Lifeboost Coffee Vs. Fabula Coffee: How To Decide Between Them

If you’re sensitive to acidity, you know the struggle of finding good coffee. Our Lifeboost Coffee vs. Fabula Coffee guide will help you decide which is for you.

Lifeboost coffee vs. Fabula coffee
Image source: Lifeboost and Fabula

It’s true that not all coffees are the same, but what if they operate on similar concepts? When I heard about Lifeboost coffee, I found out they specialized in low-acidic coffee. It turns out Fabula Coffee also specializes in low-acidic coffee. While they do have similar concepts, there are a few differences to consider before deciding which one is best for you.

I set out on a mission to find out more about both of these companies, read reviews, and see for myself which of these coffees reigns king. The result is this Lifeboost coffee vs. Fabula coffee comparison.

What Is Lifeboost Coffee?

Lifeboost coffee is a single-origin coffee brand that is 100% organic and specializes in low-acidic coffee. It’s made with Arabica beans, which are responsible for the smooth flavor. Lifeboost Coffee also prides itself on its sustainability by being a Fair Trade company. 

Lifeboost pays their local coffee farmers in Central America a fair and livable wage. In addition, they also donate a portion of their proceeds to local charities that support sustainability in the area. 

Moreover, Lifeboost also offers low-acidic coffee that is toxin-tested for over 400 different toxins. Many people who buy Lifeboost want a clean and organic cup of coffee and are willing to pay the extra price for their third-party testing.

Who Made Lifeboost Coffee?

Lifeboost Coffee was actually founded by a chiropractic doctor named Dr. Charles Livingston. Since 2017, Lifeboost Coffee has had the same mission: to provide organic, low-acidic coffee that is both delicious and healthy. 

Dr. Livingston has made it a point to promote not just Lifeboost Coffee, which is tested for toxins and mold, but also other health products like adaptogenic mushrooms. He believes in holistic health and wants others to be able to enjoy healthy products without sacrificing taste.

What Is Fabula Coffee?

Fabula Coffee is also a single-origin coffee that specializes in low-acidic coffees, as Lifeboost does. In addition to offering a variety of roasts, they also offer K-cups and even a featured coffee of the month from a different country! Like Lifeboost, they are committed to sustainability and only source from rural coffee farms in Central America.

They pride themselves on shade-grown coffee, which allows the beans to develop slowly with more natural profiles. Shade-grown coffee is also important to preserve the ecological balance of coffee farms. Trees provide important homes for wildlife and are vital to the ecosystem.

Two women farmers putting coffee beans in a sack
They are committed to sustainability and only source from rural coffee farms in Central America

People who shop at Fabula appreciate their varied roasts and flavors. They offer flavored bags like vanilla, caramel, and chocolate nut, among others. Since they’re low-acidic, people with sensitive stomachs can find a blend that suits their tastes.

Who Made Fabula Coffee?

Lars S. founded Fabula Coffee in 2019. After visiting Peru and not being able to find a great-tasting, low-acidic coffee in the states, Lars, a former manager in business, founded the brand in 2020. He wanted to create a clean, sustainable, and delicious blend that was accessible to the everyday person.

Since then, Fabula has grown as a company and how offers blends from Mexico, Peru, and Colombia. In addition, Fabula is pretty good value for money. While they are a lesser-known brand and not as big as Lifeboost, they are gaining a steady following.

What Lifeboost Coffee And Fabula Coffee Have In Common

The main thing Lifeboost Coffee and Fabula Coffee have in common is that they both offer low-acid, single-origin coffee. Both of these brands are Fair Trade and organic. They will also test their coffee for molds and toxins to ensure their customers get a clean cup. 

Lifeboost Coffee Vs. Fabula Coffee: The Differences

While they have a few things in common, there are some differences between Lifeboost coffee and Fabula coffee. Lifeboost focuses on health-oriented coffee, while Fabula offers different roasts and flavors for coffee lovers that want a variety of options.

What’s Better About Lifeboost Coffee?

