20 Best French Coffee Brands That You Must Try

If you are looking for a French coffee to go with your French Press, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we have compiled some of the best French coffee brands you can try at home!

best French coffee brands
French typically serve their coffee as small espresso-style drinks

France is beloved for gourmet food and drinks, so it’s no surprise that the French do coffee right too. The French typically serve their coffee as small espresso-style drinks and watch the world go by as they enjoy it in outdoor coffee shops and restaurants. 

According to statistics, 110 to 120 million bags of coffee are manufactured annually worldwide — and this undeniably seems to be true, especially for these top French coffee brands.

Here are the 20 best French coffee brands that you can try.

Our Top 3 Best French Coffee Brands For You

Below is a comparison table of the top three items from this article to help you choose which is best for you.

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1. Carte Noire

Carte Noire is one of the most popular French coffee brands — its approach of blending only pure Arabica coffee beans to deliver an indulgent flavor is its claim to fame. If you crave a creamier taste, you can add a small dash of milk.

Carte Noire offers classic and decaffeinated blends of coffee available as ground coffee and instant coffee. Both selections have always had an enticing aroma and flavor.

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2. Leroux

Another well-known French coffee brand is Leroux. Its most well-liked coffee is flavored with chicory, a plant with a mildly nutty and woody flavor. Leroux recommends brewing its coffee with water or milk, and you can drink it either hot or cold.

Leroux’s French coffee is caffeine-free, gluten-free, and high in fiber. Each one of the ingredients is all-natural.

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3. Enjoué

Enjoué is a leading French coffee brand that has been deeply anchored in its European tradition, as the corporation explains, “Enjoué is how coffee should be.” Its coffee is crafted with consideration toward cultural artistry.

Each blend developed by Enjoué is produced and roasted in Europe. Each bag of Enjoué coffee is guaranteed to be fresh, pure, and of very high quality.

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4. Jacques Vabre

Jacques Vabre uses Robusta coffee beans, which distinguishes it from many of the major French coffee brands. The Robusta coffee beans have a distinct flavor many coffee lovers enjoy.

This French coffee by Jacques Vabres has a rich, smoky, and spicy flavor. Vietnam, Indonesia, and Central Africa supply the Robusta coffee beans. The coffee does have a bit of a bitter taste, though, but it is definitely not very acidic.

Jacques Vabre Cafà Popayan 250g
$27.40 ($776.20 / Ounce)
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5. Namyang

Although many coffee lovers think they’re above instant coffee, it has a time and place. NAMYANG is a South Korean brand with a convenient and delicious French Café blend. There is even a little bit of creamer added to the powdered coffee, which shaves even more time off the brewing process.

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6. Albert

A variety of coffee blends offered by Albert are influenced by various international locations. This renowned French coffee company takes inspiration from Ethiopia, Brazil, India, Colombia, Vietnam, Guatemala, and more. 

For the perfect brew, consider brewing this coffee using an espresso machine, French Press, Italian coffee maker, or filter coffee maker.

Image source: Albert

7. French Market Coffee

Although French Market Coffee is an American brand, New Orleans was once a French colony and has held onto its distinct French influence. French Market Coffee takes the strong dark roasts France is known for and combines it with chicory. As pure chicory coffee became popular in the state during coffee shortages throughout the Civil War, residents became accustomed to the taste, which is why chicory coffee blends are popular.

The coffee tastes dark and bold with a mouthwatering caramelized sweetness. You’ll also detect hints of roasted hazelnuts thanks to the chicory.

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8. Chapuis

Chapuis is one of the best French coffee brands with multiple coffee lines, including organic and traditional lines. It also includes a line of pre-portioned coffee capsules, which looks very similar to Keurig Cups.

Many coffees from the traditional line are inspired by other countries, such as Brazil, Ethiopia, and Guatemala.

9. Cafés Charles Danican

Cafés Charles Danican has been in the coffee business for more than 50 years — and it is also considered to be one of the best French coffee brands.

Cafés Charles Danican offers coffee that comes in whole bean and ground coffee. Its blends are created using classic French methods and tasting sessions. This well-known French coffee brand highlights different flavors in each blend to create the ideal harmony and flavor.

Prince of Abyssinia is one of the company’s blends — a sour blend with cocoa undertones. Another blend is the Caribbean Delight, which has a balanced cocoa flavor. They also offer a full-bodied blend – Kalossi of Makassar – which has a woody flavor.

10. Café Legal

Café Legal, a company founded in 1851, controls a 10% market share for coffee in France. It has long been recognized as one of the best French coffee brands and is one of the world’s leading independent French coffee producers.

