Is Coffee an Acid or a Base? Read This First!

Is Coffee an acid or a base? It’s confusing because people aren’t sure of its pH level. Coffee is acidic but far less than you imagine it to be.

Is coffee an acid or a base - a red cup of coffee on a wooden table
Coffee has a pH balance of five which is less acidic than bananas or soft drinks

Love it or hate it; there is a lot to learn about the beverage. Some people claim that they don’t become alert and prepared to embrace the day until they’ve had their morning cup of joe. Still, few people know all there is to know about Coffee, its origin, and its chemical makeup.

Is Coffee an acid or a base? Coffee has a pH balance of five. It, along with bananas and soft drinking water, is far less acidic than orange juice. Coffee is acidic but no more so than soda.

This guide aims to explain the chemical makeup of Coffee. It helps you better understand whether Coffee is an acid or a base. That way, when you do prepare it at home, you’ll know how to prepare, enjoy, and refrain from becoming sick by it.

We’ll start by explaining what Coffee is and then move into some of the most pressing things you need to know about one of the world’s favorite beverages.

Is Coffee An Acid Or A Base?

Coffee is acidic but not the reason why people experience heartburn or GERD from drinking it. The culprit causing the upset is the caffeine that the Coffee beans contain. It’s what makes Coffee challenging to drink for some people.

On the pH scale, Coffee is right in the middle. It has a pH balance of five. The more water that is added to the Coffee, the less strong it tastes. Some people prefer to drink Coffee only if they’ve changed its flavor with the addition of milk, creamer, sugar, or sugar substitute.

Coffee is at the same level of acidity as bananas and soft drinking water. That means that for most people, it’s very mild. For people who experience problems drinking caffeinated Coffee, decaf is the best option available.

A base is a substance in an acid-base reaction that reacts to acid. If Coffee is an acid with a pH level of five, it cannot be a base. Bases have a pH level greater than seven.

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The History Of Coffee Drinking In The USA

which coffee is stronger light roast or dark roast - Coffee beans falling into a mug filled with coffee beans
Coffee’s history in the USA was not successful at first

Although Coffee is said to originate in Ethiopia centuries ago, it didn’t pick up popularity in the United States of America until the 18th century. It took the Civil War to take place for consumption of the beverage to become widespread. In 1864, two brothers from Pittsburgh, John, and Charles Arbuckle started selling Coffee by the pound.

James Folger of Folger’s fame sold coffee to gold miners while Maxwell House and Hills Brothers decided to stake their claim in the industry by doing the same. The first Starbucks opened in Seattle in 1971, and the country hasn’t looked back since. You can buy any of the brands of Coffee that you want to prepare at home now.

Drinking coffee at home has become so popular that companies introduced a new line of coffeemaking machines in recent years. Pod-style coffeemakers use pre-measured pods to create the perfect cup of joe. There are even reusable pod filters that allow you to eliminate the amount of waste you create with your coffee consumption.

How To Prepare Coffee

Preparing Coffee in a traditional drip Coffeemaker is easy. It requires very few tools and makes Coffee automatically. Once you’ve turned on the machine, you can walk away from it and let it work its magic. You can even program the Coffeemaker to prepare Coffee at a set time each day.

To get started, you’ll need a traditional drip Coffeemaker with a Coffee pot, your choice of ground Coffee beans, a Coffee filter, and filtered water. Having a cup or tumbler where you’ll put the brewed Coffee is also advisable. It makes transferring the Coffee from the pot easier.

We’ve listed the steps that you’ll need to follow below. It’s a relatively easy process that you can do with a coffeemaker. If you don’t have access to one, you can opt to make coffee in a French Press or learn how to pour and serve it.

Open the compartment where the Coffee filter goes.

You’ll find its location at the top of the machine. You can refer to the booklet that came with your Coffeemaker for the exact location.

Place a new filter in the machine.

Unless reusable, you’ll want a fresh filter every time you make Coffee. When finished with the process, you can use the grounds in your garden.

Measure the amount of Coffee you want to prepare and place it in the filter.

Pay attention to the recommendation on the bag or can of Coffee. You don’t want to add too much and have an overly strong beverage to drink.

Close the compartment door.

If you don’t do this, you’ll have a big mess to clean up. You’ll spend more time soaking up Coffee than drinking it.

Open the lid where the water goes.

It should have a panel with lines on it, showing you how much water to add to make your desired number of cups of Coffee. Keep that in mind, when you do the next step.

Add the amount of filtered water you need to make a pot of Coffee.

Fill it to the line of your choice. Make sure to close the lid to the water compartment, too, to avoid a potential mess from occurring.

Turn the machine on.

Flip the switch. Or press the button.

Allow the Coffee to brew.

You’ll hear the water stop flowing through the machine. You can also turn on a timer and wait for it to go off.

