12 Celebrities Drinking Coffee Just Like Us

Do you like celebs? Do you like drinking coffee? Here’s a rundown of some of the most famous celebrities drinking coffee, from Ben Affleck to Reese Witherspoon!

Celebrities drinking coffee
Famous people are equalized for their love of a good cup of coffee

Drinking coffee is a popular pastime for many people, including celebrities. Famous people from all walks of life and all backgrounds are equalized for their love of a good cup of coffee. Whether it’s on the set of a new movie or going to the coffee shop, Hollywood loves everything from espresso to lattes.

While there are dozens of famous coffee drinkers, we had to narrow the list down, or else this post would go on forever. From movie stars to musicians, these stars can appreciate a cup of Joe. Stars! They’re just like us!

1. Ben Affleck

Cup of coffee at Dunkin Donuts
Ben Affleck coffee

If you search “Ben Affleck coffee,” you’ll come across tons of articles sharing how the movie star loves Dunkin Donuts. The actor has been a diehard Dunkin’ fan for decades, and he even recently starred in a commercial during the Super Bowl.

When asked what his go-to order is, Affleck commented that it’s an iced coffee with two sugars and milk, although he sometimes uses Splenda instead to cut down on his sugar intake.

2. George Clooney

Cup of freshly brewed coffee
Clooney has been one of many faces of Nespresso

Here we have another celeb who loved coffee so much that he chose to lend his name to the brand. In this case, though, we’re talking about Nespresso, not a national coffee and donut chain. Since 2006, Clooney has been one of many faces of Nespresso, joining the likes of Matt Damon, Jack Black, and Penelope Cruz.

Outside of Nespresso ads, however, Clooney isn’t spotted with coffee in hand very often. Presumably, he makes his at home with a personalized Nespresso machine, but who are we to say?

3. Selena Gomez

Ice coffee in Starbucks clear plastic cup
Selena Gomez was spotted by paparazzi drinking iced coffee from Starbucks

As far as young celebrities go, Selena Gomez is about as talented as you can get. The actress has been in the spotlight since a very young age, and it seems like no one can get enough of her.

While Gomez’s personal life is always a subject of scrutiny, many paparazzi have spotted her with a morning coffee (and afternoon coffee). Typically, she’s drinking an iced coffee from Starbucks, but not always. However, since Starbucks drinks are always chic, it makes sense for her to stick with what’s trending.

4. Ariana Grande

Vanilla raspberry syrup Starbucks
Ariana Grande has her secret Starbucks menu

Much like Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande is a talented superstar with hits in both music and acting. Grande even has her own secret Starbucks menu order, called the Cotton Candy Frappuccino. It’s full of sugar, spice, and everything nice, much like Grande herself.

We’d also be remiss if we didn’t mention you have to order the Grande size for the drink to count officially. Sorry, we don’t make the rules.

If you’re interested in getting her order, it’s a vanilla bean Frappuccino with raspberry syrup, mocha syrup, mocha chips, and topped with whipped cream and a caramel drizzle. Since it’s so rich, we recommend sticking to one per day.

5. Gigi Hadid

Modern coffee shop interior, no people
She usually buys from local vendors

Gigi Hadid is a stunning model and TV personality, and she’s often spotted in New York City. On many days, she may even be seen with a cup of coffee in her hand, both for herself and her mother, Yolanda Hadid. It’s hard to tell if she has a specific coffee shop preference, but she usually buys from local vendors, not necessarily massive chains.

6. Katie Holmes

Starbucks restaurant in New York
Holmes has been spotted with Starbucks plenty of times

For a period in the 2000s, Katie Holmes had a bright, shining star in Hollywood. While her superstar status may have faded in recent years, she’s still bringing a sense of class and grace wherever she goes, even when it’s just to the corner coffee shop. Holmes has been spotted with Starbucks plenty of times, illustrating the power that the chain has on both celebrities and regular people alike.

7. Hugh Jackman

Fresh flat white coffee on wood table
Jackman prefers flat white coffee over chain-variety brews

This Australian actor has over 60 credits to his name, including major releases like The Greatest Showman, Eddie the Eagle, and Prisoners. However, they make coffee a bit differently down under, which is why Jackman prefers flat white coffee over chain-variety brews.

However, since it’s hard to find that kind of coffee in the States, he has to make do with what we have here. If you haven’t had a true flat white before, it’s life-changing; think of it as a better version of a latte and a cappuccino mixed together. Learn more in our white coffee explainer. 

8. Kim Kardashian

Iced coffee with milk in tall glasses on pink background
Kim Kardashian started her coffee addiction in 2021

Kim Kardashian is about as big of a celebrity as you can find, as her personal life is just as complex and engaging as her professional one. However, one thing you may not know about her is that her coffee addiction has only just begun. Unlike many other celebs, Kardashian started the habit in 2021.

That’s not to say she never took a coffee break before then, only that she’s consuming it regularly now. It’s unclear whether she has a favorite chain yet or not, but it sounds like she’s still figuring out what she likes and doesn’t like, so she’s probably not in a rush to make a decision.

9. Jennifer Lopez

Iced coffee and donut
She’ll dabble in a little iced coffee

These days, it’s hard not to spot Jennifer Lopez without her other half, Ben Affleck. The pair tied the knot in 2022, although they came awfully close back in 2003.

Unlike other celebrities on this list, Lopez doesn’t drink coffee very often, citing her beauty regimen as a primary reason. Considering she still looks amazing at 53, we can’t blame her for continuing to do whatever works. However, considering how much of a Dunkin fan her husband is, we’re not surprised that she’ll dabble in a little iced coffee now and again.

10. Britney Spears

Coffee to go fragrant drink splashes with falling down coffee beans
Spears reportedly drinks a lot of coffee

On the opposite end of the coffee-drinking spectrum is music superstar Britney Spears. Unlike Jennifer Lopez, Spears reportedly drinks a lot of coffee. Like, a lot more than you would expect. Some suggest she drinks it by the gallon, but those reports are likely exaggerated.

However, considering how busy she was performing in Las Vegas all the time, we’re not surprised that she would get hooked on the best coffee to help her stay energized. As the saying goes, the show must go on, and caffeine can help make that happen.

11. Taylor Swift

Christmas latte topped with caramel
Swift like a caramel non-fat latte

We’re starting to believe that being a famous musician is kind of hard. Given how many rockstars and singers have to drink tons of caffeine to perform at concerts, the job is likely harder than one might assume.

Taylor Swift is a music powerhouse, delivering hit after hit. Like her contemporary counterpart, Ariana Grande, Swift also has her own Starbucks drink that you can order right now. It’s called “Taylor’s Latte,” and it’s just a grande caramel nonfat latte.

Technically, the drink was part of a seasonal promotion, but there’s no reason you can’t order it anytime you need a little pick-me-up, even if you’re not doing a show in front of thousands of screaming fans. You might also be interested in learning how Starbucks markets its products. 

12. Reese Witherspoon

Top view of glass with iced coffee
Witherspoon drinks a ton of coffee on the regular

Rounding off our list is this A-list actress, who, by her own admission, drinks a ton of coffee on the regular. Knowing this information, we’re obligated to make a pun with her name, so here goes:

“How does Reese mix her iced coffee? Witherspoon!” (Roaring applause)

Beyond being an actress, Witherspoon is also a full-time mom, and as any parent can tell you, a delicious cup of coffee can make any day with the kids much less stressful.


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