How To Make Coffee Cool Faster? (8 Ways)

In this article, we explain how to make coffee cool faster without ruining the taste.

dripping a metal teaspoon to coffee to make coffee cool faster
Dip a metal stirring spoon into your coffee to act as a heat sink to absorb the heat

When I wake up in the morning, the one thing my sleepy brain desperately needs to kick the body out of bed is a cup of coffee. But, how to ensure the coffee has the right temperature – not too hot to scald the tongue and not too cold to spoil the effect?

After several experiments and numerous trials to find a solution for how to make coffee cool faster, I think I have finally discovered the way out! Here are some interesting yet simple ways to cool coffee and I have mentioned what I do at the end of the list below:

• If you drink Starbucks coffee or any coffee that comes with a lid on top of the cup, make sure you open the lid to let the heat escape.

• Pour coffee into a large saucer or dish to allow the evaporation of water molecules so that it lowers the thermal energy.

• Dip a metal stirring spoon into your coffee to act as a heat sink to absorb the heat and cool down the temperature of the drink.

• Take an empty cup and pour the coffee back and forth a couple of times to promote evaporation and heat dissipation.

• Pour hot coffee is a chilled cup. If a chilled cup is not available, pour it into a regular cup and keep it inside the refrigerator.

• Keep your coffee cup under the fan to make cooling faster. You can place it on top of a high shelf to make it closer to the fan.

• I use a smart coffee maker to make my drink and set a schedule to brew coffee 5 minutes before I wake up every morning so that the coffee is just right when I drink it.

Why Adding Ice Cubes To Cool Coffee Is A Bad Idea?

Why adding ice cubes to cool coffee is a bad idea?
Ice cubes makes your drink tasteless

If you are in a hurry, adding ice cubes to your hot coffee may sound like an easier and quicker option to cool your drink. But, wait! This can do more harm than good if you prefer your coffee strong.

Adding ice cubes can dilute the coffee and weaken the concentration, making your drink watery and tasteless. So, even if you no more risk scalding your tongue, the coffee may fail to pick you up.

How Can You Fix It?

A quick fix to cool your coffee and prevent it from getting watery is to wrap the ice cube in a foil before putting it into your coffee. You can use two to three ice cubes wrapped in foils to cool your coffee quickly without getting too much water in it.

Are There Any Alternatives For Ice Cubes?

Using milk ice cubes and frozen cream to cool coffee can be good alternatives as they add more flavor to the drink instead of diluting it.

You can also mix sugar, cream, and milk together and store it in the freezer. It works as an amazing life hack when you want to save time. Just add it to your raw coffee to bring down the temperature and enhance the taste.

Another method is to place your cup of coffee in a closed container and put some ice sprinkled with salt into the container (not into the coffee cup). This can cool down a hot coffee incredibly fast.

Another simple cooling hack is to make your coffee slightly stronger than you drink it and add some water to adjust the temperature and flavor.

How To Quickly Cool Down A Pot Of Coffee?

How to quickly cool down a pot of coffee?
Use large and wide container

When you need to cool a pot of coffee, pour it into a large container, which is as wide as possible to increase the surface area. Use a rectangular baking dish for better results. Avoid a bowl as the rounded bottom restricts heat dissipation.

To speed up cooling, immerse a clean metal silverware into the dish before pouring coffee into it. Make sure one end of the silverware stays outside, in contact with air. This helps in transferring heat to the air.

This method does two things. First, it increases the surface area and second it uses metals, which are good conductors of heat to cool down your drink faster.

How To Make Coffee Cool Faster With A Smart Coffee Maker?

I have been past all that you are experiencing. From days of scalding my tongue from trying to drink a hot coffee to the coffee getting so cold that it loses its effect, I have been through all until I got the smart coffee maker.

Although the decision to get smart coffee maker was not triggered by this reason, it really helps to ensure that my drink is not-so-hot and not-so-cold, just the right temperature.

For this, I have scheduled my coffee maker to brew hot coffee for me at 6:58 am. I wake up sharp at 7 am, freshen up, drink my coffee, and go for a morning walk.

If you are not sure about investing in a smart coffee maker, you can buy a smart plugin instead. This can be a cheaper alternative to turn your dumb coffee maker smart.

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Tell Alexa to start the coffee maker while you are still in bed. When you pull out of the bed to draw the curtains and greet the sun, your coffee will be cool enough to drink.

When buying a smart plugin, make sure it is compatible with the smart home hub system at home. Using the same brand of smart plugins in the house can cut down confusions and help your devices communicate and perform better.

Avoiding 10 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Coffee

  1. Cleaning your coffee machine may feel like a chore but failing to do so can spoil your coffee experience. Regular cleaning will preserve the genuine flavor and keep the bacteria away.
  2. Do you buy too much coffee at once? Experts recommend using the coffee beans three weeks after they are roasted so storing too much coffee can spoil the aroma and taste. Buy less and enjoy them fresh for best results.
  3. Adding milk to coffee is good but overdoing it can ruin the taste. Coffee is a great source of antioxidants that remain intact whether you drink it raw or add milk to it.
  4. Trying to drink a hot coffee in haste can scald your tongue. Save yourself the pain and let your beverage cool down. Try the methods mentioned above to cool your coffee to the right temperature.
  5. Do you store your coffee beans in the fridge? Coffee has the ability to absorb smell so keeping it in the fridge can alter the flavor and taste. Imagine getting the smell of sausages from your coffee!
  6. Pouring coffee into any cup can be a spoiler! Use the right mug to enjoy your coffee at its best. A cup with thick walls can help your coffee stay warm for a long time.
  7. Messing with measurements can ruin the flavor and aroma. To get that perfect drink, add one gram of freshly ground coffee to 10 ml of water. There’s a thin line between a great coffee and an average drink.
  8. Not being careful while storing your coffee beans, and exposing them to air, water, or heat can spoil the effect. Store beans in a package containing three layers of foil or an airtight jar.
  9. If you don’t enough knowledge about coffee beans, the seller may try to trick you. There are basically two types of beans – Robusta and Arabica. The former is bitter while the latter is more delicate.
  10. Buying grounded coffee to save time may not be the right option if you want to enjoy the best coffee flavor. The ground grains may lie on the supermarket shelf for weeks before you buy them. Thus, they not as flavorful as the beans grounded at home.

The Final Words

There is something about coffee, the intriguing aroma, and mesmerizing taste that sets it class apart from all other beverages. The bliss of waking up in the morning to a perfectly brewed coffee with the right temperature cannot be compared with anything else.

If you are a coffee lover like me, a little knowledge about the beans and simple life hacks to cool your drink quickly can boost your overall experience.

People who don’t have the time to cool coffee with ice cubes and other alternatives can benefit from buying a smart coffee maker. Although this is an expensive appliance, it can add a lot of convenience to your life.

If a morning cup of coffee is indispensable for you but you don’t like making it yourself, or you do it last minute and end up scalding your tongue, a smart coffee maker can put an end to your coffee making woes.

Those who do not have the budget for a smart coffee maker can buy a smart switch instead. This is another useful device that can turn any dumb appliance smart. You can tell Alexa to turn on the coffee maker minutes before you plan to enjoy your drink so that it is perfectly cool when you pour it into a mug.

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