Can You Mix Protein Powder With Coffee? The Good And Bad Side

The answer to “Can you mix protein powder with coffee?” is “Yes,” and it even has its own viral social media name: Proffee.

Can you mix protein powder with coffee?
You can mix protein powder with coffee

While you can mix protein powder with coffee, it isn’t your parents’ conventional “good morning” kick-in-the-pants. This concoction delivers huge wellness benefits and energy boosts that coffee alone could never provide.

However, it also has a few downsides to consider. Not what you want to read while you’re in the middle of that challenging yoga pose. You might also be wondering will a milk frother mix protein powder.

How Mixing Protein With Coffee Got Started

Mix protein powder with coffee
The addition of protein in coffee is a recent development

“Proffee” is the viral trend thought to have been brought forth by TikTok with a teensy-weensy bit of credit going to Kylie Jenner, of course. It is defined as the blending of protein products with the world’s most popular beverage, the original morning fix: coffee.

Although the history of coffee transcends millennia, the addition of protein is a recent development. It seems to have arisen from either someone experimenting with ways to increase energy or creating a new potentially viral video for social media. Whatever the motive was, the fact is that combining protein with coffee drinks became a hit and will likely be with us for a long time.

It’s no wonder that it is one of the hottest popular wellness trends out there. It’s easy to prepare, boosts energy, and aids in weight loss. Who doesn’t want those things?

The Future Of Proffee Beverages

The future implications of this eye-opening drink are unknown. It might fade away into the annals of history in a year, or it might evolve into other more elaborate blends to extend its reign for decades.

The path proffee takes may depend on the following benefits and warnings and how coffee connoisseurs worldwide respond. It boils down to two crucial aspects:

You Can Mix Protein Powder With Coffee

coffee full of protein
Proffee offers many benefits

There are many benefits to serving up this latest wellness trend:

  • It is easy to add protein powder to your hot or cold coffee beverage.
  • Protein powder added to coffee may enhance performance during workout sessions.
  • Protein powder added to coffee may also aid muscle recovery after exercise.
  • The addition may also assist in meeting daily dietary needs and losing weight.

The question then arises: “Should you?” This is where science presents interesting and critical knowledge of the topic.

The Downsides Of Mixing Protein Powder With Coffee

Scientific research shows that protein powders may be doing harm. It is worth considering the warnings:

  • Adding protein powder to coffee should not replace a well-balanced diet, even though it may be tempting.
  • There may be toxins in protein powders, so you must be careful to read the ingredients.
  • Protein powder with coffee may contain added sugars, artificial sweeteners, or other additives.
  • Overconsumption of protein may damage major bodily organs.

Ultimately, you should consult with your doctor to determine if mixing protein with coffee is the safest, healthiest, and best choice for you.

Can You Mix Protein Powder With Coffee? FAQs

How Do You Mix Protein Powder With Coffee?

To prevent the powder from clumping in the liquid, add it slowly while stirring, especially with hot coffee.

What Are Some Toxins And Additives To Look For In Protein Mixes?

Bisphenol A (BPA), pesticides, heavy metals, lead, and cadmium.


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