Is Luzianne Tea Gluten-Free?

Luzianne tea is just one of the tastier beverages you can find, but is Luzianne tea gluten-free? Read on to find out.

Is Luzianne tea gluten-free
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I recently found myself suffering from hyperacidity more frequently than before. To combat this, I try to schedule my regular and decaf coffee during working hours and opt for tea when it is nighttime. Suffice to say, I can sympathize with those who can’t tolerate some foods and drinks, including gluten. 

An estimated 30% up to 50% of people are gluten-sensitive, a condition affecting their eating and drinking habits. Thankfully for tea-lovers, Luzianne tea is an ideal alternative as the beverage is gluten-free!

Introduction To Luzianne Tea

Luzianne tea is a take on sweet iced tea, a drink that became prominent in the southern part of the United States, primarily because of the hot and humid weather. Sweet iced tea is easy to make, too, composed of only green or black tea and ice and a myriad of sweeteners to use, such as sugar, syrup, or honey.

A Peek Inside Luzianne Tea

Some instant tea brands may contain gluten as barley malt is used as an organic sweetener and for added texture. Gluten can also be found in the tea bag itself, as the paste used to hold the material is sometimes made from wheat

As for the bottled, ready-to-drink iced teas, some do contain gluten due to the additives, especially in fruit-flavored ones. Fortunately, Luzianne tea doesn’t share these features.

Luzianne Iced Tea in a bottle
Luzianne ready-to-drink iced tea products use gluten-free ingredients

The standard Luzianne iced tea bags contain orange pekoe and pekoe cut, grades of black tea harvested from tea plants in South or East Asia. For their K-Cup products, Luzianne uses acesulfame potassium for their sweet iced tea, a gluten-free artificial sweetener that is FDA-approved for consumption.

As for their ready-to-drink products, they also use gluten-free ingredients such as cane sugar, natural fruit flavors, and safe-to-consume additives to give their drink a distinct taste. Moderation is always key, no matter what food or drinks you take!

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Do Luzianne Teas Have Caffeine?

Although milder than your regular cup of Joe, tea still contains caffeine. For Luzianne teas, one serving can have more than 70 mg of caffeine depending on the variant brewed. Since their trademark Luzianne Iced Tea Bag is made from black tea, expect that it is higher in caffeine than the rest of their products.

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3 Luzianne Tea Products To Try

young woman drinking a glass of Luzianne tea while sitting on a sofa at home
Enjoy the tea variations from Luzianne

Luzianne offers a wide range of products: seven iced tea bags, two K-cups, and five ready-to-drink products. Since all of these are gluten-free, it will come down to personal preference!

Here are 3 of the best Luzzianne tea products to try:

1. Luzianne Iced Tea Bag

The standard Luzianne iced tea tastes like your usual black tea, pleasantly smoky with a hint of sweetness. It is smooth and has a slightly strong flavor compared to other tea bag brands, so the taste isn’t diluted when mixed with ice.

Add some honey or syrup to taste and a squeeze of lemon, and you have a classic refreshing southern iced tea.

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Luzianne Iced Tea Bags
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2. Luzianne Hibiscus Iced Tea Bag

This is perfect if you want to brew a hibiscus tea fast. Not only will the magenta red hue captivate you, but the beverage’s vibrant floral notes can also be rejuvenating. 

If you have tried brewing hibiscus tea before, you will find this Luzianne variant is not that far off in terms of flavor. 

Luzianne Hibiscus Tea Bags
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  • 132 Tea Bags (6 Boxes of 22 Count Pack)
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3. Luzianne Ready To Drink Sweet Tea

If there are moments when you can’t be bothered to brew a coffee or tea in the morning, I recommend getting yourself this ready-to-drink sweet tea variant. It tastes similar to their trademark iced tea bag but sweet because of the cane sugar with a hint of a pleasant citrus flavor. 

This drink is best served iced. I recommended storing it in the fridge overnight and drinking it cold.

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FAQs On Is Luzianne Tea Gluten-Free

Is Luzianne Tea Healthy?

Luzianne tea is healthy, especially their tea bag variants, since they use authentic tea. Of course, all their line of products are safe to consume, provided your intake is moderate!


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