How to Dissolve Cinnamon in Your Coffee?

Discover how to dissolve cinnamon in your coffee properly to create beautiful, natural syrup that can be used to flavor your coffee for months using just one batch!

A close up of a coffee cup, with Cinnamon in coffee - How To Dissolve Cinnamon In Your Coffee
Adding cinnamon to your coffee creates a rich taste

Are you looking for a way to turn a cup of coffee into a treat with no cheat calories, fancy equipment, or expensive ingredients? The secret ingredient for a more delicious cup of coffee is probably hiding in your spice rack right now. Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about how to dissolve cinnamon in coffee.

Anyone with some simple kitchen tools can easily dissolve cinnamon in coffee.

We’ll be discussing the tools and techniques for expertly adding cinnamon to your coffee to create a rich taste! We’ll also be covering all of the reasons why cinnamon can make your cup of coffee healthier and tastier!

The Simple and Exquisite Art of Dissolving Cinnamon in Coffee

It’s no secret that cinnamon tastes delicious in coffee! However, the taste isn’t the only reason to experiment with adding this beautiful spice to your coffee on a regular basis. Cinnamon actually offers a plethora of health benefits!

The Basics Of Cinnamon

This spice is actually second only to black pepper in popularity throughout Europe and the United States. Of course, people around the world have actually been using cinnamon for centuries to treat common ailments like coughs, sore throats, and arthritis. It is still used today to boost health and treat health issues throughout the globe.

young bearded man drinking coffee with cinnamon in a couch
Cinnamons are known to treat coughs, sore throats, and arthritis

The Health Benefits Of Cinnamon

Lots of research has actually been done on the health benefits of cinnamon. What do we know? Here’s a rundown of the reasons why cinnamon is a powerful spice:

  • It’s full of antioxidants that protect your body from oxidative damage and stress.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties that help your body to fight infections and repair damaged tissue.
  • It’s linked with heart health and reduced blood pressure.
  • It’s known to help improve insulin sensitivity.
  • It’s known to promote wound healing.

There’s also some promising research showing that diets rich in spices like cinnamon may actually cut down on the body’s negative reaction to high-fat foods and meals. Some researchers even think that cinnamon can be helpful for preventing cancer. Cinnamon is also used as a home remedy to treat ailments like bronchitis.

The Best Way To Dissolve Cinnamon In Coffee

It’s clear to see why you’d want to add cinnamon to your coffee. The next question is how to do it the right way. It’s important to follow the right steps if you want to create a tasty coffee treat that’s perfectly blended!

What you’re actually doing when you dissolve cinnamon into coffee is making syrup. You can easily make a full batch ahead of time to ensure that you have tasty, homemade cinnamon syrup waiting for you every time you enjoy coffee at home. The fact that the process does require a cooling period means that you can’t exactly dissolve a new batch of cinnamon every time you brew a cup of coffee.

  • Fresh cinnamon sticks.
  • A bowl for boiling water on your stovetop.
  • A strainer.
  • A jar with a lid.

You don’t necessarily need any fancy tools to infuse some cinnamon into your coffee. However, you should have all of the tools and ingredients ready to go in advance to ensure a smooth process. Here’s a rundown of what you’ll need when setting up:

How many cinnamon sticks should you use when dissolving cinnamon sticks for use with coffee? Most recommend six sticks for every cup of water that you plan to use. Keep in mind that you really only need about a teaspoon of cinnamon syrup per cup of coffee to make an impact.

Let’s move on to cover the actual process!

You’ll want to start by simply bringing your water to a boil. Some people prefer to let the cinnamon sticks sit in the pot of water for a bit before the water is boiled to allow the flavor to seep in. It’s helpful to break the cinnamon sticks into small pieces to release the flavor more easily during the boiling process.

boing water in a stovetop
Broken cinnamon sticks are added during boiling of eater to release the flavor easily

It should only take between three and five minutes for the cinnamon sticks to boil properly. You’ll want to keep stirring throughout the boiling process to prevent the cinnamon from scorching. Continue stirring over heat until your cinnamon is fully dissolved into the water.

You should have a very fluid-like syrup by this point. It’s now time to remove your pot from the heat. You’ll want to cover the pot and allow it to sit on the counter.

This is where patience will be necessary. It actually takes four hours for cinnamon syrup for coffee to cool fully. Just make sure that you’ve put the hot concoction is a safe spot where it cannot be accidentally spilled.

It’s now time to place the mixture you’ve just made into a jar for storage. It is recommended that you use a sturdy jar with a lid that seals. Pour the mixture into the jar using a mesh strainer that will catch any cinnamon chunks that may have survived the boiling process.

Is There A Way To Put Cinnamon In Coffee Without Boiling It?

You may be wondering if this is the only way to dissolve cinnamon in coffee. The answer is that this is the preferred way for those who want potency. However, there are “easier” ways that require fewer steps.

One option is to simply purchase cinnamon powder from the spice aisle at your local store instead of opting for fresh, whole cinnamon sticks. Many people dislike this option because the flavor isn’t as potent. However, crystallized cinnamon does create some simple options for adding cinnamon to your coffee.

