Is Coffee Creamer Flammable?

Although you wouldn’t think it, lots of products in your pantry may be flammable, so you might be wondering, is coffee creamer flammable? Let’s find out more.

is coffee creamer flammable

I remember reading the back of the bottle of my husband’s shaving cream. Innocent enough, isn’t it? So many products in our home seem as if they’re stable enough to simply lay around the house, but I made an audible gasp when I read “Contents flammable.”

There are many things in our homes that are potential fire hazards, and we are totally unaware of them! In this article, I’ll detail everything you need to know if you’re wondering, “Is coffee creamer flammable?” To quickly answer the question, yes, some kinds of coffee creamer, such as powdered non-dairy creamers, are flammable, but the devil is in the details when it comes to answering this question.

Is Coffee Creamer Flammable And What Makes It?

First and foremost, it’s important to note that something is flammable when it can ignite with a spark, particularly if it’s a spark at about 199°F.

A simple lighter can create flames and sparks that are already extremely hot. Therefore, it’s crucial to store anything that’s flammable away from places where a flame might potentially be created. 

For instance, candles, open flames such as near your stove, electrical sparks, and other areas where there’s a potential for a fire to spark are all dangerous places to keep flammable objects.

So, you know how to avoid setting things on fire, but how do you know what is flammable or not? Luckily for most food items and products, there is already a “flammable” sign on the packaging. You’ll usually see a flame in a triangle and a warning sign.

Does Coffee Creamer Have A Flammable Logo?

Most coffee creamers will not have a flammable logo. That non-dairy powdered coffee creamer you might find sitting on your pantry shelf may be flammable, but dairy coffee creamer, which is in liquid form and needs to be refrigerated, will not be flammable.

But what about coffee creamer in a can? You might notice a sign on some types of coffee creamers, such as the “Content under pressure” flammable sign on a can of whipped cream.

While yes, the can will say it’s flammable and that contents are under pressure, this doesn’t mean that the whipped cream itself is flammable. When you put it in a cup, it won’t set ablaze or on fire.

Why Coffee Cream Can Be Flammable

Non-dairy coffee creamer is quite different than dairy. First off, dairy coffee creamer is composed primarily of water, fat, sugar, milk, and other ingredients. You won’t be able to set it ablaze with a regular lighter or near a spark.

Non-dairy creamer in wood spoon on white background
Powdered coffee creamer is highly flammable

Non-dairy coffee creamer is usually stored dry and at room temperature conditions. Non-dairy coffee creamer comes in a powder or liquid form.

Powdered coffee creamer is usually made of products like corn syrup, vegetable oil, different flavorings, sugar, and lecithin. It is highly flammable, meaning you can set this coffee alight in an instant if you disperse it in the air and set it ablaze with a lighter. You can easily look at videos on YouTube that confirm this bizarre experiment, but you should never try it at home.

Preventing Danger

The problem with powdered non-dairy creamer is that it has a high surface-area-to-oxygen ratio. If you were to suddenly drop some or toss it in mid-air, and it were to set ablaze, then yes, it would spark and potentially create an extremely dangerous fire hazard. Fortunately, this is a highly unlikely scenario, and you’re more than likely fine to enjoy your next cup of coffee as usual.

However, this isn’t to say you shouldn’t be extra careful with your non-dairy creamer. Storing it in areas that aren’t exposed to heat or flames is always a good idea.

In addition, most non-dairy creamer will be stored in a plastic container. The plastic itself can also catch fire, such as if you accidentally store it next to an oven or stove. So long as you keep your coffee creamer safe in the pantry and away from excessive heat, your creamer will stay safe and flame-free!

Is Liquid Non-Dairy Creamer Flammable?

Like regular dairy creamer, the liquid non-dairy creamer is also not flammable. This is because it is mixed with water and heavily diluted.

You can store it dry or in the refrigerator; however, make sure it is always away from an open flame or heat source. This is because non-dairy liquid creamer is often stored in plastic containers, which can catch fire readily. In addition, follow all food safety guidelines for reheating and storage, such as checking expiration dates and only reheating on occasion instead of using fresh non-dairy creamer.

Can I Heat My Coffee In The Microwave?

Man reheating coffee in microwave
Best to keep reheating time in the microwave to under one minute

It’s always a good idea to practice safe food handling for anything you reheat, including coffee. If you must reheat coffee with non-dairy creamer inside of it, it’s best to keep reheating time in the microwave to under one minute.

Fortunately, once your non-dairy creamer is in your cup, it’s generally safe to heat it in the microwave. That’s because it will be diluted with water and won’t have the high oxygen-to-surface area ratio that dry powdered coffee creamer would. You should never heat powdered creamer by itself.

You should also ensure you’re not putting any metal into your microwave to reheat your coffee, so no spoons or cups with metallic detailing. You might also be wondering, are glass coffee mugs microwave-safe?


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