Can You Put Coconut Oil In Coffee?

Coffee and coconut oil both have a lot of benefits. This article will answer “Can you put coconut oil in coffee?” and its effects on you and your cup of Joe.

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You can put coconut oil in your coffee

People add coconut oil to cooking, hair care, and skincare. With the coconut oil’s benefits, it’s not surprising that many already include it in their coffee. It’s not a new trend, but it has become popular again because of the creation of coffee with saturated fats. 

You can put coconut oil in your coffee. But you should start with small amounts and thoroughly stir your drink. 

Coconut Oil And Coffee

Not all unsaturated fats are good. Similarly, not all saturated fat is bad for your health. It’s all about how you consume these fats. 

Coconut oil has become popular, especially with people on a diet, when experts found out the health benefits of MCT or Medium Chain Triacylglycerols, lauric, and ketones. On the other hand, experts have proven that coffee has various health benefits, such as added protection against several illnesses. However, there are still potential risks that must be considered before drinking too much coffee. 

All the nutrients, acids, and vitamins from coconut oil and coffee will result in a tasty and potent beverage with a significant impact on health. To know more about how you can add coffee to your diet plan, check out Can You Drink Coffee When Eating Clean?

Benefits Of Adding Coconut Oil To Coffee

Benefits of adding coconut oil to coffee
Combining and managing coffee and coconut oil well will result in a successful and healthy weight loss

If you are concerned about coconut oil ruining the original taste of your coffee, you don’t have to worry. Coconut oil can even make it tastier. It has a smooth flavor with very little sweetness. 

While virgin coconut oil has more nutrients, you may not like its strong scent. You can use refined coconut oil with a neutral aroma and taste but is still organic.

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Aids In Weight Loss 

A cup of coffee can increase metabolic rate and boost burning calories and fats. Since coconut oil is saturated fat, it helps in lowering your appetite. Combining and managing them well will result in a successful and healthy weight loss.

Boost Energy Levels

MCTs and caffeine are both quick energy boosters, but they work differently. The fatty acids in coconut oil are transported to the liver for metabolism, while caffeine makes the heart pump more blood and triggers sugar levels to give more energy.

Protects The Body Inside And Out

Coconut oil is the best natural lauric acid source that improves immunity against bacteria, viruses, and other diseases. Vitamins A, D, E, and K found in coconut oils are best combined with antioxidants from coffee.

Encourages Regular Bowel Movement

Coffee’s caffeine and chlorogenic acid are great for metabolism. Coconut oil acts as a lubricant instead of a stimulant and keeps your digestive system healthy.

Protects The Heart

One of the high risks of drinking too much coffee is high blood pressure. While it’s not confirmed, some studies say that coconut oil can increase HDL or good cholesterol and lower bad LDL. This good cholesterol can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Why Should You Not Add Coconut Oil To Coffee?

Although there are many good reasons why you should add coconut oil to your coffee, it’s still important to know its disadvantages. Since people are more focused on losing weight with coconut oil coffee, this can lead to an unbalanced diet. Drinking coconut oil coffee for breakfast will not provide the nutrients from other foods the body requires. 

Ironically, too much coconut oil in the body may result in weight gain. There are at least 120 calories in one tablespoon of coconut oil. Adding 28 grams of coconut oil to their coffee is 240 calories. 

Medical conditions like inflammation of the pancreas and gallbladder issues may occur because of too much fat intake. 

In some cases, people get stomach cramps, diarrhea, acne, and allergic reactions after drinking coconut oil coffee. If you want to try coconut oil coffee, follow the recommended amount of consumption and do it gradually. Put a small amount of the product on your skin to see if you are allergic to any ingredients mixed with coconut oil.

How Much Should You Add?

If it’s your first time adding coconut oil to your coffee, one tablespoon or 14g is recommended. Make sure to add the coconut oil while the coffee is still hot to melt it properly. Individuals familiar with this type of coffee use a coffee blender or frother for better blending.

Once you get used to its taste, add another tablespoon of coconut oil on coffee. Your cup of Joe should only have two tablespoons or 28 grams of coconut oil per day. 

While there are no numbers on how many cups of coconut oil coffee you can have, you can drink at least two to three times a week to avoid nausea, bloating, dehydration, and other stomach problems.

How To Make Coconut Oil Coffee At Home

How to make coconut oil coffee at home
Coconut oil works best with freshly brewed espresso and instant coffee

Do not be confused between Bulletproof Coffee and Coconut Oil Coffee. They are very alike in terms of ingredients and brewing process. In simple terms, these coffees are just your regular coffee with added fat such as MCT oil. 

To understand these coffees better, read Bulletproof Coffee Vs. Keto Coffee.


  • Coffee grounds
  • Coconut oil 
  • Coffee blender or frother
  • Milk or creamer (optional) 
  • Sugar 
  • Spices such as cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cayenne (optional)


  1. Brew your coffee. Coconut oil works best with freshly brewed espresso and instant coffee.
  2. Add one tablespoon of coconut oil. Melting is unnecessary as the coffee’s hot temperature will do the job for you.
  3. Blend the coconut oil and coffee using a coffee blender. Keep blending until the coffee becomes light brown.
  4. Take a sip and add milk, sugar, and spices to taste. Use the coffee blender to mix it well.

FAQs About Putting Coconut Oil On Coffee

Does Coconut Oil In Coffee Help You Lose Weight?

Coconut oil and caffeine are effective in weight loss and in preventing obesity. 

Is It Better To Put Butter or Coconut Oil in Coffee?

Butter coffee is a good energy booster, while coconut coffee boosts immunity. While both contribute benefits to coffee drinks, health and coffee experts only recommend adding coconut oil.

Is Adding Coconut Oil To Coffee Healthy?

Coffee has many health benefits, same as coconut oil. If you combine these two products, it will make your favorite cup of Joe healthier. However, anything too much is bad.

What Is Coffee With Coconut Oil Called?

Coffee has various names whenever a new ingredient is added to it. Coffee with coconut oil is simply called Coconut Oil Coffee. Other people also called it Bulletproof Coffee because of the presence of MCT oil.


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