wish to do so, and you have to accept the final product as it is. This is a major setback for Nespresso.

Given all these features, however, it is important to note that Nespresso offers you two choices: The Original line and the Vertuo-line machines.

The Original lines are the classic products while the Vertuo-line is a comparatively new set of coffee machines that have been introduced by Nespresso starting since 2014.

Is there any difference between the two? Well, you shall find out as you read on. I am going to compare the Original lines and the Vertuo-line machines and capsules and you shall find out why.

Differences Between Nespresso Vertuo-line And Original Line

The Nespresso Vertuo-line was introduced in 2014. Prior to this, all the models were from the Original line. You are about to find out what made Nestle introduce another kind of product despite the fact that the ones already existing in the market were doing pretty well.

Now let us see what differentiates them.

Affordability: While not super cheap, the original line models are still a lot more affordable than the Vertuo-line models. In fact, even the average cost for the capsules is much cheaper when it comes to the Original line of products. This gives it a huge advantage because I am one of those people who pay a lot of attention to the economic aspect of things.

Availability: The Original line has been around for a considerably longer period of time and uses more traditional methods. There are lots of options for the original line in the market. There are a lot of third-party products available out there as well which you cannot find in the case of the Vertuo-line.

So, if you’re someone who is keen on trying out new combinations of blends and flavors, then the Original line might just be the right choice for you.

Sizes: The difference in sizes of the models is visible, while the Original line products are comparatively smaller; the Vertuo-line products are a little larger.

nespresso virtuo placed in the kitchen area
Nespresso Virtuo with aluminum capsules

Extraction Technology: The Original line products used hot water coupled with a pump to exert a pressure of up to 19 bars. However, the Vertuo-line uses centrifugation extraction technology. The Original line displays a higher extraction temperature than the Vertuo-line.

Temperature: The serving temperature of the coffee prepared is also really different. While the Original line uses hot water and thus gives your drink at a higher temperature, the Vertuo-line only makes it lukewarm.

Long Coffee: This is one of the unique aspects of the vertuo-line; it allows you to prepare a long coffee with ease. The original line does not provide you with this. So, if you’re looking to prepare Long Coffee, the Vertuo-line seems to be the ideal choice.

Serving: The serving size of the two models is also visibly different. While the Original line has a serving size of about 3.70 oz. maximum in the case of a Lungo, the vertuo-line allows you to brew a full cup of coffee of about 17 ounces.

Espresso Machine

Now let us talk about the traditional Espresso Machine.

Espresso is coffee made by pressurizing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans. Espresso is generally thicker than coffee brewed by other methods; it has a higher concentration of suspended and dissolved solids and has cream on top.

As old as the Espresso Machine is, it still has some unique features that is peculiar to it. These features are listed below.

With the Espresso Machine, most of the work is manually or done by machines under manual supervision. Because you are not just using something like instant coffee, closer attention must be paid to grinding and brewing.

It is evident here, that the best way to make the best Espresso is not by relaxing, but by actually mastering the art of making Espresso! That is why experts prefer this way, they strongly believe that if made perfectly, this system can make the kind of espresso that other systems, like the Nespresso, cannot even come close to in terms of anything like; flavor and aroma.

Since most of the work is done manually, you are at liberty to choose your roasted beans out of several kinds are available in the market and this actually makes a difference when it comes to the quality of your coffee, making it really important to select the beans for your coffee.

Another point is that, since Espresso Machine activities are manually carried out, a lot of the activities depend on the person, their measurements when it comes to sugar, quantity, and quality of coffee, and the time given to boiling makes a difference in the taste. If you like this post, you might also be interested in reading about what Lungo coffee is.

making an espresso coffee
Espresso machines are manually operated

Lastly, although, this process is more demanding in terms of personal presence and efforts. However, it is comparatively cheaper as long as you don’t go for the most expensive models out there. There are many economically viable models available out there that do the job perfectly.

FAQs About Nespresso vs An Espresso Machine

Which Coffee Bean Is Best For Making Espresso?

There are two main types of coffee beans out in the market from which you can choose from depending on your budget. These coffee beans are namely; coffee Arabica and coffee Robusta. These two are great coffee beans commonly used.

When Was Espresso Machine Invented?

The earliest Espresso machine was invented in the year 1884.

Which Coffee Machine Should I Choose?

Well, now that you have read the differences between the two machines and have known the quality of production and the human efforts involved in achieving the desired result there shouldn’t be much confusion choosing your coffee machine. All you need to do is to determine the one you can handle perfectly well to meet your coffee desire between the Nespresso and Espresso Machine.

Can Nespresso Machine Make The Regular Coffee?

Yes, Nespresso Machine can make coffee with espresso depending on their capsules. Some Nespresso Machine also comes with milk.

Why Is The Price Of Espresso Machine So High?

The machine comes in different categories with a different price range. There are cheaper ones in the market to suit your budget.

Who Designed The Espresso Machine?

The first known Espresso Machine was built in Turin in Italy by Angelo Moriondo.

How Many Types Of Espresso Machine Do Market Have?

There are basically four types which can be categorized into; Super Automatic Espresso Machine, Automatic Espresso Machine, Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine, and Manual Espresso Machine. All of these can be found in the market.

Is There Any Difference Between Espresso And Coffee?

Yes, espresso is twice the beans made under high-pressure hot water pumping through the beans. It is usually drunk in a shot. Coffee is made under high pressure but a low-temperature method of extraction.

Final Words

Now that you have known the difference between Nespresso and Espresso Machine it is time to try it out and see for yourself. Never say you can’t or impossible when you haven’t tried, get the coffee machine you desired and make yourself a tasteful coffee. But, don’t forget to check your budget!


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