Can You Use Coffee to Dye Your Hair? 5 Easy Steps

Has the question “Can you use coffee to dye your hair?” ever crossed your mind? Continue reading to find out more.

Can you use coffee to dye your hair?
Read on to know how to dye hair using coffee

I dyed my hair once in my life. The slightly lighter streaks that I requested came out several shades lighter thanks to being used as a guinea pig for my hairdresser’s assistant. Those over-dyed streaks broke off like an iceberg, and I have not dyed my hair since.

While I would be interested in playing with the pigment in my tresses, I am concerned about chemicals and breakage. I have yet to try henna but have recently learned about coffee’s ability to enhance hair color. Let’s read more about how a cup of Joe can wake our hair up.

Can You Use Coffee To Dye Your Hair?

woman holding a black coffee
Coffee can provide a natural hair dye solution

When searching for a natural and temporary hair dye solution, we can’t go wrong with coffee. If we do not like the result, wait two or three weeks for the pigmentation to fade. Conditioners and hair washing frequency have the final say on how long the coffee hair stain will last.

Remember, coffee can stain just about anything. So be careful of how you apply it. In other words, don’t wear your favorite white shirt while standing on your expensive white bathroom rug during the process.

Those with light brown hair will see the best results. Folks with dark hair like myself may reserve a coffee dye session when it is time to attempt to cover some grey strands.

What Are The Benefits Of Dying My Hair With Coffee?

Don’t be shy about letting coffee soak into your scalp. Coffee will improve blood circulation in that area.

Our hair roots also receive a blessing of nutrients from java. A thicker and faster-growing mane can result from your caffeinated hair dye.

There is nothing wrong with leaving the coffee in your hair overnight. Protect your pillowcases from stains and cover the hair after coffee immersion.

What Kind Of Coffee Should I Use?

espresso, espressotasse, coffee
Use espresso for best results

A good dye treatment would require the strongest and darkest coffee possible. For the best results, we would need something like an espresso.

How Do I Dye My Hair With Coffee?

1. Brew about one to two cups of coffee. Aim for an organic brew to ensure you won’t add chemicals and preservatives to the hair. Use an intense dark roast or expresso for the ideal dye.

2. Let the brewed coffee sit and get cold.

3. Mix our chilled brew with a good conditioner. 2 tablespoons of conditioner and 1 cup of brewed coffee are a good combination.

4. Apply and evenly spread the dye mixture with your hands.

5. Now, we can rinse our hair and repeat as necessary until we have our desired look.