Frappe vs. Frappuccino: Read This First!

Frappe and Frappuccino are common drinks today. However, differentiating frappe vs. frappuccino can be quite a task. Read on to find out more about their differences.

A cup of Frappe and a cup of Frappuccino.
Frappuccino is a Starbucks patent drink

So are a frappe and Frappuccino two different drinks?

The answer is yes; these iced drinks are different. The easiest way to tell their difference is that the Frappuccino is a Starbucks patent drink. Starbucks initially came up with the idea of the drinks, and it has evolved into different flavors.

Moreover, a Frappe is a blended iced drink often served with whipped cream and other toppings and made of coffee. A Frappuccino, on the other hand, is an iced cappuccino blended with milkshakes and other types of flavors. The table below will look further into their differences.

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Frappe Coffee vs. Frappuccino: No. of Differences

The table below has highlighted the differences between the two drinks. However, to clear things up and help you know exactly what you are ordering, the two iced drinks have been discussed separately at length. Keep reading to find out more.

Basis of DifferenceFrappeFrappuccino
How its MadeA Frappe drink was originally made using instant coffee to enhance the drink’s thick foam and dark color.  Frappuccino, on the other side, is made using brewed coffee
Caffeine ContentA Frappe always contains Caffeine. The levels of Caffeine are dependent on how much instant coffee was used.Frappuccino, on the other hand, is not necessarily made of coffee, depending on your order.
TasteA frappe drink is typically less sweet than Frappuccino drinks. However, not that this is dependent on the flavor you order.A Frappuccino, on the other hand, is characterized as a very sweet drink. This can be associated with the toppings and flavors added to the drink.
PopularityFrappes are mostly common in Europe and less known in the US.Frappuccino on the other day is a common drink in the US and quite rare to find in Europe.
Calorie ContentSince Frappe can be served without sugar, it contains fewer calories as compared to the Frappuccino drink. For example, Vanilla flavored Frappe has 150 Calories. It is considered to have the highest calorie content.Frappuccino has a higher calorie content as compared to the Frappe iced drink. For Example, the Strawberry Frappuccino contains 250 calories.

This article is for you if you have experienced a challenge differentiating between a Frappuccino and Frappe. It will look into their differences in detail, their similarities and how each of them is made, and other related issues.

What Is A Frappe?

Frappé Recipe

Frappe is an iced drink traditionally made with instant coffee to which water, sugar, and ice are added. The taste of Frappe is dependent on how it is made; the common Frappe drink is made of coffee, milkshake, and milk resulting in a cold sweet drink.

Can you prepare a Frappe without using instant coffee? The answer is no, the result would be a different drink with a different taste altogether. Since the first frappe coffee was made using instant coffee, it has therefore been a rule to use instant coffee.

The instant coffee enhances the Frappe’s bitter taste, giving it its distinct character. It also enhances the strength of the coffee flavor.

Unlike the Frappuccino iced drink, the Frappe contains caffeine one way or the other. The caffeine content of the drink depends on the instant coffee you use. However, the range of caffeine is 27-173 mg, depending on the kind of coffee beans used in making instant coffee.

Moreover, the calorie levels of the Frappe drink are less. This can be explained by the drink’s low to zero sugar levels. Frappe is often served without sugar to pronounce the taste of instant coffee since, ideally, that is its purpose. In addition, instant coffee contains barely any calories.

However, for a Frappe that contains milk or milkshake, the calorie level can go as high as 50 calories per 100ml/3.4floz. If you add a scoop of Vanilla ice cream to our frappe, the calorie count may be as high as 136 calories.

In summary, the calorie count for a Frappe drink is 50m-200 calories. If you are watching your diet, it is recommended that you ask your barista about the calorie levels before purchasing your iced drink.

Since the Frappe drink was first invented in Greece, it has been a common drink in Europe, mostly in Southern Europe. However, you will not miss the drink in central and west of Europe. Cyprus is also known for the popularity of Frappe, given its close ties with Greece.

