Casabrews 5700GENSE All-In-One Espresso Machine Review: Is It Worth It? (2024)

Find out whether this luxurious espresso maker is worth the cost with our honest Casabrews 5700GENSE All-In-One Espresso Machine Product Review. Let’s dive in.

Casabrews 5700GENSE
This is one machine that’s going to get a lot of use in the kitchen

If you’re like me, products with features you’ll never use seem like a waste of money. But you still want some of the best features and are willing to explore these items no matter the cost. I recently had the chance to try the Casabrews 5700GENSE All-In-One Espresso Machine for myself, and let me tell you – I was instantly sold.

My Casabrews 5700GENSE All-In-One Espresso Machine product review below lets you know all the ins and outs of this powerful yet easy-to-use machine! From its grinding function to its amazing 20-bar pump for espresso extraction and steam wand, this is one machine that’s going to get a lot of use in the kitchen.

What Is Casabrews 5700GENSE All-In-One Espresso Machine?

Casabrews is quickly becoming one of the most recognizable names in the espresso world, and the 5700GENSE All-In-One Espresso Machine is a testament to why. This advanced machine comes with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from an espresso maker at this price point while still retaining ease of use.

The company first premiered the Casabrews 5700GENSE All-In-One Espresso Machine in July of 2022, not long after its foundation in 2020. The brand was founded by industry expert Martin Huang and has since grown its line of products to include six total espresso machines. 

Casabrews 5700GENSE All-In-One Espresso Machine Pricing

The Casabrews 5700GENSE All-In-One Espresso Machine retails on Casabrews’ website for $449. However, keep in mind that this is only a sales price, and you can expect it to change throughout the year.

While Amazon does offer deals, it might be better to also check out Casabrews’ website to see if there are any sales going on here as well. With most people spending around $1,100 a year on coffee, you can rest assured you’ll gain back your investment in no time!

Who Is Casabrews 5700GENSE For

By far, the people that will benefit from using the Casabrews 5700GENSE All-In-One Espresso Machine include the following.


If you’re like me, you’re filled with envy, knowing that only trained baristas know how to make that elusive cup of cappuccino or latte at home. However, the Casabrews 5700GENSE All-In-One Espresso Machine is a great entry-level machine for anyone looking to become an espresso master.

Casabrews provides a wide range of videos and tutorials to help you troubleshoot, maintain, and use your machine. The guides are also relatively easy to use, and you can start practicing almost immediately after first cleaning your brewer.

Home Baristas

If you or someone you know already has an espresso machine but would like to kick it up a notch, the Casabrews 5700GENSE All-In-One Espresso Machine is the perfect alternative. Not only does it create some of the best-tasting and full-bodied espressos I’ve ever had, but it’s also relatively easy to set up and has a universal design.

Appreciate Espresso

Grind a coffee in espresso machine
Customize their shot with different grind settings

Casabrews also offers other options, such as the automatic cappuccino and latte maker, that make it easy to craft these signature drinks with the touch of a button. However, the Casabrews 5700GENSE All-In-One Espresso Machine is truly the best machine for those who want to get the best possible flavor out of their espresso beans and customize their shot with different grind settings.

How Does Casabrews 5700GENSE All-In-One Espresso Machine Work?

Getting to learn to use the Casabrews 5700GENSE All-In-One Espresso Machine was quite an adventure, and below are some things I’ve considered when writing this review.

Easy Set-Up

First and foremost, I needed to learn how to set up and use the grinder, clean the machine, and find a place for it in my kitchen. This was easy enough thanks to Casabrews’ handy YouTube channel, which had an entire video series on maintaining the machine, setting it up, and creating your first shot of espresso.

However, where it did get confusing was knowing which parts belonged in the machine and which were already installed. Casabrews provides an extra grinder in case yours accidentally breaks, which I found was an amazing feature to add. All in all, I think it took me about an hour to set up my machine, from unpacking to making the first espresso shot.

