15 Best Tea Strainer Options

Are you switching to loose-leaf tea? Whether you want to experiment or reduce waste, check our compiled list so you can find the best tea strainer for you.

Best tea strainer
Drinking loose-leaf tea using a high-quality tea strainer

I’ve always been a coffee drinker, but a few months ago, I decided to incorporate more tea into my life. Some of my friends have always recommended tea, so I gave it a try. Now, I’m drinking it far more often and feeling better overall.

Instead of tea bags, I’m drinking loose-leaf tea. So, I need a high-quality tea strainer to infuse my hot water without a bunch of debris in my cup. After doing some research, I found the best tea strainers for the job.

1. Finum Reusable Stainless Steel Tea Infuser Basket

Like most tea drinkers, I tend to like a product based on its utility, not necessarily how good it looks. While fancy tea strainers can get the job done, I’d prefer something that looks plain and works perfectly every time rather than choose a product based on aesthetics alone.

One of the most critical components of any tea strainer is the brewing basket. It needs to have enough holes for water to flow in and out, allowing for better steeping in less time. The Finum Infuser has a stainless steel mesh with extra-fine holes, meaning you can get all the flavor with none of the mess.

In fact, this strainer also works inside coffee makers, meaning it’s designed for coffee grounds, not just tea leaves. With that kind of pedigree, it’s not hard to choose this strainer for day-to-day use.

As most tea lovers know, drips are common when using a mug. Fortunately, you don’t need a separate coaster to keep your table or countertop clean. The cap of this tea strainer also doubles as a drip catcher.

Plus, it’s insulated, so if you keep the top on, your tea will stay warm for longer.

Finum Reusable Stainless Steel Coffee and Tea Infusing Mesh Brewing Basket
  • Reusable Stainless Steel Coffee and Tea Infusing Mesh Brewing Basket
  • Large
  • Black
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2. Williams Sonoma Ad Hoc FloTea Tea Infuser

Generally, the best tea strainers come in two varieties – those that sit on the edge of the mug or pot and those that sit inside the water. There are advantages and disadvantages to both models, but I tend to prefer the former because they’re easier to use and take care of.

However, if you like tea infusers that sit inside the water, this model from Williams Sonoma is a good pick. It’s compact enough for a single cup, and it’s designed to help you steep your tea leaves faster. My only complaint would be that the holes are a little large, meaning you shouldn’t use this strainer with powder-based teas, such as matcha green tea.

One problem with some smaller tea strainers is that the handle or chain they’re attached to can get hot after sitting in boiling water for several minutes. To alleviate this issue, the Ad Hoc Strainer has a silicone grip handle. Not only does it dissipate heat, but it’s soft to the touch, so it feels comfortable in your hand, and if you have an extra hook somewhere, you can simply hang this strainer for easy storage.

Another issue with small tea strainers is that they tend to drip a lot when you take them out since they don’t come with a stand. Fortunately, this model does have its own drip-tray stand, meaning you don’t have to put it into the sink or use a paper towel in between cups of tea. You might enjoy our round-up of the best loose-leaf tea brands

3. Tea Forte Kati Cup

Usually, if you want to use a tea strainer with loose-leaf tea leaves, you have to provide your own mug. However, with this dual design from Tea Forte, you get both the strainer and the cup, making this product more efficient and cost-effective.

While you can’t drink the tea while the leaves are in the strainer, this design is perfect for on-the-go tea drinking. Plus, depending on the type of tea you use, steeping it for longer can give you a stronger, more robust flavor. So, you can steep the mixture on the way to work and enjoy a bolder cup of tea when you arrive.

Not only is this product practical, but it’s also stylish. I like the cherry blossom design that makes the cup feel both familiar and exotic. The design works for practically any setting, as it’s gorgeous but not overwhelming.

Another feature of the tumbler is that the lid doubles as a drip tray for the strainer when you’re not using it. This way, the entire setup is self-contained, and you don’t have to supply any other equipment.

Whether you’re drinking hot tea or iced tea, having a double-wall mug means your beverage stays at the right temperature for several hours. This way, you can enjoy the perfect cup of oolong or herbal tea at any time of day without having to reheat it or put it in the fridge to cool off.