How To Prepare Frappe Drink

  • Step 1: Use any container of your choice, which you can easily shake. Alternatively, if you want to reduce your work, you can use a blender. In this case, we will use a blender.
  • Step 2: Place Nescafe instant coffee like this in the blender. Add cold water and sugar. If you are preparing Frappe for a 12-ounce glass, use 2 teaspoons of coffee and an equal amount of sugar and water. However, feel free to make the coffee as strong as you want.
  • Step 3: Once the mixture is in place, switch on the blender and allow it to blend for about 5 seconds. If you are shaking, you can double the time to 30 seconds. The result is a smooth foam.
  • Step 4: Place some ice cubes in the glass using a different glass, then slowly add the coffee foam to the ice cubes in the glass.
  • Step 5: Add water to the mixture in the glass until it is full.
  • Step 6: You can leave space for adding some milk, depending on your preference.
  • Step 7:  Place a straw and enjoy your frappe drink.
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Some Tips For Making A Frappe

  • If you want your frappe to taste sweeter, consider adding more milk and slightly less coffee.
  • If you want your Frappe to have a strong coffee taste, use less milk and more coffee.
  • If you use instant coffee from a single coffee bean origin, the frappe is likely to have a sour taste.
  • To obtain a more balanced taste of your Frappe, use instant coffee from a blend of coffee beans.
  • Using coffee beans with light roasts is also likely to result in a sour taste in your frappe. Therefore, make a habit of using coffee beans with a dark roast.

What Is A Frappuccino?

A cup of Frappuccino from Starbucks

Frappuccino is when a Cappuccino (made of espresso mixed with steamed and foamed milk) is mixed with a milkshake, sugar, ice, aerated cream, and a wide array of sweeteners. There are different types of flavors for this iced drink.

As such, depending on the flavor of your choice you can add chocolate syrup to make Chocolate Frappuccino or even Caramel syrup to make Caramel Frappuccino among other flavors.

Although the traditional Frappuccino was made of coffee, Starbuck has customized the iced drink, creating flavors that do not contain any coffee with an example of the Vanilla Flavor Frappuccino. However, that does not completely write off Frappuccino that contains coffee. You can find a Frappuccino with filter coffee or containing a shot of espresso.


As mentioned above, Frappuccino is not common in Europe due to the few numbers of Starbucks in Europe. On the other side, it is a house name in the US.

Looking at its calorie content, the Frappuccino has a high calories associated with the sugar, cream, and flavors that are used to make the iced drink. Therefore, if you are looking to shade off some weight, frequenting this drink may actually hinder you from obtaining your body goals.

How To Prepare A Frappuccino

Can I prepare a homemade Frappuccino? This is one of the most commonly asked questions. As mentioned above, the Frappuccino is a Starbuck trademark. As such, there is no complete recipe for preparing the Frappuccino.

However, can you prepare one at home? Yes, you can prepare a homemade Frappuccino. The following is a step-to-step procedure for preparing Frappuccino at home.

  • Step 1: Place an extremely strong concentrated coffee in a jar and place it in the fridge to get cold. You should use concentrated coffee that cannot be consumed normally as any other coffee.
  • Step 2: Pour the concentrate into a blender and add milk to the concentrate. If you use non-fat milk, be sure to add some cream. Be careful not to add too much milk or cream. This is done to make sure the drink maintains its coffee taste.
  • Step 3: Throw in a flavor of your choice. If you are preparing a vanilla-flavored Frappuccino, you can add some vanilla.
  • Step 4: Sweeten the iced drink by adding some sweetened condensed milk, normal sugar, syrup, or any other available sweetener.
  • Step 5: Once you are satisfied with the added flavor, add some ice cubes to the mixture in the blender.
  • Step 6: Add enough ice cubes until they top the blender. Press the button and blend the mixture until all the ice cubes are broken, and the Frappuccino is smooth.
  • Step 7: Serve your iced Frappuccino and eat it using a spoon, straw, or any other way you prefer. Whatever floats your boat, enjoy your drink.

