9 Best Chicory Coffee Brands To Try

The best coffee substitute available is made from roasted chicory root. Here are the best chicory coffee brands to help you start your morning right.

Best chicory coffee brands
Roasted chicory root is the best substitute for coffee

Chicory coffee is a healthy option coffee alternative that enables you to savor a warm, tasty beverage whenever you want without worrying about getting too energized or having trouble falling asleep. It has a unique taste and is getting more popular among those who prefer a more natural way of living. We’ll introduce you to the best chicory coffee brands to try.

1. Café Du Monde 

The original Café Du Monde, a French market chicory coffee shop from the 1860s, created the highly well-liked blend of coffee and chicory, now known as Café Du Monde Coffee Chicory. This chicory coffee is robust and flavorful. It enables you to experience the coffee and chicory blend from the Original French Market Coffee Stand in New Orleans in the convenience of your own home. 

This chicory coffee blend also contains real coffee, so it is stimulating. However, it has less caffeine than normal coffee, making it a suitable place to start for those who want to reduce their consumption. You may also be interested in reading our coffee vs. chicory guide.

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2. French Market Coffee

A robust medium-dark coffee combined with imported French chicory for caramelized sweetness is French Market Coffee, Coffee & Chicory. This exquisite blend of high-quality coffee beans is roasted and blended with the best imported French chicory for a delicious finish. It contains Arabica coffee beans and has Orthodox Union Kosher certification.

Best chicory coffee brands
It contains arabica and robust medium-dark coffee

French Market Coffee also offers whole bean, ground coffee, single-serve K-Cups, flavored coffees, cold brew, and many other types of artisan coffee. Furthermore, they collaborate with farmers to provide social, economic, and environmental improvements through their Sustainable Cup Project seedling program. You might also be interested in our round-up of the best sustainable coffee brands.

French Market Coffee, Coffee & Chicory
$6.04 ($0.50 / Ounce)
  • Coffee and Chicory
  • Medium-Dark Roast Ground Coffee
  • 12 Ounce Metal Can
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3. Community Coffee

Look no further if you’re seeking chicory coffee that comes in a pod. You can get K-cups from Community Coffee & Chicory Single Serve K-Cups, which combine premium chicory with 100% Arabica coffee beans to provide a richer, sweeter flavor than coffee alone.

Because of this, it tastes the most like real coffee and has a more robust chicory flavor than the other brands. All their coffee beans undergo a thorough scoring process for body, balance, flavor, and fragrance to ensure quality. Community Coffee gives back to its partners and local communities in every way it can, from using coffee beans that are sourced ethically to projects that benefit military service members, neighborhood schools, and more.

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4. Luzianne 

The Luzianne Premium Blend Ground Coffee & Chicory is a distinctive and delicious blend of ground coffee and chicory that is ideal for coffee enthusiasts who prefer a smooth, traditional cup of coffee without bitterness. This coffee combines chicory and 100% Arabica coffee beans and produces a smooth, rich cup of coffee without bitterness.

Every cup is fresh and filled with flavor thanks to the all-purpose grind and vacuum sealing process. Luzianne is a famous brand for anyone looking for a delectable cup of coffee due to its 100-year history as a family-owned company committed to tea and coffee. 

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5. Worldwide Botanicals Organic French Chicory Root

French roasted chicory root from Worldwide Botanicals Organic French Chicory Root brews like coffee and can be prepared with a drip coffee maker. This brand is delicious and provides great value for money. It is entirely caffeine and Kosher-free; the drink is also a great source of fiber.

Some people combine this with their regular coffee, but it tastes best when served as a pure chicory alternative for coffee. You can also prepare this drink with a French press, a teapot with a strainer, or an espresso machine.

Worldwide Botanicals Organic French Chicory Root Dark Roast
$12.99 ($0.81 / Ounce)

Blend with coffee to lower its acidity and caffeine, or brew roasted chicory root by itself to enjoy France's favorite coffee alternative. 100% caffeine free, certified gluten free, acid free and Kosher.

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6. Teeccino

Simplicity is what has allowed Teeccino Chicory Coffee to win over the masses because it is a pure chicory drink with no real coffee. Of course, customers also love it because it’s tasty.

Roasted ramón seeds, carob, and chicory root blend make this chicory coffee special. It tastes lovely and is fulfilling, with a robust and coffee-like flavor. It is a nutritious substitute for regular and decaf coffee because it has no artificial flavors, chemicals, MSG, or preservatives.

The taste of this chicory drink is highly praised. Some people even believe it tastes like a mocha because of its carob. The low acidity is great for those with sensitive stomachs. To slowly adjust to a coffee-free lifestyle, combine this chicory drink with coffee.

Teeccino Chicory Coffee Alternative
$13.99 ($1.27 / Ounce)
  • French Roast – Ground Herbal Coffee That’s Prebiotic, Caffeine-Free & Acid Free, Dark Roast, 11 Ounce
  • Get natural energy from nutrients, not stimulants.
  • Teeccino is naturally acid-free.
  • Non-GMO, organic herbs
  • Prebiotics

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7. Frontier Co-Op 

Frontier Co-Op Organic Roasted Chicory Root Granules is exquisitely lovely. This type of chicory root coffee is popular for its purported health benefits; it’s believed to be good for liver health and can lower inflammation. Like ordinary coffee, it also aids in maintaining the regularity of the bowels.

It tastes great, but since it does not contain real coffee, it’s best for those already accustomed to chicory. Feel free to add some coffee to this brew to help you adjust.

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8. RASA 

Love chicory coffee and mushroom coffee? Why not have the best of both worlds? RASA Adaptogenic Herbal Coffee Alternative is a combination of various organic herbs that offers a wealth of advantages without the typical coffee bust, nervousness, or disrupted sleep. 

This 12-herb blend tastes mildly sweet and nutty, but most importantly, it eases stress so you can perform at your finest. RASA created this formula with 3500 mg of adaptogens and no caffeine as a true coffee alternative. This herbal coffee substitute unlocks profound, nourishing energy and has the same self-care feeling in a cup.

Moreover, this coffee substitute can balance cortisol levels and improve stress responses. This low-acidity herbal coffee substitute contains nootropics like Rhodiola and functional mushrooms, making it unique compared to other chicory coffee brands.

RASA Original Adaptogenic Mushroom Coffee Alternative
$32.00 ($4.00 / Ounce)
  • Adaptogenic Mushroom Coffee Alternative
  • Vegan
  • Keto
  • Whole 30
  • 8 oz. / 30 Servings
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9. Bru Instant Coffee And Roasted Chicory

Family gatherings with drinks and laughter
Anybody can bond over a warm drink of chicory coffee

Bru Instant Coffee And Roasted Chicory is a high-quality coffee blended with added chicory root for a rich, deep flavor. With five decades in the coffee business, you know it’s a treat. Additionally, this coffee blend from India celebrates the gathering of family, friends, and anybody who can bond over a warm drink.

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