How Much Electricity Does A Bunn Coffee Maker Use?

Here, we answer the question “How much electricity does a Bunn coffee maker use?” so you can understand the impact on an electric bill. Read to learn more. 

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Bunn coffee maker uses electricity conservatively

Bunn coffee makers are known to stand the test of time — and they’re popular both in restaurant and home kitchens. 

Unlike other drip coffee makers, Bunn coffee makers have hot water ready to go at the touch of a button, allowing you to enjoy a fresh pot of coffee faster than other coffee brewers. 

Some coffee lovers shy away from the idea of buying a Bunn, as they think the constant availability of hot water must run up the electric bill. 

It turns out the Bunn uses electricity conservatively — Bunn coffee maker owners find that power consumption is lower than most would think, adding between $2 and $4 to the electric bill each month. 

Here, we’ll dig into exactly why a Bunn coffee maker has lower energy consumption levels than you might think, and what you can do to cut down on the energy use of your home coffee brewer. 

Bunn Coffee Makers And Electricity: What’s The Concern?

A Bunn coffee maker doesn’t need to heat water every time you want to brew a fresh cup of coffee, rather, it constantly has water ready at the perfect temperature for a fresh pot of Joe. 

In a restaurant setting, the few minutes that it takes for a standard drip coffee maker can make all the difference when it comes to staying on top of the morning rush. A Bunn coffee maker’s shortened brew time makes it a favorite both among business owners and those who love having a nearly instant pot of fresh coffee available at home. 

Bunn’s shortened brew time makes a nearly instant pot of fresh coffee available at home

Some coffee enthusiasts worry that the Bunn coffee maker will run up the electric bill, as they assume that it’s costly to keep hot water ready 24/7. 

Thankfully, this isn’t the case. Bunn coffee makers use a surprisingly low amount of energy and don’t add a significant amount of money to the owner’s electric bill. 

How Much Electricity A Bunn Coffee Maker Uses

The exact amount of energy used by a Bunn coffee machine varies and depends largely on the variety of Bunn you choose to purchase — a 12-cup coffee machine will use more energy than a small 1-cup machine. 

Owners of home Bunn coffee machines usually find that their coffee makers use about 1.1 kilowatts of electricity each day, adding between $2 and $4 to their electric bill every month, for a total of between $24 and $48 per year. 

Testing Your Bunn’s Energy Consumption

Interested in knowing exactly how much energy your Bunn coffee maker is using? Finding out is simple. 

Purchase a Kill-A-Watt electricity monitor from Amazon. This small device plugs into the outlet you use for your coffee maker. You’ll then plug in your Bunn to your Kill-A-Watt. Leave the device on for 24 hours and you’ll know exactly how much energy your Bunn is using daily. 

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How To Lower Energy Consumption Of Your Home Coffee Machine

brewing coffee on a Bunn coffee maker
Unplug the coffee maker after using

If you’re comfortable with the power consumption of your Bunn, there’s no need to make any changes. If you’d prefer to lower the amount of power your Bunn is using, you may want to consider unplugging it after you’re done making your coffee for the day.

You can re-plug the coffee maker in before you go to bed at night, ensuring that you have fresh, hot water ready for your morning pot of coffee. You can also turn off your Bunn’s warming plate to further conserve energy. 

The Final Word On How Much Electricity Does A Bunn Coffee Maker Use

Home Bunn coffee makers use a little over one kilowatt of electricity per day, adding less than $5 to home electric bills each month, according to Bunn users who measured their coffee machine’s energy consumption using a Kill-A-Watt To cut down on energy costs related to your Bunn coffee maker, you can unplug it during the day, or turn off the warming plate after you’re done brewing your coffee.

FAQs About How Much Electricity Does A Bunn Coffee Maker Use

How much does typical use of a Bunn coffee maker add to an electric bill?

Most people find that a Bunn coffee maker adds between $2 and $4 per month to their electric bill. 

What are some ways to cut down on the energy costs associated with at-home coffee machines?

Turn off the Bunn after you’re done using it for the day, and turn off the warming plate when you’re done brewing your coffee.


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