Is Bodum BPA Free?

Worried about BPAs in your coffee maker? This article answers “is Bodum BPA free?” and informs you of what you need to know about BPA.

Is Bodum BPA free?
Bodum company started in 1994

The Bodum company is nearly synonymous with french press coffee makers for many people, and it’s not surprising why: the company has been in business since 1944 and is still family-owned and operated, based out of Denmark. The classic coffee makers haven’t changed much over the decades, but one question has come up in recent years, fueled by research that suggests that not all food and beverage containers are equally safe: is Bodum BPA free?

The good news is that all Bodum products are BPA-free, with the majority of their products made from combinations of specialized glass and much safer plastics where they’re necessary. In order to understand why this question is important, though, we need to do a little digging.

Is Bodum BPA free? The Short Version

BPA-free stamp
Bodum claims that their products are BPA-free

According to Bodum’s website, all of its products are BPA-free. While they don’t get fully into specifics, they provide a list of the most common components their products include.

One primary component that shows up, again and again, is borosilicate glass, which is a special, much tougher type of glass that stands up to thermal shocks (switching from cold to hot and hot to cold) much better than standard glass. That’s also a key element that makes Bodum products dishwasher safe.

The plastic compounds that Bodum uses on its products are all free of BPA and usually are in areas that don’t directly come into contact with your coffee anyway. They’re there to help make it easier to grip, handle, and maneuver your french press or other coffee or tea maker.

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What’s The Deal With BPA, Anyway?

BPA is used in plastics manufacturing

In order to understand why knowing whether Bodum products are BPA-free is important, it’s a good idea to first dig into why BPA has become such a hot-button topic. BPA stands for Bisphenol A, a chemical regularly used in plastics manufacturing to give the finished compound a harder, more rigid texture. The chemical has been in use for more than 40 years, and it shows up in just about everything from water bottles to soda can liners, medical devices, and dental sealants.

It’s only been since 2008 that studies started to show that it could be dangerous. Almost all of us have trace amounts of BPA in our system, usually due to eating foods that have been stored in containers that have BPA in them–though it’s also able to pick up BPA through the environment.

The most significant danger seems to be for children. One result is that children’s products that previously contained BPA have increasingly switched over to safer, more inert compounds.

The tricky part of the situation is that nobody is entirely sure just how dangerous BPA is for adults. It increases the chances of developing cancer, heart disease, and some other lifelong health conditions–but the studies haven’t gone on long enough to be able to say for sure that the risk is as high for adults as it seems to be for children.

According to medical experts, the fact that BPA lingers in the body is a major reason for caution. Until there’s more information available, the safest course of action is to try and avoid it in food and beverage containers.

Fortunately, it seems that Bodum has never really used BPA in its products and especially hasn’t used it in areas where it would come into contact with the coffee you make in one of their presses. So if you’re worried about BPAs in your coffee maker, it’s a relief to know that Bodums BPA-free. 


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