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How to Pull a Ristretto Espresso Shot – All You Need to Know

How to Pull a Ristretto Espresso Shot

Espresso is the base for many delicious coffee beverages. While you can choose to have a solo (single) shot or double (doppio) shot of espresso, with caffeine or decaffeinated, there are more options that can be explored. What about a Ristretto shot?
Ristretto is an Italian word meaning “restricted” or “limited”. Its an accurate description, since the ristretto is a short espresso shot. The barista only does a pull for the first part of what would be a regular full espresso shot of 25-30 seconds. It usually consists of about a ½ fluid ounce (15 ml) of liquid. If the drinker wants a double ristretto shot,

Choosing a Coffee Pot with Grinder – Our 2021 Guide

Choosing a Coffee Pot with Grinder

Choosing a good coffee pot with a coffee grinder can make your cup of brewed coffee a breeze to make. A combination coffee machine gets your single cup of coffee ready with a simple press of a button, which is perfect for any coffee lover. Machine brewing and grindingcoffee saves you the hassle and the counter space as well as offering freshly ground coffee for each cup. IT also saves you the trouble of using a manual coffee grinder to achieve the taste of ground coffee at home. This coffee maker is convenient and well worth the money for a fresh coffee mug in the mornings. Here are our 2021 top picks.

What Is Liberica Coffee?

The Rarest Coffee Bean Variety

Some coffee drinkers are fine with any type of coffee brew in the morning so long as the cup is hot and filled with caffeine. For others, good flavor and aroma are essential to every cup of coffee. This latter group are coffee bean connoisseurs. Just taking extra care in brewing coffee isn’t always enough to make a truly excellent cup or espresso shot. They look for special coffee bean blends for particular tastes and aromas. Rare beans offer an exciting new world of flavor.
Liberica coffee is one type of bean that can’t be found on just be on any coffee shop shelf.

How to Make the Perfect Doppio Espresso in 5 Easy Steps

How to Make the Perfect Doppio Espresso

For most coffee lovers, the only thing better than a good espresso shot is two of them — a doppio. Learning to make the perfect Doppio espresso allows us to make so much more than your average coffee shop brew.
A Doppio espresso is a fairly standard choice when ordering espresso at a cafe. The choice is usually solo (one-shot) or doppio, which offers two. Learning how to brew the perfect cup of espresso yourself means that you’ll be able to enjoy that perfect cafe pour without leaving home or spending a premium. It will also give you the ability to expand your recipe book to include cappuccino and latte macchiato.

How to Drink Espresso Like a Pro

How to Drink Espresso Like a Pro

Espresso is a coffee beverage born in Italy. It is both a method of brewing coffee and a descriptor for the rich flavored coffee produced by forcing hot water through fine-grind coffee beans. This is done within 25-30 seconds to acheive the distinctive taste and aroma of fresh espresso.
Espresso coffee is different than standard coffee, as espresso is somewhat thicker and has crema on top. The crema is a brownish foam that forms on good espresso, that adds to the complex taste and wonderful aroma. Espresso also has more suspended dissolved solids compared to regular brewed coffee or drip coffee.

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Ground Coffee vs Whole Coffee Beans: 3 Reasons Why Whole Coffee Beans Are Better

ground coffee vs whole coffee beans

Ground coffee vs whole coffee beans is a common debate. Whole beans are often favored. Let’s explore why. Coffee drinkers normally fall into one of two categories — those who buy pre-ground coffee for the sake of convenience and those who buy whole coffee beans. But which one is better? The quick answer is whole …

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