Tea Forte Kati Cup Cherry Blossoms, Ceramic Tea Infuser Cup
  • Tea infuser cup with infuser basket and lid for steeping loose leaf tea
  • Elegant design
  • Insulated double wall
  • Extra fine tea infuser
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4. Finum Paper Tea Filters

Herbal tea filter in hands on white background
Paper filters are helpful when brewing in a standard drip coffee maker

If you’re a coffee lover, you know that paper filters are helpful when brewing in a standard drip coffee maker. However, you can also use paper tea filters. These filters are perfect for drinking tea while traveling, as they take up almost no space and won’t cause any problems with metal detectors or airport security.

The reason paper filters work in a coffee maker is that there’s a holder where the hot water passes through on its way into the pot or mug. Fortunately, you don’t need a holder for these filters, as they can fold over on themselves and work as a regular tea bag. Then, once your beverage is ready, you can toss the entire thing into the trash.

Whenever you use a disposable product, you always have to worry about how it will impact the environment. Fortunately, these filters are made of biodegradable paper, so they’ll break down in months, not decades. Now, you can feel good about using either paper or stainless steel strainers, depending on the situation.

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5. Fred ManaTea Tea Infuser

Who says a tea strainer has to be basic or utilitarian? While some tea drinkers may prefer something simple and streamlined, others may like having a fun character helping them steep their tea.

In this case, you have Fred the Manatee, who lounges on the side of your mug and lets the hot water do its work. This tea infuser not only looks cool but it’s made of soft silicone rubber, making it highly practical as well. You can wash this strainer in the dishwasher or by hand, and it will stay in good shape for years to come. 

While Fred has a certain undeniable charm, this company also makes other infuser designs, so you can start a collection if you want. Other options include a dog, a llama, a sloth, and more. Not only will multiple animals allow you to make steeping tea more fun, but if you’re brewing cups for other people, it’s easier to tell whose mug is whose.

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6. TeaBloom Universal Glass Tea Infuser

So far, we’ve only been looking at stainless steel or silicone tea strainers, but glass models are also available. Some people tend to prefer glass because it doesn’t leach chemicals and won’t rust or corrode like metal.

That said, you do have to worry about breaking this infuser if it drops on the floor, so you must handle it with care. Also, because the entire thing is glass, the top can get a little hot if you steep your tea for longer periods. Otherwise, there are some distinct advantages of using glass instead of other materials.

Although this tea strainer is built to carry a lot of tea leaves, it’s fully compatible with cups and pots of all shapes and sizes. So, whether you’re brewing a single cup or an entire teapot, you can use the same strainer. All you have to do is add more leaves into the container and steep it for a little longer when making larger batches.

As with other tea strainers, you have to have somewhere to place the brewing basket once your tea finishes steeping. Thankfully, the lid also doubles as a drip tray, so you can simply place the basket inside until you’re ready to clean it. You can also use the lid as a coaster for your mug if it fits.

Teabloom Heatproof and Insulated Glass Tea Cup

with Glass Infuser for Loose Tea - Wellbeing Infusion Mug with Dual-Purpose Lid (8 oz)

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7. Adagio Teas IngenuiTea Teapot

In most cases, when you’re trying to brew a lot of tea at once with a reusable strainer, you have to buy a larger model to fit more leaves inside. With this teapot from Adagio, you can prepare a lot of tea at once, all without needing to use a separate pot. Plus, it comes with a molded handle and flip-top lid for extra convenience.

At first, you may assume that you have to pour the tea out of the top of the pot once it’s done steeping; however, there’s a clever design where the liquid comes out the bottom instead. This way, you can just place the teapot on top of your mug, pull the handle, and watch as your beverage pours down. This setup is super easy to use, and it makes it much easier to add all kinds of tea leaves, including rooibos, oolong, and even powdered teas like matcha.

Usually, when using plastic materials, you have to worry about heating them too much and letting chemicals leach into the water. Fortunately, this teapot is made of food-grade plastic that doesn’t contain any BPA or other harmful elements. So, you can use boiling-hot water inside and wash the pot in the dishwasher without worrying about anything melting or breaking down.