The procedure for preparing any type of Frappuccino flavor is the one mentioned above. The change comes in when adding the flavor. As such, if you are preparing a Mocha Frappuccino, make sure you add a substantive amount of chocolate syrup.

On the other hand, for the MOCHA Chip Frappuccino, add a good amount of chocolate chips as your flavor.

So How Do You Prepare Concentrated Coffee?

As stated above, the concentrate you use has to be very strong coffee to account for the dilution that happens once you add ice cubes into the mixture. It also ensures that the iced drink does not lose its coffee taste.

The traditional method of preparing concentrated coffee is brewing it and then placing it in the refrigerator. While else it works, there is even a better way to prepare concentrated coffee resulting in a stronger, smoother, and more delicious drink. Here is the procedure.

  • Step 1: Pour your preferred grounded coffee into a large clear container. It is recommended you use a strong brand of coffee.
  • Step 2: Add cold water to the grounded coffee to fit your liking.
  • Step 3: Stir the mixture to allow the ground to mix properly with the water.
  • Step 4: Cover the mixture and allow it to settle for about 12 hours as you go about your day’s activities.
  • Step 5: After 12 hours, take a separate container and place a mesh wire on its top.
  • Step 6: Place a couple more paper towels inside the strainer.
  • Step 7: Gently pour the coffee mixture into the separate container through the strainer. Note that it takes time for all the liquid to pass through.
  • Step 8: Use a spoon to press the liquid trapped by the coffee residue.
  • Step 9: When all the liquid has been extracted, place it in the refrigerator to cool.
  • Step 10: Once the concentrate is cold, you can use it to prepare your iced drink.

This method of preparing coffee concentrate is resourceful when preparing large amounts of coffee. However, if you only need your personal iced coffee, do not worry. The concentrate can last for weeks as long as the container is tightly covered.

Similarities Between Frappe And Frappuccino

We have established the difference between a Frappe and a Frappuccino. Let us now look at their similarities. What makes them similar and confusing apart from their closely pronounced names?

To start, both drinks are iced drinks; when making the drinks, you will blend ice or add ice to the drink. Their iced nature makes them favorable for the summer period.

That brings in the other similarity; both Frappe and Frappuccino are best for the summer season. They bring a cooling effect and a kick of energy as well.

In addition, the drinks are similar depending on the flavor, which leads to the common use of milk, coffee, and water. Other than that, both drinks are considered large drinks; the Frappuccino is 12oz/355ml and the Frappe around 300ml/10oz

What Is The Health Risk Of Consuming Frappe Or Frappuccino?

A Starbucks Frappe.
Overindulgence in Frappe and Frappuccino has many health risks

Overindulging in Frappe or Frappuccino exposes you to many health risks. To start, both drinks are sweet drinks with a keen look; Frappuccino has high sugar content and many calories. As such, over-drinking Frappuccino increases the chances of high blood pressure.

Also, a high sugar diet stimulates your liver to deposit harmful fats into your bloodstream. Both conditions may eventually lead to heart diseases. Moreover, since both drinks contain a certain level of caffeine, the caffeine content works into your bloodstream and into your brain, where it interferes with the function of the adenosine receptors.

The adenosine receptors control your brain activity. When you are awake, adenosine is produced, slowing down your brain activity. Eventually, your brain feels tired and fatigued, which causes sleepiness. When you are asleep, the levels of adenosine decrease, promoting wakefulness.

Long-term consumption of caffeine interferes with adenosine receptors’ role, causing a lack of sleep. Eventually, the brain adapts and produces more adenosine, and you need more caffeine to stay awake. If you try to quit your caffeine intake, you may experience withdrawal symptoms like fatigue due to reduced levels of caffeine in your system.

