Best Way To Store Coffee Beans At Home

Looking for the best way to store coffee beans at home? Check out this article for tips and suggestions on keeping your beans fresh!

Best way to store coffee beans at home
Coffee beans are best stored in a mason jar or any dry and airtight container

You just parted with 25 bucks for a tiny bag of coffee beans, so it makes sense to store them correctly, right?

Good quality beans, when stored perfectly, can give you the best flavors and aromas. Coffee beans are best stored in a mason jar or any dry and airtight container. When choosing the ideal location and container, make sure you protect your favorite beans from the four biggest enemies – air, heat, light, and moisture. You might also be wondering how is tea stored.

How To Keep Coffee Beans Fresh For Long?

To smell that perfect aroma and treat your tastebuds to that heavenly flavor, you must ensure that your coffee beans are always fresh. As whole beans are a perishable food, they start to lose freshness as soon as they are roasted. The natural flavors and aromas also start depleting.

The better you store the beans, the more flavourful your cup of coffee will be. When stored correctly, coffee beans will stay fresh for a month after roasting, but ground coffee will only last for a week or two. After grinding, the surface area increases, and the ground coffee starts losing flavor at a faster rate.

Where Should Coffee Lovers Keep Their Beans?

1. Original Coffee Bag Or Original packaging

The coffee beans come in thick and re-sealable packages to keep them in the best possible condition. You may choose to let your coffee stay in there and reseal the bag after every coffee-making session. You may also use a plastic clip to lock the bean bag and keep air, light, and moisture away.

Of course, a canister or storage container is usually a safer option. With them, you don’t have to worry about tears in the bag, allowing moisture and oxygen to get at your beans accidentally.

2. A Closed Bottle Or Recycled Food Container

Of course, if you are trying to save cash, you might even try to store your coffee in batches within recycled bottles or containers. Unfortunately, this isn’t a great option.

The coffee will be exposed to several issues, including excess oxygen, odors from whatever was there prior to that, and potentially moisture. If you want the freshest possible coffee, then this isn’t the choice for you.

3. Mason Jars

Best way to store coffee beans at home
Keep your jars filled with coffee beans away from sunlight

Keep your jars filled with coffee beans away from sunlight. If you plan to use the coffee beans within a month of purchase, you may use mason jars or any jar with a secure lid like this to store your beans.

You should make sure the jar is as airtight as possible. An airtight jar can prevent oxygen from getting in, extending its shelf-life. Oxygen can cause your coffee beans to go stale. 

4. Airtight Containers

Another good storage option is a container specifically designed to be airtight. Such airtight containers can be expensive but can also be an investment as they do not let air inside and are great for protecting specialty coffee from the elements. One of the best coffee storage containers is Coffee Storage Gator.

This is an airtight storage container that is made out of stainless steel. It comes in three different sizes, and it has a carbon dioxide valve that will vent your beans as they are stored.

If you have a large amount of coffee to store, you may want to check out Planetary Design Airscape. It is a coffee storage canister that can hold up to two and a half pounds of coffee.

5. Coffee Canisters

There are also plenty of coffee canisters that aren’t airtight that are trusted by baristas. Of course, they may not be as good an option as the airtight containers. However, if the beans are being used quickly, in an office setting or a coffee shop, they can be an ideal option.

For instance, check out The Friis Coffee Vault. This coffee storage canister doesn’t have an airtight seal, but it is made of stainless steel and has replaceable carbon dioxide filters. It’s an absolutely fine option for those of you who want to store your coffee beans in a coffee container and use them soon after.

What Are The Ideal Coffee Storage Locations?

Dry, cool, and dark places like cabinets and pantries are the best locations to store coffee beans. Kitchen countertops that are away from heat sources and direct sunlight are also good long-term storage options if you use airtight jars.

Fridges are a no-no as they are moist, and they have various odors trapped inside that affect them, and you may only notice at the moment when you’re tasting coffee with a hint of the last slice of pizza you left in the fridge.

As per the National Coffee Association (NCA), you must not freeze your coffee beans as constant contact with moisture will result in the depletion of flavors. Thus, your latte will not reach its full potential, and nobody wants that.

Avoid warmer locations such as next to an oven, windowsill that gets direct sunlight, or cabinets situated just above the cooking stove.

5 Common Mistakes When Storing Coffee Beans At Home

  1. Storing more coffee than you can consume in a month to avoid making that trip to the store can be an expensive waste.
  2. Buying coffee beans from the open bins may feel great due to the overwhelming smell, but you do not know how long they have been roasted. And beans that went through the roasting process in the distant past won’t help you make good coffee. If you want to buy from the open bins, ensure you know the roast date.
  3. Keeping beans in the freezer, hoping that this will extend their lifespan, may result in your coffee absorbing various smells, just like baking soda does.
  4. Storing coffee beans in a glass container will expose them to light and speed up the deterioration process.
  5. Storing coffee beans in the bag, they came in may be a big mistake if it is made of plain paper or plastic. However, you may keep them in re-sealable packages in a cool and dry place.

All coffee fanatics will agree that the best part of waking up is a great cup of Joe! But, regardless of whether you use a French press or espresso, your coffee is only as good as your beans. So, make sure the beans are exposed to light and air only while grinding and the grounds come in contact with heat and moisture only while brewing.

As a coffee lover, it’s good to know that a bit of care can go a long way in keeping the aromas and flavors intact for a rich and smooth experience! If the coffee beans go stale, you can use them to make a cold brew coffee, which is more forgiving. When it comes to a hot and immersive brew, you should never compromise and accept only the best-roasted coffee beans.