Can You Count Coffee As Water Intake?

Everyone needs different amounts of water, but can you count coffee as water intake? This article gives you information on what liquids count as water intake. 

Can you count coffee as water intake?
Some people need to keep track of their water intake

Many people never give a second thought about their water intake. And, for most, that’s completely fine! Drinking when you’re thirsty and not drinking when you aren’t, typically works well for most people. 

Some people need to keep a closer track of their water intake. If you’re exercising extensively, pregnant, or have an underlying condition, you may need to spend some extra energy keeping up with your water intake. 

Whether or not you can count coffee or tea towards this water intake is a bit complicated, though. Caffeine is indeed dehydrating. However, it typically isn’t believed to be dehydrating enough to offset the liquid content. 

Of course, different coffees contain different amounts of caffeine. If you drink a shot of espresso, you probably shouldn’t count that into your daily water intake. However, if you drink a 20-ounce beverage that contains a shot of espresso, the whole beverage can likely be counted into your total. 

There is no sure-and-fast rule for what sorts of coffee can be counted and which cannot. Different experts have different suggestions. Therefore, you’ll need to use your judgement when deciding whether or not to count a cup of coffee into your daily water needs. 

How Much Coffee Can You Count As Water Intake?

Woman drinking coffee
You can count your morning coffee as a water intake

If you consume an average cup of coffee in the morning, you can likely count it as water intake without too much of a problem. However, you probably shouldn’t drink only coffee. 

No one needs to consume 80 ounces of coffee a day!

The type of coffee you drink also matters. You don’t want to consume shots of espresso as a major part of your fluid intake. Cold-brewed coffee also contains quite a bit of caffeine, which causes a diuretic effect.

Too much caffeine can cause you to lose substantial amounts of water. 

With that said, the amount of liquid in the coffee is usually more than the amount of liquid you’ll lose due to the caffeine. For this reason, most of the coffee you drink can be counted into your daily fluid intake. 

However, you shouldn’t only drink coffee. Water and other liquids are important as well!

Can You Count Coffee As Water Intake?

Yes, you can count a single cup of coffee as your water intake. As long as you’re consuming coffee within reason, you can count most kinds of coffee as liquid intake. 

Caffeinated beverages may contain caffeine. But, the caffeine content is not enough to offset the liquid in the coffee. 

Your body may not absorb all of the water in the coffee – but you’ll consume most of it. You can’t know exactly how much liquid you’ll absorb, so it is impossible to determine an exact amount. 

However, you’ll likely absorb most of it unless you’re consuming a coffee that is extremely high in caffeine. Therefore, we recommend just counting the whole cup. The difference between the liquid content of the coffee and the amount you absorb won’t be significant. 

What Liquids Count As Daily Water Intake?

two cups of brewed tea in a table
Tea can be counted as a water intake

Anything that isn’t alcohol can count towards your daily water intake. Tea, coffee, and fruit juices all count. Just because something isn’t technically water doesn’t mean that it doesn’t get absorbed by your body as water. 

After drinking coffee or fruit juice, our body will absorb the nutrients and water from that beverage. As you might imagine, most beverages contain high amounts of water. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be a beverage!

Therefore, the large majority of beverages count towards your daily water intake. 

Alcohol does not count because it is severely dehydrating. Your body has to use more water to filter out the alcohol than it gets from the water. Therefore, drinking alcohol leads to you losing water. 

Does Coffee Cancel Out Water Intake?

No. Water does not cancel out any water that you have drank. You can count coffee as water intake. While coffee does contain caffeine, it usually isn’t enough to counteract the actual liquid in the coffee. 

Feel free to count coffee as water intake – as long as you’re consuming water in moderation. 


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