Can You Vape Coffee? The Bright Side

Can you vape coffee? The answer is yes! Plus, you can choose from a wide selection of exciting flavors such as Coffee ‘n’ Cream and Blu Java Jolt.

Can you vape coffee
You can vape coffee

If you’re a coffeeholic like me, there have probably been times when you’ve been on the run or stuck in a meeting where they wanted to feed you instant coffee that you wished you could just breathe in your caffeine fix. The good news is that you can.

If you’ve been wondering, “can you vape coffee?” the answer is a resounding yes! Does it sound right up your alley? Read on to find out a bit more about smoking coffee.

Can You Vape Coffee?

A cup of hot coffee placed on a glass saucer
You can smoke your coffee

I sometimes wonder what innovative inventions I’m still going to see before my time is up on this earth. When I was young, computers had only words on their screens, and we were lugging around cell phones the size of bread loaves. But oh, how times have changed!

I now live in a reality where cars can nearly drive themselves, work meetings take place in virtual 3-D spaces, and I can smoke my coffee! It’s with excitement that I found out a year or so ago that coffee-flavored vape juice was now available. This meant I could get my caffeine fix whenever I needed a bit of energy during my busy days.

Since the advent of vapes, a whole new world has opened up for smokers. Apart from the fact that vaping means cutting down on one’s nicotine intake, a seemingly never-ending selection of vape flavors are available, including Cereal Milk, Grandma’s Lemon Cake, and Mother’s Milk.

When it comes to coffee-flavored juices, a variety of options are available. An e-cigarette company such as Hong Kong-based SnowPlus — which is the company that coined the phrase “coffee you can breathe” — offers coffee flavors such as a smooth and creamy Cappuccino and a refreshing Ice Matcha Latte.

Is There Caffeine In Coffee-Flavored Vape Juice?

CAFFEINE text written over background of instant coffee granules
Coffee-flavored vape juice contain caffeine

Since coffee-flavored vape juice is typically made from real coffee beans, these products often contain caffeine. Because caffeinated e-cigs provide smokers with a bit of a caffeine rush and a bolt of energy, they are so popular. In a world in which constant deadlines and high expectations come with the territory, being able to get a bit of a caffeine high without having to grind coffee beans and boil water is quite tempting.

Here’s a table of some of the coffee-vape flavors available on the market and their caffeine content:


Average (µg/g)


VaporCast Cappucino 347 3.8
Azure Vaping Coffee ‘n Cream 139 3.1
Blu Java Jolt 242 4.4
eSmoke Morning Coffee 11 mg 173 1.3
eSmoke Morning Coffee 16 mg 8.2 4.8

Research shows, however, that you’ll typically ingest far more caffeine from drinking coffee than by smoking it. Whereas a typical cup of coffee can contain up to 200 mg of caffeine, the potential exposure to caffeine from caffeinated e-cigarette products reaches up to about 28mg/d.

Is Vaping Coffee OK For My Health?

There have been worrying reports concerning health problems caused by vaping, especially when vaping substances such as nicotine and marijuana. The concern is that vaping coffee may also have potentially negative effects on the lungs. It is quite easy to keep track of the number of cups of Joe you consume a day.

However, it can become trickier to realize how much caffeine you’re consuming if you’re puffing away on your caffeinated e-cigarette all day long. If one considers the low doses of caffeine that these devices deliver, it is unlikely, according to some e-cigarette manufacturers, that smokers will ingest too much caffeine.


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