3 Best Coffee Subscriptions For Coffee Snobs

Check out my curated list of the three best coffee subscriptions for coffee snobs below for an affordable yet unbeatable hot mug in your hand every day. Dig in.

Best coffee subscriptions for coffee snobs
An affordable yet unbeatable hot mug in your hand every day

Do you care deeply about what kind of coffee you’re drinking? Do origins and roast levels mean that much to you? If you wish to spruce up your coffee habit without eating up a large portion of your budget, this curated list is made for you.

Here are the three best coffee subscriptions for coffee snobs of each type to make sure you have freshly roasted, high-quality coffee delivered to your doorstep every week or month. On top of that, subscribing to the brand you like will save you a lot of money in the long run without resorting to cheap, store-bought coffee. Let’s dig in.

What To Look For In The Best Coffee Subscriptions For Coffee Snobs


If I cannot find all the details regarding the package I’m about to buy, it’s a hassle. All in all, the best selling points when getting the best coffee subscriptions for coffee snobs should prioritize transparency.

Do they guarantee freshly roasted coffee? Do they allow you to update your subscription as needed? Do they offer one-time purchases and ongoing subscriptions at once? Is the shipping fee acceptable? As long as the subscription box you’re looking at has all these details available, it’s a green flag.

Delivery Time

How long will it take to arrive at your doorstep, and how often they send it out? If they say they can only ship it once a month for a small size pack, it can be a little tricky if you happen to finish all the coffee before the next delivery date. But if the size is large enough and I don’t experience late delivery, I’m happy to give it a go.

Coffee Quality

Freshness is key. You don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a two-month-old specialty coffee when it’s supposed to be freshly roasted and shipped within two days. For coffee snobs like me, reading the labels on each product description is pure joy.

A man reading labels of product description
Reading the labels on each product description is pure joy

Learning about their origins, harvest time, tasting notes, and Fair-Trade certificates is a must before adding any subscription to the cart.

Pricing Plans

The prices each subscription offers should match its quality. I’m happy to pay a bit more for specialty coffee and single-origin, but in return, I don’t expect to run into delayed delivery. It’s nearly the end of the world to wake up knowing I don’t have any coffee left in the cabinet, even though it should have arrived a week ago (or never arrived at all).

How To Pick The Best Coffee Subscriptions For Coffee Snobs

  • Opt for the trial or one-time purchase first if available. The one-time purchase can be costly compared to the ongoing option, but it allows coffee snobs like us to choose between different subscriptions.
  • Stick to the traditional flavors you love the most before going for a rarer, unique flavor your taste buds are not used to. If they fail to satisfy your palate, even with the flavor you love the most, it may hold you back in doubt when you sign up for something new.
  • Subscribe for at least three of your favorite brands and keep it going for a few months. This allows you to detect any issues that are likely down the road.

3 Best Coffee Subscriptions For Coffee Snobs

The Best Coffee Subscription For Coffee Snobs Specialty Coffee

Counter Culture gives you some of the best coffee subscriptions for specialty coffee lovers. With nine premium products on the plate, Counter Culture allows you to explore your taste buds weekly.

At the moment, Counter Culture offers two single-origin options, including one and two packages for each. As stated by the brand, they will swap the selections every two weeks.

For those into a fruit-forward note in their cup of Joe, check out Apollo, a bright yellow pack introducing citrus, floral, and silky notes in each sip. Speaking of size, Counter Culture sticks to a 12oz bag, but you can choose to have from one to four bags delivered at every issue.


  • Diversity in choices
  • High-quality single-origin coffees
  • Well-established brands
  • Affordable


  • Only 12 oz bags are available in size
  • Fewer details about each product introduced on the website

The Best Coffee Subscription For Coffee Snobs For Cold Brew Lovers

Using Brazilian beans, Dutch dune water, and a slow-drip method, Cold Brew Club guarantees you the most desirable cold coffee fix every morning. Each fridge-friendly and biodegradable pouch contains 2.5 gallons of coffee inside, which allows you to brew 38 cups.

On top of that, Cold Brew Club stays true to organic, Fair-Trade, carbon-neutral, gluten-free, nut-free, and dairy-free coffee to meet the rising demands of health-conscious drinkers. You can choose a one-time purchase on the first go and switch to a monthly subscription to save more.

Making cold brew can be tricky sometimes, but rest your worries as Cold Brew Club includes a detailed brewing guide right next to the purchase form for a hassle-free and more enjoyable cup of java. Check out our round-up of the best cold brew brands for more options. 


  • Transparent description and sourcing method
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Stellar coffee concentrate


  • The spigot on the pack gets stuck easily and causes spills
  • Delivery time takes longer to arrive
  • Steep price

The Best Coffee Subscriptions For Coffee Snobs With Adventurous Palates

On the lesser-known side, Yes Plz freshly produces unique and limited releases for coffee snobs with an adventurous palate. Each week, you will receive a new pack with the blend name and ship date. On top of that, Yes Plz also include descriptive and transparent details under each release so you can expect what’s in store for you.

At the moment, Yes Plz centers around fresh-roasted whole beans of new and unique blends, single-origin, and delicious decaf options. Delivery frequency ranges from one week to four, with available bag sizes coming in 8.8oz and 12oz. If you wish to gift it to someone, Yes Plz will get the packs ready in the most inspiring package and send them to the doorstep of your loved ones.


  • No extra shipping cost added
  • Decaf coffee is available
  • A unique blend with wonderful flavor profiles
  • A gifting subscription is available


  • Only two bag sizes are available
  • The roast level comes in a medium profile only

Testing Criteria

Tasting coffee is subjective. So to give you a conscientious judgment, I focused on objective factors across the board to make sure I have the right insight into each subscription. I always list down the top priorities I look for in a stellar subscription box, such as origins, quality of tastes, freshness, transparency, delivery time, and pricing plans. I keep the subscription going for at least three months to detect any issues.

Why You Can Trust Me

Raised by a mother barista, we often try to sample a variety of coffee around the world to see how the coffee culture varies across continents and altitudes. Over time, we learn that a subscription box will come in handy for those who drink coffee often like us. It took us a good few years to finally gather all the products together and find out which brand offers a worthy subscription for a certain type of coffee.

Different types of coffee in cups on wooden table, top view
Try a variety of coffee sample around the world

Best Coffee Subscriptions for Coffee Snobs: The Final Word

I hope you find the lowdown I compiled above helpful before investing in any subscription. If you can’t get your day started without a cold brew fix, I highly recommend signing up for Cold Brew Club in the long run. For specialty coffee fanatics, it’s time to give Counter Culture a chance.


  • Oanh Nguyen

    Born and raised by a traditional mama-barista, Oanh is a typical Viet coffee aficionado who would spend her entire precious Sunday showing you how to categorize coffee beans just by the looks and smells. She enjoys writing about everything drinks-related while sipping her favorite rosebud tea. Find Oanh on LinkedIn.