How To Clean Old Moka Pot? 4 Simple Ways

Perhaps you wonder how to clean old Moka pot and the significance of regular cleaning. 

How To Clean Old Moka Pot
Regular cleaning of your Moka pot will ensure it won’t destroy the flavor of your coffee

Cleaning a Moka pot is simple and takes a few minutes. Regular cleaning ensures the pot doesn’t destroy your coffee flavor or kitchen.

Maintaining an old Moka pot is necessary for its performance and extended lifespan. Unfortunately, there is a popular myth that people shouldn’t clean old Moka pots often. 

Many people believe the buildup of coffee in the upper chamber improves the flavor. They don’t clean their Moka pot regularly so that coffee oil can build up in the upper chamber. However, this is a low-maintenance thesis that doesn’t hold water. 

Accumulation of coffee oil in the upper section may add rancid flavor to your beverage and make it taste unpleasant. It is, therefore, advisable to clean a Moka pot after use. Apart from improving the coffee flavor, cleaning a Moka pot improves its safety.

Old Moka pots are pressurized brewing devices fitted with a safety valve to prevent the buildup of excessive pressure. Neglecting the pot for so long can cause a malfunction, which may lead to an explosion. Therefore, deep cleaning the Moka pot once in a while can extend its life. 

Luckily, the process of cleaning and descaling a Moka pot is pretty quick and effortless. Moka pots tend to oxidize quickly, given they are made of aluminum. It isn’t advisable to clean an old coffee brewer in a dishwasher because detergents may ruin it.

Here is a detailed guide on how to clean old Moka pot.

1. Unscrew the Upper Chamber

Start by dismantling the upper coffee brewer chamber. Then remove the filter basket and place it aside. Then use a teaspoon handle to remove the rubber gasket in the upper section. Removing the rubber gasket allows you to reach the filter plate.

Old Moka points have to be dismantled before cleaning and rinsing inner parts after each use. While it isn’t advisable to place a Moka pot inside the dishwasher, use a non-abrasive pad or sponge and regular dish soap to remove coffee dirt from the upper chamber.

2. Rinse the Filter Plate and Rubber Gasket

Consider using a non-abrasive pad or sponge and dish soap to remove oil buildup on a pot that hasn’t been washed for a while. You don’t have to clean the filter and the gasket after every use. 

Instead, use warm water to thoroughly rinse the upper coffee brewer chamber. If you don’t do this after each use, cleaning the upper section with dish soap and a non-abrasive pad won’t be easy. Detach the filter and the rubber gasket, then use water to rinse the inside of the chamber at least once per week.

3. Descale An Old Moka Pot

a baking soda and a vinegar
Always make sure the liquid doesn’t cover the safety valve when you are descaling

It is necessary to descale a coffee pot once in a while. The frequency in which a coffee pot is descaled depends on its uses and the water hardness. Experts recommend using bottled or filtered water on all types of coffee brewers

You can use either a commercial or homemade descaling solution to descale an old Moka pot. Fill the upper chamber with the solutions above, but ensure the liquid doesn’t cover the safety valve. Whether you’re descaling the coffee brewer or making coffee, always make sure the liquid doesn’t cover the safety valve. 

After descaling the Moka pot:

  • Run it in water to remove the descaling solution.
  • Prepare a vinegar solution, immerse a cloth into it, and scrub the aluminum parts until the Moka pot is sparkling clean.
  • If the discolored spots persist, use a mixture of tartar to form a paste and use it to cover the stained areas.

This article explains more about descaling pots.

4. Dry Each Part with a Towel

3 dry towels with soap
A dry towel will help prevent your Moka pot from staining

Use a towel to wipe off water droplets on each part of the Moka pot. Wiping will help prevent staining. A cloth or a paper towel can serve this purpose. It is an essential step when it comes to maintaining an old Moka pot. 

By wiping the coffee brewer, you will improve its performance and preserve its look. You might also be interested in our guide on the best Moka pots for fans of espresso-like brew.

Regular cleaning can help improve your coffee taste and extend the life of your coffee brewing device. If you haven’t taken good care of your old Moka pot, the above tips can help restore its look.


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