How Many Espresso Shots Are in a Venti?

If you’ve been wondering, “How many espresso shots are in a venti?” Now in this article, I’ll provide the answers you may have about Starbucks venti beverages.

How Many Espresso Shots Are In A Venti
Every venti drinks are different because they consist of different amounts of espresso

If you’re a regular customer at Starbucks, you’ve probably seen the “venti” option on the menu. However, those of you who prefer to make your own coffee beverages at home may have no idea what the word refers to.

This article is meant for both groups of people. While homebrewers can learn what “venti” means on the Starbucks menu, Starbucks supporters can find out how strong venti drinks actually are.

Starbucks clients who order venti drinks may have been wondering “How many espresso shots are in a venti?” The answer is “It depends,” since different venti drinks consist of different amounts of espresso. Here’s some more detailed information on venti beverages.

So, What Is a Venti Beverage?

a woman holding a Starbucks drink
Venti beverage is not a drink but a serving size at Starbucks

For those of you who have no idea what it is, a venti is not actually a drink or a type of coffee but rather a serving size at Starbucks.

The word “venti” was added to the Starbucks menu after one of the company’s founders, Howard Schultz, traveled to Milan and experienced the Italian coffeehouse tradition for the first time. He was so impressed that he wanted to introduce some of Italy’s classic coffee culture to Americans.

Upon his return, Schultz changed the Starbucks menu and also added some Italian words, such as venti, which actually means “twenty” in Italian. The word describes the size of a venti beverage, which is 20 ounces. Actually, it’s a bit more complex. Hot venti drinks are 20 ounces in size, while cold venti drinks are slightly larger. They are 24 ounces in size.

Starbucks Coffee Sizes

So, what other drink sizes can you order at Starbucks? Here’s a short breakdown:

  • Short: A “short” beverage is the smallest Starbucks drink size you can order — except if you order an espresso. It is 8 ounces in size, and only available when you order a hot beverage.
  • Tall: Contrary to what you may think, a “tall” beverage is that big at Starbucks. In fact, at 12 ounces, it is the second smallest drink size you can order. Both hot and cold beverages are available in this size.
  • Grande: Although “grande” is the word for “large” in Spanish, a grande beverage at Starbucks is considered medium-sized. These drinks are 16 ounces in size and available with both hot and cold drink options.
  • Venti: The size of a venti beverage depends on whether you order a hot or cold drink. Hot drinks are 20 ounces in size, while cold beverages are 24 ounces in size.
  • Trenta: Trenta is the latest addition to the Starbucks drink size options. It is a whopping 30 ounces in size.  Only cold and iced beverages come in the trenta size.

How Many Shots of Espresso in Each?

three cups of Starbucks with different sizes and coffee beans
The size of the beverage at Starbucks is not the only factor that determines the amount of espresso

So, now that we’ve covered the sizes of drinks available at Starbucks, it’s time to look at the interesting part. Exactly how strong are Starbucks beverages, especially when it comes to the large venti and the gargantuan trenta?

Well, at Starbucks, it is not only the size of the beverage that determines the amount of espresso. Other deciding factors include whether the beverage is hot or cold, and also whether it contains milk or not. Let me try to break it down for you:

  • Short: A short beverage gets one shot of espresso, regardless of whether you order an Americano or a milk-based coffee drink such as a cappuccino.
  • Tall: A tall milk-based drink gets one shot of espresso, while a tall Americano gets one extra shot, i.e., two espresso shots.
  • Grande: Grande milk-based drinks contain two shots of espresso, while a grande-sized Americano gets three shots.
  • Venti Hot: Despite the fact that a hot venti drink is larger than a grande beverage, it gets the same amount of espresso, namely two shots. The extra volume is filled with milk and syrup. However, a venti-sized Americano is made with four shots of espresso.
  • Cold Beverages: When it comes to cold beverages, and also frappuccinos, customers can choose the number of espresso shots they’d like in their drink, regardless of the size of the cup.

The Last Word on How Many Espresso Shots Are in a Venti

If you’re the type of coffee drinker who likes your coffee drinks large, go for the venti size next time you visit Starbucks. Since a drink of this size becomes a bit awkward to carry around, it’s best to sit down with your venti beverage and enjoy the drink at your leisure.

FAQs on How Many Espresso Shots Are in a Venti

How Much Caffeine Is There in Starbucks Drinks?

The amount of caffeine present in Starbucks coffee beverages differs, depending on variables such as the drink size, number of espresso shots, and type of roast. A venti beverage that’s made from a dark roast can contain as much as 470 mg of caffeine.

What Are the Espresso Shot Sizes at Starbucks?

Espresso shots are available in four sizes: 0.75 ounces, 1.5 ounces, 2.25 ounces, and 3 ounces.


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