Once finished, turn the setting to warm to prevent the Coffee from scorching.

The Coffee can take on a burnt taste if left on the burner too long. That’s why it’s so important to clean the machine and coffee pot often.

Transfer what you want to drink into a cup or tumbler.

You can always come back for a second cup if you want one. When you make a pot of coffee, there will always be enough extra to refill your tumbler a few times.


Drink it black or add what you like to flavor your Coffee with typically. That’s what makes it a personal experience when you make the beverage at home.

Now that you know how to prepare Coffee the easiest way possible, we want to discuss selecting the right type of beans for your morning cup of java. If you don’t know the difference between Light Roast, Medium Roast, and Dark Roast, you’ll know now. The next section helps you determine the right type of Coffee to fit your flavor preferences.

What Is The Difference Between Light Roast, Medium Roast, And Dark Roast?

If you’re relatively new to selecting Coffee to prepare at home, you may feel confused about the different options you have to choose from. What is the difference between Light Roast, Medium Roast, and Dark Roast? Does it have to do with the color of the beans or how long the roaster roasts them?

You’ll find the answers below very helpful when selecting the right beans for you.

Light Roast is the fastest way to roast Coffee beans. The flavor is mild and appealing. The color is light, and there is no oil on the beans. The acidity levels are crisp, and the flavors are bright.

Medium Roast is distinctively darker in color. The beans are dark brown with no oil present on them. The flavor is of a darker caramel due to the longer roasting time. The Coffee flavors are typically far sweeter than Light Roast Coffee.

Dark Roast is dark brown with an oily exterior on the beans. It is a process that takes longer because the beans are slow-roasted for a specific duration. It has a robust flavor. The acidity is lower, but the taste of the Coffee is far stronger than Light Roast and Medium Roast varieties.

Most people prefer Medium Roast. It tends to be the more conventional product served in Coffeehouses and restaurants. People can lighten the flavor if they choose to do so with different additives such as milk, plant-based milk, creamer, and an assortment of flavorings such as sugar, sugar substitute, flavored syrups, and sugar-free syrups.

Different Types Of Coffee Drinks You Can Prepare At Home

clinking americano and espresso drinks - difference between americano and espresso
Fine quality of ingredients and right amount of time too are the keys to make an excellent cup of coffee

There are many Coffee-based drinks you can prepare at home. From Café Breves to Espresso, you have options to meet your needs and flavor preferences.

The key to making an excellent cup of coffee is the quality of the ingredients you have on hand, as well as the amount of time you take preparing the beverage. If you’re in a hurry, you can’t expect a Latte to taste the way it would at a coffeehouse.

Some of the most popular Coffee-based beverages you can make in your kitchen include Frappuccino, Café Mocha, Caramel Macchiato, Turkish Coffee, Americano, Irish Coffee, Café Cubano, Cappuccino, Cortado, and Affogato. Each will completely change your mind about how Coffee tastes because of its unique recipes.

Coffee can be enjoyed all day long, and be drunk by itself, with a meal or dessert.

Remember that drinking too much-caffeinated Coffee can upset your stomach due to the acid levels of the caffeine. The beverage itself isn’t what is troublesome. It’s the caffeine the coffee beans contain that contributes to the heartburn or GERD that you’re experiencing after drinking a cup or two of Coffee.

Related Questions

How many types of Coffee exist?

There are dozens of types of Coffee from around the world. Each country has its way of producing, preparing, and serving the beverage. In countries where Coffee isn’t prevalent, residents enjoy tea and often have elaborate ceremonies surrounding the hot drink.

What is the best way to make Coffee?

There isn’t one. It’s a matter of preference and convenience that dictates how you make Coffee. Some people like drip Coffee makers, while others prefer the French Press or Pour Over method.

Can I drink a lot of Coffee without feeling sick?

Most people cannot drink a lot of Coffee without feeling sick. It isn’t to do with the beans themselves but the amount of water the beverage contains. Too much Coffee can be very dehydrating, so it’s best if you limit your consumption and drink other beverages throughout the day.

How many calories does Coffee have?

The type of Coffee that you choose to drink determines how many calories you consume. A plain black cup of Coffee typically has two to five calories per eight-ounce serving. It isn’t until you start adding sugar, sugar substitute, milk, or cream to the beverage that it becomes high in calories.

What is the best way to buy quality Coffee?

If possible, buying Coffee in person is ideal. Sampling a product before committing to buying it allows you to know if you like its flavor or not. If you can’t buy coffee in a shop, reading reviews and buying the highest quality product you can afford online works, too.

Is Instant Coffee as flavorful as Brewed Coffee?

It depends on the ratio of Coffee to water. Instant Coffee dissolves completely when stirred. Brewed Coffee strains water through a filter filled with ground Coffee to create the final product that you drink.