Can You Put Cinnamon in Coffee? Answered

Can you put cinnamon in coffee without altering the taste of both ingredients? Here is everything you need to know before mixing the two.

Can you put cinnamon in coffee?
Cinnamon is famous for its sweet and woody flavor with a subtle citrusy note and a spicy kick at the end

Putting cinnamon in coffee is nolonger an unusual idea. The two ingredients have unique tasting profiles and have become a big hit when paired together.

Cinnamon is famous for its sweet and woody flavor with a subtle citrusy note and a spicy kick at the end. However, instead of altering the sweetness and refreshing acidity of coffee, cinnamon turns out to be one of the most beautiful add-ins to increase the coffee’s sweetness without adding any sugary products. 

What Happens When You Add Cinnamon To Your Coffee?

Cinnamon contains a heap of fiber, manganese, vitamin K, iron, and calcium, making it one of the best flavors to pair with your coffee.

Cinnamon is proven to regulate the insulin level in the body. And when it’s mixed with coffee, a natural appetite suppressant that helps reduce the feeling of hunger throughout the day, you’ll have an excellent beverage to add to your weight loss journey.

Both coffee and cinnamon are rich in antioxidants that fight against free radicals. Those small compounds are the reasons behind premature aging, cell damage, and cancer. Mixing cinnamon with coffee is one of the easiest ways to beat a sore throat and break up mucus and congestion, especially when you drink it on a chilly morning.

How Much Cinnamon Should Be Added to Coffee?

A quarter teaspoon of ground cinnamon will be enough to pair with one regular cup of coffee. Anything more than this recommended amount of cinnamon will outperform the bitterness and aroma of the coffee, which should be the backbone of the drink. Remember that you are drinking coffee with cinnamon, not cinnamon juice with coffee flavor.

Best 3 Cinnamon Coffee Recipes

Sprinkle Cinnamon Powder Into Coffee With Whipped Cream

Let’s say you have a beautiful cup of Joe ready in the morning; I recommend garnishing a dash of cinnamon on top of your whipped cream.

You’ll have a subtle, cozy scent of cinnamon to inspire your nose before it goes into your mouth. The richness of the cream becomes a beautiful hit while the elegant smell of cinnamon slightly kicks in to make way for the bitterness of coffee to come eventually.

Use A Whole Cinnamon Stick

Use a whole cinnamon stick
Cinnamon dissolves very well with milk or cream

All you need to do is dissolve the cinnamon into the coffee. This method will take a little longer as you need to wait until the cinnamon stick finishes introducing its flavor into the coffee. You can whip up some cream or add a dash of plain milk into the drink to balance out the pungency of cinnamon.

After making cinnamon coffee for years, I finally realized that cinnamon dissolves very well with milk or cream. And that’s why you can try mixing a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon ground and milk before adding this mixture into the already-brewed coffee.

You might find our guide on how to dissolve cinnamon in your coffee helpful. 

Brew Coffee And Cinnamon Grounds Together

Brew coffee and cinnamon grounds together
All you need to do is put the coffee grounds in the coffee filter first

I remember the first time when my mother came up with this new recipe for her coffee shop, and I became the first customer to judge her drink. Even today, this brewing method still impresses me whenever I have my friends coming over for the weekend.

It takes a little time, but the final result will stun you. All you need to do is put the coffee grounds in the coffee filter first. Garnish a quarter teaspoon of fresh cinnamon ground right into the filter, pour the hot water in, let it sip for five minutes, and the cup is ready to go.

Some people will attempt to mix coffee and cinnamon grounds before brewing. I don’t think this is the best way to do it because it can gum up the filter and clog it. The taste of the drink, eventually, will be ruined.


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