What’s The Best Coffee For Vietnamese Coffee?

Looking for the best coffee for Vietnamese coffee? Look no further. This article details what sets Vietnamese coffee apart and how to find quality beans.

Best coffee for Vietnamese coffee
Vietnamese coffee differs from other coffee

Vietnamese coffee is an exotic treat and an experience that’s surprisingly easy to bring into your own home. While the particular coffee maker is relatively easy to find online, you might have more trouble tracking down the best coffee for Vietnamese coffee brewing.

In addition, it might surprise you to learn that the requirements for Vietnamese coffee are very different from other formats–and the coffees you have to choose from are a world all to themselves.

To understand what you’re looking for when selecting the best coffee for Vietnamese coffee, we should delve a little into what makes the tasty treat different and how history and geography play a role.

Coffee In Vietnam: Transformations And Culture

A close up of a plant
Arabica was the first coffee plant brought into Vietnam

Coffee in Vietnam is a different creature from how it exists in the rest of the world. Coffee first became a fact of everyday life in Vietnam in 1857, with an Arabica coffee plant brought into the country by a French Catholic priest. While the first coffee plant brought into the country was an arabica–largely considered the gold standard in most coffee circles–Vietnam has set itself apart as one of the largest major producers of robusta beans in the world. 

Because of the greater popularity of the robusta bean in Vietnam, most traditional Vietnamese coffee uses that bean. Of course, it’s possible to get good results with arabica beans as well. But if you want a fully authentic Vietnamese coffee experience, your best choices will be Vietnamese brands.

Fortunately, these are readily available on the internet, especially through Amazon. Another fringe benefit is that robusta beans tend to be less expensive and have a longer shelf life than arabica beans–so even pre-ground is a pretty good bargain. 

Even if you don’t tend to like your coffee sweet or with milk, it’s worth it for the experience, particularly because Robusta beans tend to be more bitter than arabica. If you enjoyed this post, you might be interested in learning what does Kona coffee taste like.

Here are some of my favorite coffee beans to brew Vietnamese coffee:

The Best Coffee For Vietnamese Coffee

vietnamese coffee
Vietnamese brands offer something for every taste

When looking for the best beans to put in your Vietnamese coffee maker, it’s a no-brainer to look to Vietnam first. A wide variety of Vietnamese brands offer something for every taste, and the different takes on the tradition make for a satisfying exploration. While you can certainly find good options outside of Vietnam, my favorites are all sourced from the country, from companies with deep ties to the regions and farmers involved. 

Robarica Espresso Dark Roast: Robarica is a premium Vietnamese brand, offering an updated take on the traditional 100% robusta coffee that the country is known for. The low-acidity beans in their espresso roast have a deep flavor of chocolate and a rich, almost buttery finish that works beautifully with the condensed milk that most Vietnamese coffee drinkers consider necessary. It’s also a good option for making espresso–many Italian espresso fans consider robusta beans the superior option since they generate a richer, thicker crema.

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Chestbrew Moon Bear: While arabica beans aren’t as popular for Vietnamese coffee, this brand’s Moon Bear dark roast is a welcome exception. Sourced from Vietnam, the deep, dark roast lends a strong and bold flavor that makes up for the differences between the arabica and robusta beans.

Chestbrew Whole Bean Coffee. Strong Dark Roast Vietnamese Coffee - Moon Bear Premium 20 Ounce Bag
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As a result, the coffee is a versatile power-player: not just appropriate for Vietnamese brewing styles, but also good across Chemex, french press, and other brewing methods. The complex flavor is less bitter than robusta beans tend to be but still intense and exotic.

Trung Nguyen Premium Blend: This versatile pre-ground coffee features a blend of arabica and robusta beans and offers a balanced cup. Flavors of chocolate and roasted nuts mingle with more fruity, acidic notes to deliver a classic Vietnamese coffee experience that is as satisfying for beginners as veterans. The brand uses traditional methods, including butter-roasting the beans, to create complex flavors and aromas that I appreciate. 


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