9 Best Coffee Spoon Uses

Are you struggling to find other coffee spoon uses? We’ll walk you through several ideas so you can make the most of your demitasse spoons. Let’s dive in. 

Coffee spoon uses
Coffee spoons have existed since at least the 13th century

Also known as a demitasse spoon, coffee spoons have existed since at least the 13th century. They can be confusing to use if you already have dozens of utensils in your kitchen, especially because they’re an odd size. Here are some tips for coffee spoon uses so you can make the most of your coffee spoon.

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1. Measuring Ground Coffee Or Coffee Beans

Whether you’re making espresso or a single serving of coffee, nothing is worse than getting the measurements wrong. Enter a coffee spoon! It’s perfect for measuring out the exact amount of ground coffee or beans without having to guess.

Some coffee spoons even come with a measuring device attached to the end and a smooth, thin handle. These coffee spoons can measure ten grams of coffee at a time, making them ideal for measuring out a single cup. In addition, if you’re simply tasting coffee or brewing an after-dinner coffee, the small size of your coffee spoon can make it easy to prepare single servings.

2. Stirring Cream Or Sugar Into Coffee

The long handle and bowl-shaped head make stirring sugar and creamer into your morning cup of coffee a breeze. Unfortunately, longer and fatter spoons can make this process quite messy, so a coffee spoon is ideal for this task. While you could use a coffee stirrer, keep in mind most are disposable and made of wood.

Group of plastic coffee stirrer
Coffee stirrers are made most of disposable and wood.

On the other hand, coffee spoons are usually made of stainless steel, so they are more durable and can last a long time. They can also stand up to the acidity of coffee, making them a great tool to use without changing the body or flavor of your coffee.

Plus, with its smaller size, you’ll be able to stir cream or sugar into even the smallest coffee cups. For instance, Cuban coffee requires a small amount of sugar to be mixed in before preparation. Coffee spoons can help do this job with ease.

3. Measuring Other Ingredients

Coffee spoons can also be used to measure other ingredients like baking powder and vanilla extract. While you still want to use a kitchen scale to ensure the measurements are accurate, coffee spoons are great for measuring out small amounts of certain ingredients.

You can also opt for using a coffee spoon with a measurement at its end. In addition, a bar spoon can be used to make beautiful cocktails and add bitters, maraschino cherries, and more. If you’re making a small batch of cookies or pancakes and don’t want to dirty your regular spoons, a coffee spoon is a great alternative.

In addition, you can also add spices to your morning cup of Joe using a coffee spoon. Drinks such as dirty chai lattes and turmeric lattes require a teaspoon or two of spices, so using one of these spoons can make the process painless. It can also ensure the spices don’t overpower the flavor of your coffee.

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4. For Winter Crafts

Let the little ones create their own art pieces with coffee spoons by using them to create chocolate dessert spoons! These spoons can then be melted into hot chocolate or coffee, adding a kick of sweetness and creating a fun drink. Just melt some chocolate onto a serving spoon, dip your spoons and coat them with sprinkles, marshmallows, or whatever else you have on hand, and let them harden.

You can also use them for making rock candy spoons by melting and stirring sugar with the spoon. Not only is this great for kids, but they also make great party favors or Christmas gifts. You can even add value by using a stainless steel coffee spoon that your guests can use after their chocolate has melted away.

5. Clear Away Loose Tea Leaves Or Coffee Grounds

Nothing is worse than using a filter only to find your cup full of grounds or tea leaves. To avoid this, you can use a coffee spoon to scoop out the loose grounds and tea leaves from the bottom of your brew. Coffee spoons are great for getting into those tight spaces and grooves, such as smaller espresso cups.

Scoop out the loose grounds with the spoon while you’re brewing and discard them once finished. You can also use coffee spoons as an iced tea spoon, scooping out leaves after the cold brewing process.

6. Decorate Foam Art

If your morning cappuccino is lacking some pizzazz, a coffee spoon can help jazz up the drink with foam art. Coffee spoons are great for swirling and drawing designs on the foam. By using a combination of different movements and shapes, you can easily draw hearts, stars, or swirls on top of your drink.

While more experienced baristas can create intricate designs with toothpicks or during the pouring process itself, it’s not for everyone. If you’re just starting out, it’s best to practice on a cup of foam first. Use a coffee spoon to draw basic shapes and swirls to get the hang of it before trying on your cup of Joe.

7. Decorating Desserts

If you love desserts and love making cake, icing sugar, sprinkles, and more can be applied easily with the help of a coffee spoon. Simply use the flat end to scoop out and spread icing over the cake, or use its rounded head to add sprinkles using coffee sp.

Coffee spoons are also ideal for creating patterns and designs with icing. Plus, the smaller spoon head can help you get into those tight corners of your cake or cupcake.

Sweet cake with sprinkles using coffee spoon
Sprinkles can be applied easily with the help of a coffee spoon

In addition, you can use coffee spoons during the baking process to level out your ingredients. This can help create a smooth texture and ensure even baking times. From stirring coffee to decorating cakes, a small spoon makes it easy to do various tasks with ease.

In addition, you can use a coffee spoon for your affogato ice cream.

8. Yogurt Or Acai Bowls

Yogurt and acai bowls are the new go-to breakfast and snacks. When it comes to making these delicious dishes, coffee spoons can be used to measure the desired ingredients. You can also use them for adding toppings to your dessert or breakfast bowl.

From strawberries to granola, adding a few pieces of the desired topping with a coffee spoon is a great way to add character, beauty, and health all at once.

Consider adding other smaller ingredients like chia seeds, bee pollen, and matcha powder to your bowl. Coffee spoons are great for measuring out small amounts of these ingredients so that you don’t end up using too much.

They are a great tool to ensure your acai bowl itself doesn’t fall apart. For Instagram-worthy acai bowls, use a coffee spoon for an even and aesthetic distribution of toppings.

9. As Baby Spoon

The first few months of feeding your baby solid foods can be quite daunting. To make things easier, you can use a coffee spoon to help you increase portions and introduce new flavors to your baby’s diet.

Coffee spoons are especially great for giving your child yogurt, oatmeal, and other basically soft foods. Coffee spoons provide parents with easier portion control and can also help babies learn how to self-feed with ease.

Giving your baby smaller portions with a spoon can help your child learn how to self-feed with more comfort and familiarity. Not to mention that the small spoon head helps children get accustomed to holding and using utensils.