A word of warning, you don’t want to skip essential steps like self-cleaning the machine first and running hot water to preheat it. Also, wash your parts, and you’ll be good to go. The manual, combined with the videos, made it easy (and actually fun) to set up the espresso machine.

Making A Shot Of Espresso

I was scared out of my mind making my first espresso shot. After all, it’s only for trained baristas, and I was going to burn the house down, right? Not at all! 

First, I filled the hopper with my freshly ground espresso beans. Then, I selected which grind setting I wanted – they range from fine to coarse, depending on your preference. You can choose from one to 15 for the finest grind, but I stuck with eight since this is what’s recommended for beginners.

From then, it was simply a matter of pushing the hopper into the grinder and waiting for that blissful, aromatic pile of coffee to drip down onto my filter. I’ll admit it was a bit difficult when the grinder kept stopping and going, and I did spill some coffee grounds, but overall, the process wasn’t too difficult.

Frothing Milk

Again, frothing milk seemed like something that was for sure going to fail. However, it was easy to follow the directions in the guide and in the video to use the steam wand. I was shocked at how simple it was to steam milk and how warm and creamy the finished product was.

Frothing a milk
How simple it was to steam milk and how warm and creamy the finished product was

The steamer did wonders in extracting the natural sweetness from my milk. While I personally need to improve my stretching technique, the finished product paired beautifully with my cup, and all it took was me using Casabrews’ included pitcher and tilting it just below the steam wand.

Areas For Improvement

By far, the biggest issue was with the grinder. It seems to stop and go at random times (although you can preset it to your preference) and isn’t as smooth as I’d like it to be. Nevertheless, the grind it created was absolutely perfect for my cappuccino and latte, and the grinder itself is a feature you can’t find in many other espresso machines.

Other than that, I would have liked to see somewhere where I could store all the extra parts, including the extra grinder, tamper, filters, and other parts. It’s not a dealbreaker, but it would have made my life easier. 

Casabrews 5700GENSE Alternatives

By far, the most competitive alternative to the Casabrews 5700GENSE All-In-One Espresso Machine is the Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel, and BES870XL. However, this machine doesn’t include the 20-bar pump that is unique to Casabrews and makes it easy to extract the perfect shot of espresso. Looks-wise, it also seems a bit bulkier and has a heftier price point, making the Casabrews 5700GENSE All-In-One Espresso Machine the clear winner.

Casabrews 5700GENSE Review Criteria

I wanted to review this product from the eyes of a beginner. I wanted to see how easy it was to set up, use, and maintain this machine. The answers? Very easy!

I was able to go from unpacking my Casabrews 5700GENSE All-In-One Espresso Machine to making a delicious espresso shot in about an hour. Even frothing the milk went better than expected.

I also kept in mind the quality of the materials if someone were to spend over $400 on this machine. I’m proud to say everything felt incredibly hefty and well-made, which is why I trust this product is high-quality from the inside out.

Why You Can Trust Me

I have a lot of experience professionally reviewing coffee and espresso machines. I’ve come to trust certain brands, and Casabrews has definitely made its way up that list! With this review, I wanted to make sure my experience with the product was as complete as possible so readers could have an accurate representation of what it’s like to use the Casabrews 5700GENSE All-In-One Espresso Machine.

In addition to having tried different espresso beans, drinks, and coffees, I’ve also earned a taste for beautifully aromatic and full-bodied coffees, and this machine produced some of the best espressos I’ve had in a long time. If you liked this post, check out our Casabrews 3700Pro 20-Bar Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine With Auto-Frothing System review

Casabrews 5700GENSE: The Final Word

Making a cup of espresso
This machine will have you feeling confident in your home barista skills

Overall, if you’re insecure about your home barista skills, this machine will have you feeling confident in no time and whipping up expertly crafted cups of Joe. For a simpler brewing experience, you might be interested in our AeroPress review.


  • Easy to use
  • Beautiful stainless-steel
  • Space-saving design
  • Reliable and well-made
  • 20-bar Italian pump


  • Grinder has a tendency to stop at random times
  • No place to store all the extra parts
  • Must preheat and self-clean before use


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