What’s The Best Coffee For Morning Drinkers? 3 Of The Best

What’s the best coffee for morning drinkers? This article explores that topic and delves deep into what makes a good cup of morning Joe.

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Morning coffee is a sacred thing for many

For many, the first cup of coffee of the day is a sacred thing. Some people get their morning coffee going even before they take a shower–and some coffee lovers are so dedicated to the brew that they make sure to set up their first cup before they go to bed. But some coffees lend themselves more to mornings than others, and there are a few criteria to consider when selecting the best coffee for morning drinking.

So what makes the perfect cup of coffee to get you going in the morning? Let’s dive into the topic.

Types of Coffee Drinks For Morning

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The ideal morning coffee depends on your taste

No one set way of drinking coffee is ideal for the morning; individual tastes vary too much. In Italy, the belief is that the morning is the only time to drink cappuccino and that after lunch, the only acceptable options are espresso, macchiato, and americanos.

The classic American cup of Joe is a cultural institution, and in France, the café au lait reigns supreme. The best coffee for morning drinking will depend on what style of coffee drink you tend to prefer in the morning.

For the sake of keeping things simple, I’m sticking to morning coffee in the most basic terms: automatic drip, pour-over, and other non-espresso brewing methods. However, there are a few things to look for when you’re considering the best coffee options for morning drinking with these methods, which are a little different from the considerations of what makes a great espresso drink.

Morning Bellies Are Sensitive Bellies

After hours of not eating, most people’s stomachs aren’t ready for a total onslaught of complicated food and drink. Many people don’t even have the appetite for a real breakfast first thing in the morning.

So one factor to consider when choosing your morning coffee is how sensitive your stomach is when you’ll be drinking it. In general, the best coffee for morning drinking is a light or medium roast, with low acidity, for a few reasons.

Light and medium roasts tend to have a higher caffeine content (even if the difference is only slight) than dark roasts. Why? Because the roasting process evaporates and burns off the volatile components in coffee, and caffeine is water-soluble. So if you want to get the biggest caffeine buzz from your morning coffee, you’ll do better choosing lighter roasts for their higher caffeine content.

Low acidity is a factor to consider in your morning coffee as well. Early in the morning, your stomach is not likely to be ready for an onslaught of acid–you haven’t eaten for hours, and everything is just waking up and getting going.

Most low-acid coffee blends tend to be darker roasts, but it’s possible to find low acid medium roasts and even light roasts. You just have to choose particular regions.

Best Coffees To Drink In The Morning

Four cups of coffee on wooden tray
Brewing methods can help even things out

When it comes to morning coffee, many possibilities match the ideal: low acidity and high caffeine content. Of course, some particular brewing methods can also help even things out a bit; cold brew tends to produce coffee that naturally has lower acidity, which is easier on the stomach. But whatever your brewing method, there are some standout coffees to consider.

1. Starbucks Breakfast Blend

The Seattle-based coffee company gave this blend of Latin American coffee beans its name for a reason. The medium roast balances the acidity that tends to come with Latin American beans, and the light flavor and clean finish make for a morning cup of coffee that satisfies and perks you up. Flavor notes of sweet orange and brown sugar pair beautifully with most breakfast foods as an added bonus.

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2. Green Mountain Coffee Nantucket Blend

Often in the morning, you don’t want a cup of coffee that’s too demanding, heavy, or nuanced. Green Mountain Coffee’s Nantucket Blend brews up balanced and surprisingly mild, with toasty flavors and hints of sweetness. It’s a solid choice for those who take their coffee black and those who like a little coffee with their milk and sugar: utility coffee, with a smooth finish.

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3. Death Wish Dark Roast

If your goal for morning coffee is to get as much caffeine in your system as fast as possible, Death Wish is the coffee for you. The dark roast is closer to what most roasters would associate with a medium roast level, meaning the coffee is smoother in flavor and easier on the stomach. It’s also certified as having the highest caffeine content available on the commercial market, so you’ll start your day off with a strong coffee buzz.

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