Many people seem to know Café Legal for its exquisite black coffee. This coffee has a rich flavor, smooth texture, and an alluring aroma. Its pure black coffee tastes great plain and with cream and sugar.

11. Grand’mère

Grand’mère was founded in 1954 when René and Lucette, a husband and wife, started up a grocery store. They made their own coffee blends, hoping that the aroma would draw customers into their shop. It came as no surprise that they were successful!

Grand’mère is now considered to be one of the best French coffee brands. They offer ground coffee, coffee beans, and coffee capsules. The traditional French blend and the Corsica blend are two of its most well-liked coffee blends.

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12. Malongo

Malongo, a prominent French coffee company, has established its headquarters in Nice since 1934. This family-owned business has been successful for many years as a result of its premium coffee blends. Malongo has held the top position when it comes to the coffees that are grown using organic and Fair Trade methods since 1992.

Coffee pods, coffee beans, ground coffee, and instant coffee are all part of the Malongo product line. There are also a ton of varieties to choose from, including Arabica, Robusta, Bourbon, Caturra, Mocha, and Typica.

Malongo Des Petits Producteurs Coffee
$15.99 ($1.82 / Ounce)
  • Fair-trade
  • Medium Roast
  • Arabica Coffee
  • Vacuum Sealed Can
  • 8.8 Oz.
  • Ground Coffee
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13. Maison du Café

Maison du Café takes its coffee seriously, that much is certain. Its professionals devote close attention to the many coffee sources, preparations, flavors, variations, and forms. Coffee beans, instant coffee, ground coffee, and coffee pods are all available at Maison du Café.

Coffee beans from Maison du Café come in a variety of flavors, including Bourbon, Java, Maragogype, Mocha, and Typica. 

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14. Ricoré

Although affiliated with Nestlé, Ricoré is hugely popular in France. Ricoré’s Au Lait is a creamy instant drink that combines coffee and chicory. It’s easy to brew and goes down smooth; since French coffee is typically strong, it’s a great introduction drink for new coffee drinkers.

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15.  Café Sati

Café Sati is one of the most well-known French coffee brands and has been roasting coffee since 1926. Today, this family-owned business is operated and managed by the third generation.

Café Sati sources its beans from Zimbabwe, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru. They offer organic, and Fair Trade certified coffee. 

Image source: Cafe Sati

16. TerraMoka

TerraMoka is one of the best French coffee brands known for its premium organic coffee — and it is also multi-award-winning! The idea to produce coffee with minimal environmental impact and sell it in biodegradable packaging came to Philippe and Chantal Sauzay in 2017. Above all else, they wanted to create an ethical and humane business model that compensated small-time producers fairly.

The TerraMoka Monsieur Albert is an organic coffee made from Peruvian Arabica coffee beans. It has a delicious and smooth flavor, and an enjoyable continuing aftertaste — a must-try coffee!

17. Green Lion Coffee

The Green Lion Coffee Terre D’Avenir is ideal for an Italian-style espresso since these organic coffee beans offer a strong blend of Arabica and Robusta.

Its medium roast brings out notes of dark chocolate and fruit. Your taste buds have much to work with thanks to its full body, and the woody notes will surely give you a very long aftertaste.

In accordance with the purest traditions, the company roasts its coffee in France. They are also dedicated to providing organic products that are environmentally friendly.

18. Brûlerie Caron

It is time you learned about the Brûlerie Caron roastery’s signature blend in case you have not done so yet. This double award-winning coffee, which has been roasted in Chatillon in the Hauts de Seine region, offers an irresistible blend.

It features notes of caramel, chocolate, and red fruit and is made up of four high-quality Arabica coffee beans sourced from Brazil, Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Nicaragua.

It tastes better as an espresso made using a bean-to-cup espresso maker.

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19. Tassimo

Tassimo is a French brand that has taken the world by storm; it’s best known for its single-serve coffee machines. While Tassimo works with other coffee giants like Costa and L’OR to allow customers to enjoy their favorite java at home, for a more authentic French experience, go for the café au lait pods.

Café au lait is an espresso shot that is topped with steamed milk. It’s a small but strong drink that goes down smoothly.

Tassimo Jacobs Café au Lait
$16.99 ($16.99 / Count)

Coffee Capsules, Milk Coffee, Roasted Ground Coffee,

16 T-Discs / Servings

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20. Café Michel Arabica L’Expresso

The Café Michel Arabica L’Expresso is an Italian-style espresso created from a blend of organic and Fair Trade Arabica and Robusta coffee beans.

If you are looking for something strong and intense to wake you up, this coffee is perfect. 

Image source: Cafe Michael

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