How Do You Add Cinnamon Powder To Your Coffee?

Ground Cinnamon.
Add the cinnamon powder to your coffee creamer

Many people like to mix cinnamon powder with their coffee grounds. The flavor of the cinnamon will impact the grounds. However, the disadvantage is that you’re mostly impacting the smell of your grounds instead of really altering the taste.

Unfortunately, the cinnamon powder could actually cause your espresso machine to back up and have a sludge problem. It really only works with a coffee machine that uses a filter. You may still need to use a strainer when pouring to avoid little cinnamon sprinkles that will float in your cup.

Another option is to simply add cinnamon powder to your coffee creamer before you pour it into your coffee cup. The big drawback of this is that the flavor won’t be very strong. In addition, you’ll be dealing with visible cinnamon crystals floating in your cup.

Most people who try adding cinnamon powder instead of dissolving cinnamon sticks end up very unsatisfied. The strong flavor simply isn’t there. What’s more, cinnamon powder can be very messy when used with coffee pots.

How To Dissolve Cinnamon In Your Coffee: Related Questions

Do you have some questions about the relationship between cinnamon and coffee? It’s important to get everything cleared up before you attempt to make a batch of homemade cinnamon syrup to drink with coffee. Let’s dive in to cover everything you need to know to create a perfect flavor!

How Long Does Cinnamon Syrup for Coffee Last After You Make It?

Cinnamon syrup that you make at home should be good to use in your coffee for up to two months. Just make sure you’re storing the syrup in a sealed glass jar inside your fridge.

Why Can’t I Just Dissolve the Cinnamon in My Coffee While I’m Drinking?

It can be tempting to assume that a steaming cup of coffee would be enough to dissolve a cinnamon stick. However, it’s just not that simple! The bark on a cinnamon stick is actually very thick and fibrous. The best you will get is a sludgy cinnamon stick that doesn’t provide any flavor.

Why Doesn’t Cinnamon Just Dissolve in My Coffee the Way Sugar Does?

Cinnamon sticks will only absorb water unless they are placed in boiling temperatures. This is due to the thick bark on the stick. Even sprinkling ground cinnamon into your coffee will result in powdered crystals that simply float around inside your cup instead of dissolving.

Does Cinnamon Powder Taste Bad in Coffee?

Most people don’t enjoy the taste of powdered cinnamon in coffee. It’s important to remember that cinnamon isn’t sweet like sugar. That means that you’ll be getting dry, chalky cinnamon grounds in your mouth with every sip.

Can I Use Cinnamon as a Garnish on a Coffee Drink?

An alternative to dissolving cinnamon to create a syrup is to simply use it as a garnish. This works especially well when putting whipped cream or a whipped coffee creamer on top of a hot or iced coffee drink. Simply sprinkle some cinnamon over the whipped topping to create a flavorful garnishment.

Can I Add Sugar to Cinnamon Syrup for Coffee?

Yes, you do have the option to dissolve some sugar into your cinnamon mixture during the boiling process. Of course, doing this could counteract some of the health benefits of drinking cinnamon syrup in your coffee. You’ll also have to be careful to not burn the sugar during the boiling process.

Will Putting Cinnamon in My Coffee Cure My Diabetes?

It’s true that there are some extraordinary health claims attributed to cinnamon. Cinnamon actually has been proven to reduce the insulin resistance that accompanies type 2 diabetes. However, putting cinnamon in your coffee should never be viewed as a replacement for proper medical treatment and management through medication.

What’s the Difference Between Cassia Cinnamon and Ceylon Cinnamon?

These two types of cinnamon have different harvesting techniques and flavors. Cassia cinnamon is probably what you know to be “cinnamon” based on personal experience. In fact, it’s what is commonly sold in grocery stores around the world.

Ceylon cinnamon is lighter in color. It is also rolled in much thinner sheets. However, the biggest difference is that you’ll get a floral, fragrant flavor with this type of cinnamon instead of that “classic” cinnamon flavor that you know.

Cassia cinnamon is what’s known as Chinese cinnamon. Ceylon cinnamon comes from Sri Lanka. Cassia is typically the less expensive of the two to purchase.

Is It Better to Use Cassia Cinnamon or Ceylon Cinnamon in Coffee?

Cassia cinnamon is going to be the better choice for coffee for most people. Its familiar flavor goes very well with coffee. Ceylon is simply too flowery for most people to enjoy when trying to flavor a coffee drink.

Are Cinnamon Oils Harmful to the Skin?

No, cinnamon oil isn’t technically harmful to the skin. Some people do experience eye irritation after handling cinnamon oils. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before touching your eyes after handling cinnamon or cinnamon oils.

Aren’t Some People Allergic to Cinnamon?

It’s true that cinnamon is one of the most common triggers for spice allergies. Symptoms like sneezing or restricted breath when handling or being near cinnamon could be signs of an allergy. Do not ingest cinnamon if you experience symptoms of an allergic reaction during the preparation phase.