Does Eating Coffee Beans Give You Energy?

We use it to brew our perfect cup of joe, but is it safe to eat raw? If so, will it benefit you? Read on to find out does eating coffee beans give you energy!

A handful of coffee beans - Does eating coffee beans give you energy?
A 100 gram serving of coffee beans can give you approximately 300 calories

My friend and I had an interesting conversation months ago. We both adore chocolate-covered raisins, so we tried to list what other foods you can cover in chocolate.

We had strawberries, almonds, and our favorite seed, the coffee beans. Chocolate-covered coffee beans are a popular snack among coffee lovers. This led us to a question: if you remove the chocolate, the raw coffee beans have a calorie content and give you energy, right?

A 100 gram serving of coffee beans can give you approximately 300 calories! That’s around 7% of your required daily calorie intake! You have to watch out for the amount of caffeine in each bean. 

Monitor The Number Of Coffee Beans You Eat

The amount of caffeine in a regular cup of coffee is equivalent to seven to eight pieces of coffee beans

The amount of caffeine in one regular cup of Joe is equivalent to about seven to eight pieces of coffee beans! A typical consumer can safely drink around four to six cups a day or 32 to 48 coffee beans.

In terms of caffeine content, it will still depend on the variety you’re nibbling. For instance, Robusta beans have more caffeine than Arabica beans. 

Eating it has a concentrated effect as well. A study has shown that your body’s ability to absorb caffeine increases significantly by consuming coffee beans directly rather than brewing and drinking coffee. That’s because water slightly dilutes the bean’s caffeine.

Give yourself a treat the next time you find yourself in a coffee shop and snack on this delight. You might want to check out our best coffee beans to eat to guide you on this!

What Do Coffee Beans Taste Like?

Once the aroma hits you when you open that fresh bag of beans, you can’t help but take a piece and bite it. What you’ll notice at first is that it is hard to chew, but once it breaks, the earthy and woody taste will take over.

Coffee beans can taste a little bland. Some brands have opted to cover it in chocolate to taste. Don’t be discouraged; there are coffee beans with a more robust, nutty, and caramel-like flavor. 

Texture-wise, it’s not the most pleasing as it gives off that gritty sensation like you’re eating dirt. Otherwise, it’s perfectly safe and healthy to enjoy it as an afternoon snack to give you that second wind for the day.

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Benefits Of Eating Coffee Beans

coffee beans in a small bowl
Eating coffee beans in a raw form improves your physical and mental performance

Not only does it help your daily energy requirement, but eating coffee beans also gives you many health benefits! Although most studies have focused on its brewed form, it’s highly probable that it also provides the same nutritional values!

Packed With Antioxidants

You can think of it as a compact antioxidant capsule since you’re now eating the coffee beans in raw form. One of these antioxidants is chlorogenic acid which can reduce the risk of some types of cancers, diabetes, and inflammation.

It’s noteworthy that one study suggested that roasting coffee beans can decrease the amount of its chlorogenic acid. I might consider going hardcore and nibbling on the beans while enjoying a cup of Joe moving forward. 

Improves Your Physical And Mental Performance

Aside from giving you that much-needed boost in the morning, studies prove that daily caffeine consumption, when done in moderation, notably improves alertness, wakefulness, and motor performance

In addition, a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine showed that consuming about two cups of caffeine is as effective as taking a short nap in minimizing sleep-related vehicular accidents.

It’s safer to avoid driving when you’re too tired to do so. If you’re out of options, I advise you to just go for a quick 15 to 30-minute nap and then go for a coffee at the nearest gas station or munch on coffee beans while on the road!


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