Adagio Teas ingenuiTEA Iced Tea Teapot
  • Great for the office or when traveling, this innovative teapot releases infused tea directly into a drinking cup
  • A mesh filter retains all the leaves with one of the best infusers on the market
  • Dishwasher safe, the teapot is made in Taiwan of food-grade plastic. 100% BPA-free
  • It holds up to 28 ounces and has an easy-grip handle. The filter basket is stainless steel. 4.5 inch Diameter
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03/08/2024 01:45 am GMT

8. ForLife Brew-In-Mug Extra Fine Tea Infuser

Depending on the type of tea you brew, you need a strainer that can trap all the particles inside. Some strainers are designed for thick leaves, meaning they have large openings for more water to pass through. Others, like this model from ForLife, have extra-fine holes to trap smaller tea particles like powder.

So, if you’re a fan of green tea or other powdered tea options, this infuser will work perfectly. The smaller holes can be more challenging to clean, but using a mixture of baking soda and warm water can alleviate this problem.

Although this tea strainer is not as fun and funky as the manatee, you can still add a bit of flair to the experience by choosing one of seven colors. This way, you can color-coordinate your tea strainer to match the rest of your accessories. ForLife offers colors like red, white, black, orange, and turquoise, but with that said, only the silicone ring changes color since the rest of the infuser is made from stainless steel.

Since metal is an excellent heat conductor, it doesn’t make sense to use a tea strainer with a metal lid. Fortunately, this model comes with a silicone ring around the edge so you can remove the basket without burning your fingers. Best of all, the lid also doubles as a drip tray for added convenience.

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9. JEXCULL Snap Ball Tea Strainer

Depending on the amount of tea you’re trying to brew at once, you want a strainer that can hold the perfect amount. A tea ball infuser like this one from Jexcull is perfect for individual cups, even travel mugs, for when you’re on the go. Plus, since you get three strainers at once, you can keep one at home, at the office, and in your travel bag, so you never forget to bring it.

As we’ve seen, most tea infusers are made from stainless steel metal because they repel moisture and resist rusting. So, as long as you keep these strainers clean, they should last for years, if not decades. Plus, being made of metal means they can take a lot of regular wear and tear while still looking relatively brand-new.

Opening and closing this ball strainer is super easy, thanks to the safety pin design. All you have to do is squeeze the outside, and the ball will open in the middle. The mechanism doesn’t wear out, so you never have to worry about losing a tea maker to the rigors of time.

10. Yoassi Extra Fine Stainless Steel Tea Infuser

Teacup and strainer
This allows for faster steeping without sacrificing flavor or aroma

Although we’ve seen tea strainers like the Yoassi already, this particular model is about as ergonomic as they come. The sleek design and chrome-looking stainless steel make this strainer seem like it’s transported from the Art Deco 30s, not modern times. Plus, the features of this strainer are excellent, making it an ideal choice for tea lovers who want to make multiple cups of tea every day.

Whether you’re placing this infuser into a mug, a teapot, or even a mason jar, the handles on either side allow you to steep your tea quickly and easily. Plus, the handles are heat-resistant, so you shouldn’t have to worry about burning your fingers when removing the strainer. That said, if you increase the steeping time significantly, the handles can get a bit warm, so you might want to use a towel or oven mitt, just in case.

This strainer has some of the smallest holes we’ve seen on a non-mesh model, meaning it works for both powders and tea leaves. Having so much surface area means more water can pass through the strainer, allowing for faster steeping without sacrificing flavor or aroma. This model also has an insulated lid that doubles as a drip tray when you’re not using the base.

11. Bekith Extra Fine Mesh Tea Infuser

Next, we have another fun and colorful addition to your kitchen, this set of seven tea infusers designed to look like tea leaves. These products are sure to add some zest to your morning or afternoon routine, and they’re certainly a conversation starter.

Whether you’re having guests over for tea or you just want to have options when brewing your own beverage, this infuser set comes with bright and bold colors that are always a treat. The top and bottom of each strainer are made from food-grade silicone, so they’re BPA-free and won’t leach any chemicals into your hot water. Plus, if you do serve these to guests, it’ll be easy for everyone to tell which mug is theirs based on the colors.

