Coffee Grinder Vs. Grain Mill: What’s The Difference?

A coffee grinder crushes coffee beans while a grain mill produces flour and grains. Read on to find the differences between a coffee grinder vs. grain mill.

Coffee Grinder vs. Grain Mill
Coffee Grinder vs. Grain Mill

This week, I have been contemplating whether to invest in a coffee grinder or grain mill. I am not prepared to get two pieces of equipment at the same time that will dent my pocket. 

I just know they will eat up more space in my tiny kitchen. Not to mention, I will need to clean twice as much. Buying two kitchen tools that operate the same seems impractical.

How can two things with the same purpose be different from each other? Continue reading below to see what my research lead me to discover.

What Are Coffee Grinder And Grain Mill? 

Coffee grinders turn whole coffee beans into a smaller size for easier brewing. For a more involved experience, you can go for a manually operated or hand grinder. Rotating the hand crank and seeing the coffee beans result in whatever size you prefer is a fulfilling feat. 

Chose the sizes of grind — coarse, medium, and fine by turning the burr. You can pick what size is perfect for your French press or pour-over. You can even experiment with the sizes as of the grind. 

Also referred to as a gristmill, flour grinder, or whatever ingredient it’s grinding, a grain mill can refer to the machine itself or the whole building that houses the equipment. As its name suggests, it grinds grain products like cereal, wheat, corn, and oats to turn them into powder-like products used in the kitchen.

What Do Coffee Grinders And Grain Mills Have In Common?

The coffee grinder has the critical task of drawing out the taste and aroma of coffee beans, making it an essential part of the coffee-making process. Meanwhile, grain mills prepare the grain and also assist in bringing out richer flavors.

A coffee grinder and grain mill use mechanisms to break down coffee beans and grains to prepare them for brewing and baking or cooking. They make grinding an easy process and save its users’ effort and time. These tools are staples in the kitchen of those who value their drinks’ and foods’ taste profiles.

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Coffee Grinder vs. Grain Mill: The Differences

Coffee GrinderGrain Mill
A coffee grinder grinds coffee beans expertly but can’t immediately mince grains to a fine texture.It can quickly crush all grains and coffee beans.
It’s hard to clean after grinding grains in it.It’s easy to clean and wash after grinding grains.
It may require several grinds to get a texture similar to a grain mill’s product.It only requires one round to produce fine-textured grains and coffee beans.
It’s affordable and readily available.It’s expensive.
It has blades enough to grind coffee beans, but they are unreliable for grains.It has durable steel blades for grinding.
It can be clogged when used for grinding grains because of the hard grains.It doesn’t have the risk of damage for grinding.

What’s Better About Coffee Grinder?

Coffee Grinder Vs. Grain Mill
You can still use a coffee grinder for small batches of bread

Coffee grinders let you control the grind size depending on what cup of Joe you’re craving. It can’t turn grains into fine flour, but it’s cheaper than a grain mill.

You can still use a coffee grinder for small batches of bread. Just portion the grains so they don’t jam your grinder. Most coffee grinders can fit one cup of grain, so it will take time to grind the grains for a bigger volume of dough. 

However, you need to be aware that the quality of the grain grind will also depend on the type of blade your coffee grinder has. If you want to try what fresh grains taste like before investing in a grain mill, you can use your coffee grinder. 

What’s Better About Grain Mill?

Grain mills can grind any type of grain and beans. You can mince coffee beans in a grain mill. However, you won’t be able to control the texture of the grounded beans. 

If you want to use a grain mill to grind your coffee beans, expect them to turn into a super fine powder – perfect if you want an espresso. Be sure not to over-grind the beans. If you want to extract as much flavor as possible and you want a rich and bitter coffee, feel free to use a grain mill.

Who Should Get Coffee Grinder (And Why?)

If you love fresh ground coffee every day, then you should get or may already have a coffee grinder. Is a coffee grinder worth your money? Of course, especially if you are big on coffee flavors and after the experience of brewing your coffee. 

If you sometimes bake and find yourself short on flour, your coffee grinder will come in handy. It will take you many rounds of grinding to get the texture close to commercial ground grain, but it’ll do! 

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Who Should Get Grain Mill (And Why?)

Grain grinder-Manual grain mill for hand grinding on a wooden table
Grain mill are easy to use and efficient to use for baked goods

Do you want to have super fine flour for your baked goods? Then go for a grain mill!

They are easy to use and clean and are efficient. 

There are many grain mills in the market, so you should pick one that’ll suit your needs. Go through the type of milling mechanism, power source, convenience, and other factors you need to consider. This kitchen tool will be handy if you’re someone who often shares your baked products with your family and friends. 

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