Bulletproof Vs. Lifeboost Coffee: Which Is For Me?

As a health-conscious coffee drinker, you’ll be glad your choices are expanding. Our Bulletproof vs. Lifeboost coffee guide will help determine which is for you.

Bulletproof vs. Lifeboost coffee
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Coffee is vital for our morning routines, so shouldn’t it be healthy too? How can you make coffee even healthier? With so many ways to amp up your morning cup of Joe, chances are we’re going to see a lot more coffees like Lifeboost and Bulletproof attempting to corner the market on healthy coffee.

While both are good for your health in different ways, Lifeboost is a traditional coffee brand with low-acidic offerings, while Bulletproof is designed to be combined with ghee and other products for all-day energy. Our Bulletproof vs. Lifeboost coffee guide will dive in further. 

What is Lifeboost Coffee?

Lifeboost Coffee is a premium, organic coffee that has been ethically sourced from small farms in Central America. It uses only the highest-quality shade-grown coffee beans and is roasted to produce a low-acidic coffee. Why does this matter? Well, acidic coffee promotes acid reflux, leading to heartburn and all kinds of other digestive issues.

Lifeboost coffee is jam-packed with antioxidants that help you feel your absolute best. It is also third-party tested against 400 different toxins, mold, mycotoxins, and pesticides, giving you peace of mind in every cup.

In addition, there are various roasts, including light, dark, and medium. Lifeboost also sells K-cups, making it a versatile coffee brand.

Who Made Lifeboost Coffee?

Dr. Charles Livingston, a graduate of the Palmer College of Chiropractic, created Lifeboost. Dr. Livingston used to be a working chiropractor but has since founded five companies that all focus on holistic approaches to health, with an emphasis on nutrition and supplementation. He is the creator of several online health programs and has been a health expert for over 20 years.

His passion for healthy living led him to create Lifeboost Coffee, which he believes is the ultimate coffee experience for anyone looking to lead a healthier lifestyle. As Dr. Livingston states, if good comes into the body, good will come out of the body. This is the type of thinking he used when creating Lifeboost coffee and working with local farmers to create the different roasts.

What Is Bulletproof Coffee?

Bulletproof coffee is a combination of high-quality coffee, grass-fed butter, and oil, specifically Brain Octane or MCT oil. The idea behind it is that the fats will give you long-lasting energy and help keep you full throughout the day. While the brew itself is the same as any regular coffee and has beautiful notes of cinnamon, it can be combined with butter and oil to create what is known as a “bulletproof” cup of Joe.

A cup of coffee with butter on a wooden table
Bulletproof coffee is a combination of high-quality coffee, grass-fed butter, and oil

Who Made Bulletproof Coffee?

Bulletproof coffee was created by Dave Asprey in 2011, the founder of the Bulletproof Diet and lifestyle brand. He promotes a diet rich in healthy fats, low in carbohydrates, and free of toxins. With Keto and paleo being all the rage these days, it’s not surprising that Bulletproof Coffee has been gaining traction as an alternative way to start off your morning.

What Bulletproof Coffee And Lifeboost Coffee Have In Common

Both bulletproof coffee and Lifeboost coffee are ideal for health-conscious coffee drinkers; however, that’s really where their similarities end. Both of these coffees are also suitable for those on the ketogenic diet. 

Bulletproof Vs. Lifeboost Coffee: The Differences

You can make Bulletproof coffee yourself with any coffee in your pantry, but Lifeboost is a specific coffee brand. With that said, the Bulletproof brand does sell its own coffee and blends. Plus, Bulletproof coffee is not just plain coffee; if you’re making it yourself, you add MCT oil and other ingredients to your brew. 

What’s Better About Lifeboost Coffee?

There are a few things that make Lifeboost Coffee stand out from other coffees, including the following.


Lifeboost Coffee is certified USDA organic, meaning that it has been grown without the use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals. In addition, it is independently tested for pesticides, mold, mycotoxins, and other toxins.

Unfortunately, due to certain growing conditions, coffee is more susceptible than other crops to toxins and mold. Its organic status and third-party testing make it ideal for those that want a clean-tasting and healthy roast.

Low Acidic

Lifeboost Coffee is low-acid. This makes it easier on your stomach than regular coffee and helps prevent acid reflux. The low acidic profile is made possible thanks to its roasting process, as well as the shade-grown beans.

While there are other low-acidic coffees on the market, Lifeboost is one of the most well-established. They also have low-acidic coffee available in a variety of roasts, including light, medium, and dark, and even K-cups.

Ethically Sourced

Lifeboost Coffee is ethically sourced from small farms in Central America. This means that the farmers are paid a fair wage and treated respectfully. Plus, you know that the coffee you’re drinking is helping to support local communities! Lifeboost also donates a portion of its proceedings to surrounding charities that support local wildlife preservation efforts.

What’s Better About Bulletproof Coffee?

Bulletproof coffee has several advantages that make it a better alternative to Lifeboost coffee.

High-Achiever Coffee With Lion’s Mane

One of the main ingredients in Bulletproof’s High Achiever blend is Lion’s Mane mushroom extract. This powerful ingredient provides brain-boosting benefits such as improved focus, attention span, and memory recall.

While Lifeboost has adaptogenic mushrooms, they aren’t currently available in a coffee blend. Instead, you can buy them separately. However, if you’re looking for a coffee with added adaptogens, Bullletproof’s High-Achiever blend will be a better choice.

High-Quality Butter And Oil

Bulletproof coffee uses high-quality butter and oil to provide your body with the fats it needs for lasting energy and fullness throughout the day. However, you’ll need to purchase the ghee (or duck fat) separately and mix it into your ground coffee. Fortunately, Bulletproof has these products available on its website, as well as various recipes for those that want a hearty, nutritious, and energizing morning coffee.

Stronger Flavor Profile

Bulletproof coffee is not just a plain cup of coffee; it has lots of additives making up a unique-tasting drink. The flavor profile is much stronger than Lifeboost, which has a more subtle yet smoother flavor that’s easy on the stomach. While Lifeboost is a bit easier to digest, some reviews state that its notes are a bit on the weaker side. 

Who Should Get Lifeboost Coffee (And Why)?

A man checking data for coffee samples
Bulletproof coffee customers has difficulty accessing their toxin-testing records

If you want a mild, easy-to-digest coffee with the added health benefits of toxin testing, then Lifeboost Coffee is the right choice for you. It’s also a great option if you’re looking to support small farmers and make an ethical purchase. Learn more in our Lifeboost Coffee review.

You can actually buy official Bulletproof coffee, and while they test their coffees, one of the main complaints about this brand is the difficulty of accessing their toxin testing records. Plus, many people make Bulletproof coffee themselves without purchasing from the brand.

In addition, Lifeboost also has other unique health products, such as their morning routine mushroom blend and health booster products. Their founder is also passionate about providing customers with the highest quality and most natural products. If you’re someone who likes to keep your supplements and coffee separated, Lifeboost will be a better overall choice. You might also be wondering, where can I buy Lifeboost coffee?

Who Should Get Bulletproof Coffee (And Why)?

Bulletproof coffee is perfect for those looking to get their day started with a strong cup of Joe that helps keep them full and energized. The High Achiever blend with Lion’s Mane extract is also great for those that want focus and cognitive support. Plus, the brand is well-known for its high-quality ingredients and commitment to sourcing various healthy fats that are free from toxins.

Lifeboost also offers a subscription service, while Bulletproof’s high-quality oils and butter can be purchased separately. If you don’t want to commit to a coffee but do want added health benefits, Bulletproof is a better overall choice.


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