Each of these pieces is dishwasher-safe, so you can toss everything into your next load and pull out fresh, clean strainers when the machine is done. However, if you prefer to clean everything by hand, the silicone cleans easily with just a wipe from a dish sponge. The strainer is a bit harder to clean because of the extra-fine mesh, but you can use baking soda or other cleaners to get into the tiny openings in the metal.

Bekith Tea Infuser
  • Set of 7 Silicone Handle Stainless Steel Strainer Drip Tray Included
  • Loose Tea Steeper
  • Best Tea Infuser for Loose Leaf or Herbal Tea
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03/08/2024 04:34 am GMT

12. TopTotn Loose-Leaf Tea Ball Infuser

Just because you’re using a loose-leaf tea infuser doesn’t mean it has to look a certain way. These tea balls are unique and give your beverage a classic, somewhat Middle-Eastern flair. Plus, with a pack of six infusers, you can use one for almost every day of the week and only have to wash them once.

Or, you can put strainers in different locations so they’re always at hand, no matter where you are.

This reusable strainer is the closest I’ve seen to a traditional tea bag, thanks to its hook and chain design. All you have to do is hook the top to the side of your mug or teapot, and the infuser will do the rest.

The only downside of this setup is that the hook can get hot after steeping for a while, so you have to be careful when removing it. I usually drink the tea with the ball inside and then pull it out once I’m at least halfway done, so the top has cooled. 

One potential problem with using ball tea infusers like these is that they could allow tea particles to escape into your beverage. Fortunately, these strainers use screw-top lids, so they stay secure the entire time. Even if you accidentally drop it, the strainer should stay in good condition for the next time you brew some tea.

13. Chefast Tea Infuser Mesh Set

If you’re looking to get multiple tea infusers to suit differently-sized containers, then this set from Chefast is an excellent choice. It comes with everything you need to brew all kinds of tea however you like it. With high-quality materials and convenient designs, it’s the perfect set for tea lovers who want the flexibility to experiment with different brews.

This set comes with three stainless steel strainers – two of them are designed for single cups, while the third is much larger and can make three or more cups at once. Each strainer comes with a chain and hook so you can let the tea steep inside the water instead of sitting on top of the mug or teapot. The entire piece is covered in a stainless steel mesh, so you can dunk the whole strainer for maximum water flow.

One of the best reasons to invest in a reusable tea strainer is that you can buy tea leaves in bulk. This set comes with a scoop, so you get the perfect amount for each cup. Plus, the spoon has a bag clip on the back, so it’s always ready to go whenever you are.

14. OXO Brew Tea Infuser Basket

Next, we have another top-of-mug tea infuser that sits on the edge with the bottom of the basket sitting inside the water. OXO is a well-known brand that makes various kitchen gadgets, and this strainer is a reflection of the company’s commitment to excellence.

One way to ensure your tea stays hot and doesn’t spill out is to use a screw-top lid. This way, even if you knock over the strainer by accident, you won’t create a huge mess of soggy tea leaves and other spices.

Even better, this lid also comes with a soft silicone ring around the edge so you can unscrew the top without burning your hand. Finally, the lid serves as a drip tray so you can keep the basket off the table and not leave a ring.

As with most tea strainers, this model from OXO is made to brew one cup of tea at a time. So, it’s perfect for when you need a little pick-me-up in the afternoon or for a boost of energy in the morning. The dual-sided handles fit almost any container for added convenience.

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15. Reinmoson Large Tea Infuser

Tea strainer in a teapot
The heat-resistant stainless steel can withstand most high temperatures

Finally, this hanging tea infuser from Reinmoson almost looks more like a lantern than a strainer. The cylindrical shape and honeycomb design on the side add flair to the tea-steeping experience. So, if you want a strainer that looks as good as it steeps, this model is a great choice.

Although this is technically a tea strainer, you can use it for other purposes as well. For example, if you want to infuse various spices into a dish, you can hang this strainer on the side of a pot and get all the flavor with none of the debris. The heat-resistant stainless steel can withstand most high temperatures, making this one of the more versatile options available.

The cylindrical design of this tea strainer is not just for aesthetic purposes. It’s also shaped this way so you can hang the strainer inside a Thermos or travel mug. This way, you can keep your tea hot and flavorful during your journey, no matter how long it takes to reach your destination.

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