7 Gift Wrapping Ideas for Coffee Mugs

In this article, we provide some great gift wrapping ideas for coffee mugs.

Gift Wrapping Ideas For Coffee Mugs
You can pull off some wrapping jobs as gorgeous as the mugs you are about to gift by following our picks of ideas

Everyone loves getting great mugs for coffee or tea as gifts, but have you ever tried gift-wrapping a mug? Mugs don’t exactly lend themselves to the ideal shape for gift-wrapping, but if you’re a creative person, you can pull off some wrapping jobs that are as gorgeous as the mugs you’re gifting. Below, we have listed several ideas for wrapping up the mugs you’re excited about giving away. 

1. The Original Box

If you buy a mug online, it will almost always come in a box. Usually, these boxes provide a lot of structure and safety for the fragile mug, so if you have a box, by all means, use it to wrap your mug.

When you’re wrapping your gift mug in the original box that it came in, you can decorate it any way you want. The sky is the limit!

For small boxes like those a mug comes in, we recommend using a solid color with a bow or ribbon in alternating color.

2. Cellophane Wrap or Bags

It’s easy to wrap mugs in cellophane bags or cellophane wrap, and what we love about this idea is that you can see through the cellophane to the cute mug underneath. You can fill your mugs with all sorts of things, from candy and other edibles to beauty supplies.

3. DIY Gift Boxes for Mugs

We found an amazing mug wrapping idea at JenniferMaker.com, and luckily for us, she shared detailed instructions for how to make these cute mug boxes. These little boxes are so cute that it looks like they were made by a professional, and you can easily achieve this look for the mugs you’re giving as gifts.

In the same article, Jennifer also has instructions for making a mug gift box that looks like a milk carton. 

4. Bric-a-Brac and Pom-Poms

If you have even the most modest collection of craft supplies, you already have everything you need to create the perfect mug gift. We love the simplicity of this idea. To create this look, you just need some fun bric-a-brac, ribbon, or pom-pom braids. Add something helpful to the mug such as K-cups, hot cocoa packets, or tea bags to make it a fun and useful gift. You could even add a coffee mug warmer.

5. The Mug as the Gift Wrap

If you’ve found the perfect coffee mug worth money to get someone as a gift, but feel that it might be a boring gift by itself, you can always use the mug as the gift wrap. What do we mean by this? You can stuff the mug with any number of items. From candy to hot cocoa packets, a mug is a perfect size for adding small items and creating a unique one-of-a-kind gift.

We love this idea that we found on Pinterest. The gift-giver created a “get well soon” mug.

6. Gift Wrap or Tissue Paper

Let’s say you don’t have the perfect-sized box or a generic gift bag. If you only have regular wrapping paper or tissue paper laying around the house, that’s no problem. You can use either one of these to create the perfect gift wrap for your coffee mug gift.

Here are the steps to use gift wrap to wrap your mug.

  1. Lay your wrapping paper flat.
  2. Put the mug on top of the wrapping paper.
  3. Gather in at the corners
  4. Tie it all up with a pretty bow.

Watch the video below for a visual tutorial. They also have a bonus “silly” flower pot wrapping paper option that you can try, too.

7. Double-Duty: Tissue Paper AND Cellophane

We mentioned both tissue paper and cellophane above, but we also found a tutorial online that shows you how to use both of these ubiquitous crafting supplies to create the perfect gift-wrapped mug.

Supplies you need to create this look:

  • Large cellophane sheet
  • 2 large pieces of colored tissue paper
  • A gift tag
  • Long colored ribbon
  • Scissors

To create this look, follow these steps.

  1. Cut the ribbon in the sizes you think you will need. You can even use two different colors.
  2. Lay down the cellophane.
  3. Put the tissue paper on top of the cellophane.
  4. Place your mug in the center of the paper.
  5. Bring up the corners of the tissue paper, then do the same with the cellophane.
  6. Tie your ribbon around the top.
  7. Attach your gift tag.

Do you need more mug-wrapping ideas? Check out this video below.


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