Moka Pot Vs Chemex: Which One Is Best For You?

Compare Moka pot vs Chemex to determine which one will make your cup after cup of delight.  

Moka Pot Vs Chemex
Chemex, as well as Moka Pots, uses alternate mechanisms of action aside from the heat

Coffee is some people’s lifeline. As soon as they wake up in the morning, they’re downstairs grabbing for a cup of joe. You could use a high-tech coffeemaker, but these pots don’t always produce the highest quality cups of coffee.

That’s why people turn to Chemex and Moka pot coffee pots, which use alternate mechanisms of action besides heat. 

How Are They Different?

Moka Pot

moka pot, coffee, cup-1209090.jpg
Moka pot coffee has an intense flavor

A Moka pot has a long history of use dating back to 1933 when Alfonso Bialetti crafted this pot. This three-compartment coffee pot can be either a stove-top version or an electric one. You put the water in the bottom and heat it, which produces steam that pressure pushes over the grounds.

At the end of the percolating process, the water transfers to the top chamber and becomes coffee. Ultimately, the result is coffee that has an intense flavor. It’s thick and rich.

The coffee is similar to espresso. You use a metal filter with this pot instead of a paper one. This coffee pot doesn’t filter out oils.


Coffee filter and coffee jug.
Chemex pot uses a specialized filter and requires preheating the pot and filter with a hot water

Chemex came about shortly after Moka pot in 1941, as a pour-over-style coffee pot created by Peter Sclumbohm, a chemist. He was inspired by the Erlenmeyer flask. The pot was recognized by the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Plus, the Museum of Modern Art in New York City features this particular coffee pot in one of its displays. The pot uses a specialized filter and requires you to preheat the pot and filter with hot water. You saturate the grounds and wait for gravity to do its job. 

The coffee isn’t thick like the Moka pot coffee. This coffee pot filters out acids, too. Moreover, this pot has a bottleneck.

How Are They Similar?

Both the coffee from a Moka pot and a Chemex are rich and intense. Both of these coffee pots make cups of joe that are less acidic than a standard cup of coffee. Ultimately, users will tell you that both pots make coffee that’s better than what a standard coffee pot can do. 

What’s Better About Moka Pot?

Due to its percolating process, Moka pot makes coffee that’s similar to espresso. Additionally, the Moka pot tends to give users a more concentrated cup of coffee that’s rich in flavor. 

What’s Better About Chemex?

Chemex’s filtration system is more complex and prohibits much of what you don’t want in your coffee from reaching the finished product. For instance, the oil and sediment from the grounds are filtered in the Chemex while the Moka pot lets these pass through to end up in your coffee.

You receive no extra flavors in your coffee, just the true taste of coffee. This is because when you’re comparing the Moka pot vs the Chemex, the Chemex has a solid glass composition. 

Who Should Get Moka Pot (and Why)?

a man holding a Moka pot while pouring coffee
Moka pots are for those coffee lovers who appreciate more traditional coffee pots

Moka pot is ideal for someone who wants a cup of coffee with a similar fullness to espresso. Additionally, if a person is looking for full flavor, this is also the pot for him or her when comparing Moka pot vs Chemex.

In terms of aesthetics, those who appreciate a more traditional and simplistic coffee pot will prefer the Moka pot. If you’re a person who travels, this pot, fortunately, packs up and travels well since it’s a metal pot. 

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Who Should Get Chemex (and Why)?

Chemex is ideal if you’re a person who enjoys the true taste of coffee without all the extras that get in when it’s percolated using a standard coffee pot as well. The coffee isn’t as thick as the Moka pot in most cases. 

If you’d like a pot with a more modern appeal for your kitchen decor, the Chemex is more for you. The pot is fully glass, so it’ll blend in better with your decor.

This particular pot doesn’t travel well because it’s easily breakable. This is best suited for someone who has room on their counter to keep their coffee pot, for this reason. 

FAQs About Moka Pot Vs Chemex

Is the Moka Pot Worth It?

The Moka pot isn’t expensive for the most part. Therefore, the money you spend on it is worth it if you want a strong, full-bodied cup of joe. 

Is Chemex Really Better?

When comparing Moka pot vs Chemex, neither one reigns supreme. Genuinely, it depends on your personal preferences. 

Is Moka Pot Coffee Healthy?

The brewing style of this coffee pot gives your coffee more antioxidants, which benefit your heart health and can reduce your risk of certain cancers. 

What’s So Special About Chemex?

The coffee pot itself has a unique design. On the other hand, it produces coffee without everything you don’t want in it.