Therefore, it is recommended you take your Frappe, Frappuccino, or any other coffee drink in moderation to avoid addiction and the associated health risks.

Difference Between A Smoothie And Iced Coffee Drinks (Frappe and Frappuccino)

Although both a smoothie and Frappe or Frappuccino may seem to have a similar consistency, there is a very big difference between these two drinks.

First, while else most coffee drinks are made of milk, coffee, ice, ice cream, and other flavors and toppings, a smoothie is mostly made of vegetables and fruits.

Another difference is that while else a smoothie is considered a healthy drink, iced drinks such as Frappuccino are not healthy given their high-calorie content. Some smoothies are made of seeds, almonds, coconuts, and even nuts, enhancing their health benefits. On the other hand, Iced drinks are sweet drinks with flavors like caramel.

Looking further into their differences, there is a limit to the type of flavors which you can add to your iced coffee drink. However, a smoothie allows you to experiment with any additional option. In fact, some smoothies contain coffee and ice cream, but you cannot add vegetables to a coffee drink.

Difference Between Frappe/ Frappuccino And Milkshake

The debate concerning the difference between Frappe/ Frappuccino and milkshake has remained unsettled for a long time. The fact is a milkshake and Frappe or Frappuccino are two different drinks.

Their differences are seen in their content and how they are prepared down to their taste. A milkshake is a blended drink consisting of milk with added syrup. Depending on your preferences, milkshakes come in various flavors, from strawberry to vanilla and chocolate.

For a Frappe or Frappuccino, there is more to it than milk and syrup: coffee, ice cream, ice, and other toppings.

Also, for a Frappe, you can choose to drink it sugar-free. This is not an option when drinking a milkshake. Besides, when preparing a Frappuccino or Frappe, you can play around with a wide array of ingredients. However, when preparing a milkshake, you are restricted to milk and syrup.

FAQs About Frappe Vs. Frappuccino

Can you prepare hot Frappes or Frappuccinos?

No, both drinks are made by blending a number of things together, including cold water and ice cubes. As such, under no circumstances can you make hot Frappes or Frappuccino. That is why they are known as iced drinks.

Although some people argue that the espresso used in Frappuccino can make the drink hot, it cannot. If you attempt to use any hot liquid, it will result in a different drink with a different taste. However, if you are looking for a hot version of Frappuccino, you can order a Cappuccino from your nearest barrister.

What is the shelf life of a Frappuccino?

A packed Frappuccino is stable to last the night as long as it has not been opened. However, once you open it, it is recommended you consume it within the same day. In addition, the most packed Frappuccino has the best before the date, which you should consider.

What is the lowest calorie Frappuccino at Starbucks?

The Mini Mocha Light Frappuccino at Starbucks has the lowest calories. It is a Starbucks frappuccino consisting of rich mocha sauce, nonfat milk, and ice. It just has 15 grams of sugar and 80 calories.

Is the green tea frappuccino from Starbucks healthy?

While matcha and milk have numerous health advantages, Starbucks’ Matcha Green Tea has a lot of sugar and calories. For instance, a grand size contains 63 carbs and 410 calories. You can check out the Starbucks website for all of their drinks’ nutritional information.

Is there a keto Frappuccino at Starbucks?

The Strawberry Acai Starbucks Refresher Beverage (also known as the Pink Drink), a sweet-tart drink blended with coconut milk and tea, is available as a keto Frappuccino. Or request an Unsweetened Passion Tango Iced Tea to make this drink a keto-friendly choice (order it with no sugar and no water). Thick cream and two to three pumps of vanilla extract without sugar are also encouraged.

How much caffeine is in a Starbucks Frappuccino?

In one femtolitre of Starbucks Bottled Frappuccino, there is 8.03 mg of caffeine (27.15 mg per 100 ml). The caffeine content for a 13.7 femtolitre-ounce bottle is 110 mg. Starbucks frappuccino frequently includes ice, milk, and freshly made Starbucks coffee.

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