How Many Calories Are in a Latte With Skim Milk

In this article, we’ll break down how many calories are in a latte with skim milk in comparison with traditional lattes prepared with whole milk.

How Many Calories Are In A Latte With Skim Milk
Average size latte made with skim milk usually contains around 100 calories

My day doesn’t start until I’ve had a cup of coffee. I prefer my coffee on the sweeter side, and when I order from a coffee shop, I tend to gravitate towards flavored cappuccinos or lattes. 

Sipping my favorite latte a few times a week made me wonder how many calories are in a latte and would it be better if I were to substitute whole milk with skim milk in my favorite beverage. It turns out that an average size latte made with skim milk contains around 100 calories, while my normal latte with whole milk came in at around 180 calories. 

To determine whether or not those additional 80 calories are worth it to you, we’ve dived a little deeper into comparing the calorie counts of skim milk vs. whole milk below. 

Calories in a Latte With Skim Milk

whole milk being poured down in a coffee
The number of calories in your latte made with skim milk varies depending the size of coffee you ordered

Lattes are traditionally made with whole milk from cows. This is because whole milk has the perfect balance of fat, sugar, protein, and water which, when blended and steamed, creates a smooth and slightly creamy beverage. When added to espresso, you get a perfectly textured, milky coffee beverage that many find more appealing than bitter black coffee. 

But, as we mentioned before, not everyone can drink or enjoys drinking whole milk. 

Skim Milk Calories 

A standard 8-ounce glass of skim milk has around 83 calories and 8 grams of protein. However, the number of calories in a latte made with skim milk will vary depending on the size of the coffee you order. That being said, a 12 ounce skim milk latte ordered from a coffee shop like Starbucks will have roughly the following nutritional breakdown: 

  • 100 calories 
  • 0g of Fat 
  • 15g of Carbohydrates
  • 14g of Sugar
  • 10g of Protein

As you can see, lattes made with skim milk are generally a low-cal option if that is important to you. Switching from a whole milk latte to a skim milk latte is a great way to eliminate a few calories from your diet. 

Whole Milk Calories 

a man holding a cup of latte while pouring down whole milk
45 percent of the calories in a whole milk latte comes from fat

For comparison, let’s look at the calories and nutritional content of a traditional latte made with whole milk. Not only is this how most lattes are made, many argue that the taste of a whole milk latte is better thanks to the beverage’s higher fat content. 

You can expect a 12-ounce latte to have: 

  • 180 calories
  • 9g of Fat
  • 14g of Carbohydrates
  • 13g of Sugars
  • 10g of Protein

45 percent of the calories in a whole milk latte come from fat. This tends to give the latte a richer and creamier texture. 

Are Lattes With Skim Milk A Healthier Option?

Contrary to popular belief, there is evidence that more people prefer low-fat milk like skim milk to whole milk. But are lattes made with skim milk a healthier option as well? 

Lattes made with skim milk are fewer calories than a whole milk latte. They are also packed with all of the vitamins and minerals present in milk, including calcium and Vitamin D. 

Regardless of the milk, you choose to enhance your coffee with, the addition of dairy products like skim milk to a normal healthy diet has also been associated with lowered risks of cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, and lower blood pressure in adults.


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