Does A Moka Pot Work On Induction?

Are you in the process of switching from a gas stove to an induction stove? If so, you might be wondering, does a Moka pot work on induction? Learn more below!

moka pot on a induction stove - Does A Moka Pot Work On Induction
Some moka pot works on induction stove while others do not

There are a lot of ways to make coffee; however, the Moka pot is one of the most popular. Like most people, I love simplicity, and the Moka pot is exactly that. While the other appliances in my kitchen are getting more advanced, my Moka pot stays the same.

As I moved from an electric stove to a high-quality induction stove, I wanted to make sure my Moka pot would still work on my induction stove. While my Moka pot does work on my induction stove, not all of them do. What do you need to know?

Does A Moka Pot Work On An Induction Stove?

It depends on the type of Moka pot you have. For example, a standard Moka pot is made from aluminum. An induction stove will not work with any aluminum-based appliances, including the standard aluminum Moka pot.

An induction stove cooks using magnetism. Aluminum is not magnetic, which means that the induction stove heat source will not heat up the Moka pot. Fortunately, there are also Moka pots that are not made using aluminum.

For example, you might be able to use a stainless steel Moka pot on your induction stove. If your stainless steel Moka pot has been mixed with other metals, such as copper, your Moka pot should work fine. If your Moka pot has not been mixed with enough other metals, it might heat unevenly because some parts of the pot will get hot while others will stay cold.

In general, the less expensive your Moka pot is, the more metals there are mixed in. You can easily test your Moka pot with a magnet. If your Moka pot is magnetic, then it will work fine on an induction stove and is probably heat-resistant to induction cooking on induction cooktops.

How Can You Use Your Moka Pot On An Induction Stove?

If you are interested in using your Moka pot on your induction stovetop or induction cooker, there are several options available. They include:

Use An Induction Adapter

Perhaps the easiest way to use your Moka pot coffee or percolator is to simply get an induction adapter, such as those available from Amazon, that will let your coffee maker or espresso machine work well on an induction stove. One example is this Italian Alfonso Bialetti induction adapter.

Bialetti Stainless Steel Plate Heat Diffuser
  • Steel
  • Size: 130mm, 5.11inch
  • The adapter can be washed in a dishwasher
  • Suitable for all the most popular induction hobs for coffee makers (1-9 cups) and small pots
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03/07/2024 01:05 am GMT

These are small metal plates that you can place on top of your induction stove. To use an induction adapter with your coffee machine, simply place the induction plate on the induction stove. Then, place the Moka pot on top.

A modern induction stove
Transfer of heat to the Moka pot will take a while since the adapter needs to get hot first

An induction adapter is magnetic because it has been made specifically for your induction stove. Therefore, the metal plate will get hot, transferring the heat to your Moka pot, which is sitting on top. It will heat up your Moka pot just like any other stove.

The adapter needs to get hot before your Moka pot will get hot, so it may take a little longer to heat the perfect amount of coffee. Most are even dishwasher safe!

Purchase A Moka Pot Specifically For Your Induction Stove

If you don’t want to get an induction adapter, you can purchase a Moka pot that has been made specifically for your induction stove. This can be pricey; however, if you are thinking about replacing your Moka pot anyway, you might want to get one that will work with your induction stove.

Induction Moka pots come with a metal base that is easily magnetized. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you can tailor your induction cup Moka pot to meet your specific needs. You might want to take a closer look at the Bialetti Venus Induction Moka pot from Italy!

This is an exceptional espresso maker.

Bialetti - New Venus Induction, Stovetop Coffee Maker

Stainless Steel

Suitable for all Types of Hobs

4 Cups (5.7 Oz), Silver

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You might want to take a look at the Bialetti Moka Express as well. It has a sleek, smooth design and makes a delicious cup of coffee out of your coffee grounds!

Bialetti Moka Express - 6 cups

Makes 6 cups of coffee

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Forgo The Induction Option

If you do not want to purchase an induction Moka pot or use an induction adapter, you can also forgo the induction option entirely. For example, you can use your induction stove for other purposes while using a portable gas stove to heat up your Moka pot. Or, you can get an electric Moka pot that has a heating element already built into it.

An electric Moka pot might even work faster than a traditional one, helping you speed up your morning routine. If you want to get an induction stove and still use your Moka espresso pot to make your mocha, you have plenty of options available. Compare the benefits and drawbacks of these choices and pick the one that is right for you!

Final Word on Does A Moka Pot Work On Induction

If you are switching to an induction stove, you need to make sure your Moka pot still works. An induction stove uses magnetism to heat its surfaces.

A traditional Moka pot is made from aluminum, which is not magnetic, so it will not work on an induction stove. A stainless steel Moka pot might work well if it is mixed with other metals that make it magnetic.

If you want your Moka pot to work on your induction stove, you can purchase an induction adapter that will heat your Moka pot. Or, you can purchase a Moka pot that has been made specifically for an induction stove.

Finally, you can get a portable gas stove to heat your traditional Moka pot, or you can purchase an electric Moka pot. You have plenty of options available.

FAQs About Does A Moka Pot Work On Induction

What cookware can I use on an induction stove?

If you want to use your cookware on an induction stove, you have to make sure it is magnetic. Some cookware, such as aluminum appliances, are not magnetic. 

Does Bialetti Moka work on induction?

Yes, a Bialetti Moka pot will work well on an induction stove. The Bialetti Moka pot is magnetic, so it will heat if you place it directly on your induction stove. 


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