Is Death Wish Coffee Good?

You may have heard that it’s a strong cup of coffee, but you may have wondered “Is death wish coffee good?”

Is Death Wish Coffee Good
Death Wish Coffee is claimed to be the world’s strongest coffee brand

Maybe you have heard the scuttlebutt about Death Wish Coffee. This coffee claims to be “the world’s strongest coffee brand.” Invented in 2012, this coffee has been keeping residents of Saratoga Springs, New York awake and alert for over 10 years. 

All About Death Wish Coffee

In 2012, brewmaster Mike Brown set a goal for himself in his Saratoga Springs, New York coffee shop. His goal was to invent the strongest dark roast coffee in the world. Brown worked hard, sourcing his coffee from fair trade organizations and perfecting his roasting techniques to create Death Wish Coffee, the coffee that delivers incredible coffee taste along with a powerful burst of caffeine.

While Death Wish Coffee beans come from India and Peru, the true secret to extracting peak caffeine from those beans lies in the roasting process of the whole beans. This method is top secret, but as best we can gather it involves variations on time and temperature while roasting to allow the ground beans to release the maximum amount of caffeine as they are brewed.

The roasters at Death Wish Coffee have studied the effects of temperature and time on the caffeine level of coffee, and they have gotten it down to a science.

Death Wish Coffee is USDA certified organic, meaning that you can feel good about the way that the coffee beans were grown. 

Brewing Methods for Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee is prepared just like regular coffee. You can prepare it in a French press coffee maker, a drip coffee maker, or you can also make it with cold brew methods. 

You should use 2.5 tablespoons of ground Death Wish coffee to 6 ounces of water. The water should be heated to about 200 degrees–just below the boiling point. Water that is too hot will make the coffee taste burned or overly harsh.

Grind your beans in your coffee grinder depending on how you plan to prepare the coffee. The quicker the brew time, the more fine the beans need to be ground. Coffee in a drip-style machine needs a medium grind, coffee in an espresso machine needs a fine grind. Coffee brewed with a cold brew method needs a coarser grind. 

Follow your traditional methods for making coffee when you use Death Wish Coffee. 

How Death Wish Coffee Tastes

woman about to drink her coffee
Perfectly brewed death wish coffee will taste strong, rich, and bold

Some people just don’t care for the way that Death Wish Coffee tastes, mostly because they don’t care for very strong coffee, to begin with. However, if you have the adventurous spirit that enjoys coffee unadulterated by sugar or creamer, you may become a fast fan of the audacious flavor of Death Wish Coffee.

If Death Wish Coffee is brewed correctly, it will taste strong, rich, and bold but not bitter. It has high acidity and a dark, roasted body. When you sip it slowly, this coffee has a nutty, almost pecan sensation in your mouth.

Other tastes in this intense brew might be described as browned butter or chestnut flavors. Death Wish Coffee is also very smooth going down, with slight notes of cherry and chocolate.

Death Wish Coffee Caffeine Level

Death Wish Coffee definitely has high caffeine content, and it’s not just slightly higher than the average cup of coffee. Let’s get down to hard numbers. The typical cup of caffeinated coffee has between 100 and 200 mg of caffeine per 6 fluid ounce cup. Even Starbucks coffee has between 100 and 120 mg of caffeine in a 6-ounce cup. 

However, Death Wish Coffee has an astonishing 325 mg of caffeine in a 6-ounce cup. That means that this powerful brew has more than twice the amount of caffeine that you will find in the best coffee. 


  • Bold Coffee Flavor for Those Who Like It
  • Extra Caffeine for Those Who Need It
  • Cost-Effective


  • Strong Flavor May Not Appeal to All
  • High Caffeine Side Effects
  • Can’t Sip More Than One Cup in a Short Time
  • May Interfere with Sleep

Who Likes Death Wish Coffee

a cup of coffee with a mark of a skull
Death Wish Coffee is not for people with body incredibly sensitive to caffeine

If you prefer the typical “overly sweetened, tastes like vanilla creamer” coffees that many people drink and post selfies with on Instagram, Death Wish Coffee might not be your thing. Death Wish Coffee is all about coffee flavor. It is bold, strong, and powerful, and it is 100 percent coffee-flavored.

If your body is incredibly sensitive to caffeine, you may want to start with perhaps half a cup of Death Wish Coffee one time and see how it goes. You may enjoy it, or you may be uncomfortably jittery and unable to sleep that night. 

However, if you are a coffee drinker who loves a strong and powerful cup of coffee that can get you moving first thing in the morning, Death Wish is definitely one to try. This is the kind of coffee that you’re going to want in your cup after you’ve pulled an all-nighter, and you still have a busy day the next day. 

Death Wish Coffee is going to be the coffee of motorcycle gangs, lumberjacks, Wall Street attorneys, or others who demonstrate the same kind of focus and intensity.

Final Word On Is Death Wish Coffee Good

Coffee lovers may be divided on the flavor of Death Wish Coffee, because, like so many things, it is a matter of personal preference. If you like major coffee flavors and need a quick burst of caffeine, you may become a fan of Death Wish Coffee. However, if your coffee drinking palate requires lots of creamer and sugar, you might want to stick to what you’re already drinking.

FAQ About Is Death Wish Coffee Good

Where can I get Death Wish Coffee?

Death Wish Coffee is available at online retailers like Amazon, but if you like it, the Death Wish Coffee Company also offers some subscription offerings from their website.

You can choose to receive freshly roasted coffee shipments on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis, saving 10 percent by choosing a subscription. A two-pound bag of beans costs about $38, and you can get free shipping by creating an account on their website.

Is there anyone who should avoid Death Wish Coffee?

If you typically respond to caffeine consumption with troubling physical symptoms or strange side effects, you probably don’t want to drink Death Wish Coffee. Additionally, anyone who is pregnant or has other health issues might want to check with their doctor before consuming Death Wish Coffee.

Does it work in a Keurig coffee maker? What about an espresso machine?

Yes! Death Wish Coffee Co has made their famous coffee available in K-cup pods, just like regular coffee. Additionally, you can grind the coffee grounds fine for espresso and use them in your espresso machine.


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