There are various things that set Lifeboost Coffee apart from Fabula Coffee, including the following. 

Third-Party Toxin Testing

Lifeboost Coffee prides itself on testing for mycotoxins and pesticides, as well as mold and other toxins and heavy metals. Testing is vital for the safety and security of their customers, and they use a third-party laboratory to ensure accuracy. Their toxin ensures that only clean batches are produced, and this is a big reason why people are willing to pay more money for Lifeboost coffee.

Fair Trade & Organic

Another plus for Lifeboost Coffee is that it’s Fair Trade and encourages sustainability. This means the farmers are paid a fair wage, which helps them lead better lives while producing great coffee. You can rest easy knowing your coffee is being handled with care and empowering the lives of farmers. 

Lifeboost Coffee beans are certified USDA organic, meaning no chemicals have been used to grow the beans. They also sustainably source all of their beans, meaning they’re grown in a way that’s eco-friendly and preserves the environment. In fact, Lifeboost donates some of its proceeds to local sustainability efforts that protect crops and wildlife in Central America.

What’s Better About Fabula Coffee?

Fabula Coffee also offers some great benefits that make it a wonderful choice. Here are some of the reasons why you might want to choose Fabula Coffee over Lifeboost.

Options To Buy A Single Pack Or Bulk Order

One of the great things about Fabula Coffee is that you can choose to buy a single pack or a bulk order of three bags, but the same can’t be said of Lifeboost Coffee. Unfortunately, many customer reviews state that Lifeboost’s checkout process can be confusing. Some bags are only available for purchase one time, while others are sold as a single order or are resent every couple of weeks.

The checkout process is a bit more transparent on Fabula’s website.

Shade-Grown Coffee

Fabula Coffee is committed to shade-grown coffee, which is great for the environment and helps to preserve the ecological balance of local farms. While Lifeboost also uses shade-grown coffee, Fabula places emphasis on the ecological impact of this coffee and partners with specific small farms to make sure the environmental benefits are being taken into consideration. In addition, shade-grown coffee is also a good choice for those that want a flavorful cup of coffee since the beans grow slowly and harness more flavors and notes.

More Flavorful Choices

While reviews are good for both Fabula and Lifeboost Coffee, many people prefer the flavor of Fabula. They offer similar roasts to Lifeboost, including light, medium, and dark. They even offer a cold brew option.

However, reviews generally praise the enriched and enhanced flavors like their nutty medium roast. Other reviews for Lifeboost state that this coffee might be a bit blander and lacking in flavor.

Who Should Get Lifeboost Coffee (And Why)?

Overall, people who value holistic and natural approaches to coffee and food products, who seek toxin-free coffee, and who care about the environment should go with Lifeboost Coffee. It offers organic beans that are third-party tested for toxins and chemicals, as well as featuring Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance-certified coffees.

Old farmer all smiles while harvesting coffee
Lifeboost Coffee offers organic beans

For those looking for convenience and affordability, they are also more affordable than Fabula. In addition, their subscription program makes it easy to get coffee delivered right to your doorstep.

Scrolling through their website, you’ll also find a variety of other health and wellness products that align with their ethos. Even their cold brew coffee has added probiotics to improve gut health. If you need an extra oomph of health in your cup of Joe, Lifeboost is the way to go. 

Learn more in our Lifeboost Coffee review.

Who Should Get Fabula Coffee (And Why)?

Those looking for enhanced flavors and all-natural coffee should go with Fabula Coffee. They offer nutty and flavorful options like a medium roast, a cold brew from Mexico with a specialty-grade roast, and everything in between. Some customer reviews state it’s more enjoyable than Lifeboost options.

Additionally, their commitment to shade-grown beans helps preserve the environment.

When purchasing, you’ll also find more options to purchase a single pack, bulk order, or subscribe. While they are more expensive than Lifeboost, it’s well worth it for the flavor and environmental benefits.

If you’re looking for natural ingredients and a holistic approach, then Lifeboost is the way to go. On the other hand, if you want great flavor and sustainability with just all-natural coffee, then opt for Fabula.


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