What is the Best Temperature for Making Coffee?

How to make coffee? Here is a guide on the best temperature for making coffee for a tasty cup with an alluring aroma.

Best temperature for making coffee
A temperature of between 195°F to 205°F gives a tasty coffee with an alluring aroma

Nothing spices my morning than the smell of freshly made coffee. In all my years of drinking coffee, I have realized the temperature for making it determines how it will taste and the aroma it produces. A temperature of between 195°F (91°C) to 205°F (96°C) gives a tasty coffee with an alluring aroma.

Why Do I Consider This As The Best Temperature For Making Coffee?

Most flavor compounds will easily dissolve in water within 195°F to 205°F temperature range. Coffee is not an exception. I noted that when I make my coffee with temperatures below 195°F, it doesn’t dissolve well and I’m left with particles in my coffee.

Coffee is meant to be enjoyed and give a soothing effect, but when it has particles, it is not the best drink to take. You will not like it at all. Then when I make my coffee with temperatures beyond 205°F it over dissolves and that interferes with its taste.

I can confidently tell you too much of anything is poisonous based on my experience with making coffee beyond 205°F. Anything beyond these temperatures leaves you with a house filled with sweet aroma but a tasteless cup of coffee.

But again when you go under 195°F, your coffee will also have a low amount of caffeine and lower bitterness. These two are some of the factors that make it worth enjoying a cup of coffee.

That is why you should try to stay within 195°F to 205°F temperature range to get a good-tasting coffee. These temperatures will make your coffee give a great aroma which is one thing that many people like about coffee and still enable you to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

The aroma of coffee made in this range will be enough to make you resist the allure of morning sleep as I do. It will fill the entire house, and you won’t think twice about leaving your bed. The aroma alone will give you the jolt you need to start your day well.

Factors That Determine The Best Temperature For Making Coffee

There some factors that you need to consider to know which is the best temperature to make your coffee. Knowing such will ensure you balance between the aroma you get in your house and the taste of the cup of coffee you drink.

1. Roast Level

The roast level of your coffee is one main factor that will dictate the temperature you will use to prepare it. A temperature range of 195°F to 198°F is the way to go for people that use dark and oily beans like the Vienna or French roast or any roast level below the second crack.

For roasting levels between the first and second crack, a temperature range of between 198°F to 205°F is the way to go. Don’t try going beyond these temperatures or risk having a bitter cup of coffee because of the extraction of unfavorable bitters.

If you go below the minimum temperatures stated above, you will not extract all the sweetness and complexity in your coffee.

2. Method of Making the Coffee

The method you use to make your coffee is another factor that will determine the best temperature for a sweet-tasting cup of coffee. For instance, using a French press won’t require the same temperatures as you would when using an Espresso.

You should, therefore know the temperatures that do best for a certain method to avoid using too high temperatures and end up with a cup of coffee without the right smell or flavor. These two are the main characteristics that many people look for in a cup of coffee. Right?

Using French Press

Using French press
Wait for 30s before you pour your coffee

A French press has a coarse grind and extended brew time. This approach requires cooler temperatures of 200°F. With such, you will end up with sweetsmelling and tasty coffee. Wait for the water to reach 200°F and remove it from the heat. Give around 30s before you pour your coffee.

Using Aeropress

The amount of time you are planning to brew or press will determine the best temperature for making coffee when using Aeropress. 200°F is the way to go for a typical brew. For extended brew time and a slow press, a temperature of 170°F is the way to go.

Pour Water Over Coffee Method

When you are making your coffee by pouring hot water over your coffee, the best temperature range lies within 195°F to 205°F. Again if your roast is light, use 205°F while if you have a darker roast, a temperature of 195°F will do.

One thing you need to remember when using this approach is that you have to preheat your container and container before pouring water. This heat works as a substitute for the heat you lose during transfer.

Using Espresso

This is the method I use to make my coffee and the one I see as the simplest to know the best temperature for making coffee. The machine automatically gives you water at the right temperature ranging between 190°F and 200°F.

The automatic temperature setting eliminates any room for mistakes. However, you can adjust the temperatures according to your preference regarding flavor extraction.

3. Personal Preference

Your preference regarding the taste you want your coffee to have and the aroma you want it to produce is another factor that will determine the best temperature for making coffee. If you want too much aroma in your house but lowered taste in your cup, use high temperatures of around 205°F.

The aroma and flavor of your coffee are carried away in the steam which explains why the higher the temperatures, the more the aroma but reduced taste. Such coffee has a high amount of caffeine and organic acids.

How Can You Control Optimum Coffee-Making Temperature?

Do you have to worry about the best temperature for making coffee? Does it have to be as precise as shown above? If so, how will you measure or control the temperature? Below are some approaches I have outlined to make it easy for you.

1. Natural Instincts

This is the method I use when I’m using the pouring water over coffee method to prepare a cup of coffee. With this approach, you let the water boil and then remove it from heat for a few seconds before pouring it over your coffee.

You will always be within the 195°F to 205°F range when you do this. You don’t need to invest in anything but trust your instincts only.

2. Thermometer

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t trust instincts in making judgments, this is the way to go. Also for people who like things done without any errors, you need to buy a thermometer to control your temperature when making coffee.

You will not have to put the thermometer in your coffee. Place the tip on the mass of water and coffee grounds that forms at the top of your coffee. You will be able to monitor your coffee temperatures.

3. Pre-heating Vessels

If you will need to transfer your heated water during the coffee-making process, it’s a good idea to pre-heat the container with the coffee. Pour hot water into the vessel to pre-heat it and then put your coffee in there. This will compensate for the heat that will be lost during transfer.

Well, these three approaches will serve as a good way of controlling the optimum temperatures for coffee making. However, if you want to be as precise as possible, investing in a good thermometer is the best way to go.

Final Word on The Best temperature for Making Coffee

Well, the answer to “what is the best temperature for making coffee?” may not be a straight one. However, this guide outlines all you need to know to enable you to conclude the right answer. The summary of it all is that no matter your preference, method of making coffee, or level of roasts, the ideal range for making tasty coffee with alluring aroma is 195°F to 205°F.