Coffee Spoon Vs. Teaspoon: What Are The Differences?

This ultimate breakdown between a coffee spoon vs. teaspoon will give you a deeper insight into their uses, materials, and sizes. Let’s dig in and find out more.

Coffee spoon vs. teaspoon
Coffee spoons and teaspoons are common utensils in food and beverage industry

Coffee spoons and teaspoons are some of the common utensils in the food and beverage industry. They are either used for stirring drinks or in cooking and dosing medicine. Between the two, a coffee spoon is much less common nowadays, and it is usually sold in a special set of utensils.

Meanwhile, the teaspoon is more popular, and it can be used for both tea and coffee. If you want to learn more about the differences between coffee spoons vs. teaspoons, let’s find out in this article.

What Are Coffee Spoons And Teaspoons?

A coffee spoon is a smaller version of a teaspoon. You use a coffee spoon to stir coffee and it usually comes in a special set of dishes or cutlery. A coffee spoon is usually made of stainless steel, silver, or plastic.

A standard size can hold approximately five grams of coffee.

Meanwhile, a teaspoon is somewhat larger than a coffee spoon. You use it for stirring both tea and coffee interchangeably. The teaspoon is more popular than the coffee spoon, with its size ranging anywhere from 0.085 to 0.247 US fluid ounces.

Some teaspoons also have a longer handle to go with ice cream or desserts. Other than that, the teaspoon is also used in cooking and dosing medicine.

What Do Coffee Spoons And Teaspoons Have In Common?

Both of them fall at the lower end of the size spectrum in the spoon family. They are also both similar shapes. You might also be wondering, is a coffee scoop equal to one tablespoon?

Vintage and retro spoon set
Spoon enthusiasts have collected spoons of all sizes and designs

They are mostly used in the beverage industry and can be used interchangeably as the sizes are not much different. You will see them commonly served with coffee or cappuccinos, as well as a variety of tea contained in a larger-sized coffee cup.

Teaspoons and coffee spoons are usually made from stainless steel, silver, or plastic. Those types of spoons have been around for so long that, to some people, they mean more than just an eating utensil. These spoon enthusiasts have collected spoons of all sizes and designs as keepsakes.

Coffee Spoon Vs. Teaspoon: The Differences?

Coffee SpoonTeaspoon
Made of stainless steel, silver, or plasticMade of sterling silver, nickel silver alloy, or stainless steel
Less commonMore common
Smaller in sizeLarger in size
Used for stirring coffeeUsed for stirring both tea and coffee
A coffee cupping spoon is widely used for specialty coffeeWidely used in cooking and dosing of medication

What’s Better About Coffee Spoons?

Even though the coffee spoon is not widely popular, it’s still a unique tool in the specialty coffee industry known as a cupping spoon. It was once a recherché item but soon became a household name, coming in various colors, materials, and engravings. One of the best coffee cupping spoons is a Brazilian cupping spoon, a silver-plated tool with a small, round, Brazilian-style bowl.

Sometimes you will hear people talking about a demitasse spoon, also known as a mocha spoon. This specific coffee spoon is served with coffee blended with hot chocolate. The size of a demitasse spoon varies from around three and three-quarters to four and a half inches long.

Meanwhile, an after-dinner coffee spoon is approximately four and a half to five inches long, which is a tad longer than a demitasse spoon.

What’s Better About Teaspoons?

The teaspoon is more popular and easier to find. For that reason, you can even use a teaspoon to stir coffee, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Beyond the beverage limit, teaspoons also appear in cooking as a measure of volume with an abbreviation known as tsp.

When you scoop salt, flour, or spices, you need a level teaspoon that produces the same volume as liquids. On the lesser-known side, we also have a rounded teaspoon. It’s larger than a level teaspoon and less precise.

A larger version of a rounded teaspoon is known as a heaping teaspoon.

Who Should Use Coffee Spoons (And Why)?

Cup of coffee and spring spoon
It is a great way to own a special coffee spoon with a unique engraving

You can use a coffee spoon with your daily cup of Joe, or if you’re a spoon enthusiast who likes to have a collection, it is a great way to own a special coffee spoon with a unique engraving. Other than that, those trying to game up their specialty coffee skills should also own a coffee cupping spoon.

Who Should Use Teaspoons (And Why)?

You can use it both for stirring coffee and tea or for cooking. If your prescription requires an exact measurement for liquid medication, that’s when you need a teaspoon. It’s also a great cooking tool. If you like baking, you might love our chocolate coffee protein balls recipe


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