Atlas Coffee Club Discount: Claim 50% Off Today

In this guide, we explain how to claim a 50% Atlas Coffee club discount. Use it for a coffee of the month.

It’s hard to find Atlas Coffee Club promo codes and discounts that work. We’ve partnered up with this coffee subscription company to offer readers a verified code that you can use to start your coffee subscription today. It’ll give you 50 percent off your first bag. You can use this for the coffee of the month club or browse the Atlas Coffee Club collection.

This subscription is a lot less hassle than browsing retailers or even Amazon for the right coffee grind! If you’re concerned about sustainability, between 50 and 60 percent of Atlas Coffee is Fair Trade too.

If you use a coupon code, each subscription includes a curation of the best single-origin coffee, tasting notes, coffee brewing tips and options for personalizing your coffee preferences.

Our Pick for Coffee Subscriptions
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How to Use Our Atlas Coffee Club Discount

Step 1: Use the Discount Link Below

Click here. This link leads to an Atlas Coffee Company page where you can personalize your subscription.

Step 2: Select How Many Coffee Bags You Want

Now, you can pick from a single bag, a half bag or a double bag coffee subscription. Expect a half bag to brew about nine cups of coffee. That’s a little over a week’s worth for a single average coffee drinker. We prefer a double bag for two people, which lasts about month.

Step 3: Select How Often You’d Like to Receive Your Coffee

Atlas Coffee Club offers delivery every two or four weeks. Deciding the right frequency depends on how often you drink coffee, the size of your bag and how many people drink coffee in your household.

Step 5: Select Your Roast Preference offers light to medium, medium to dark and all roast types for buyers. You can pick coffee from locations like Guatemala, Indonesia, Colombia, Kenya, Costa Rica, Mexico, Rwanda, Congo, Burundi and Peru.

We recommend trying a few different roasts until you’re sure about taste preferences.

Step 5: Select Your Coffee Grind Type

You can pick from whole bean or ground coffee. The right choice depends on how you brew your coffee.

If you’re unsure about what Atlas Coffee grind or roast to pick, opt for the coffee of the month instead. Atlas Coffee will then send you their recommended choices. We particularly liked this option as a coffee gift for caffeine drinkers who love to get up and go!

Step 6: Add Your Payment Details

Atlas Coffee Club accepts payment via Paypal or a credit card. They guarantee the freshness of a coffee subscription and you can cancel anytime.

Your Atlas Coffee Club discount code should be applied at checkout, but if you’re prompted for a code add COFFEE50

Please note, some exclusions apply.

What are the benefits of an Atlas Coffee Club membership?

An Atlas Coffee Club membership means you’ll always have fresh coffee at home. It also takes the guesswork out of finding the best roast for coffee. Subscribers can pick from the right bag size and delivery cadence so you don’t have to worry about having too much or little coffee. It also results in less money spent in a coffee shop or Starbucks.

What other products does Atlas Coffee Club offer?

Atlas Coffee club offers a range of coffees of various roasts, taste profiles and blends. You can also avail of the Atlas Tea Club to find interesting teas and get them sent straight to your door.

How much does it cost to ship atlas coffee

Typically, it costs $4.95 to ship a bag from Atlas Coffee Club. That’s excluding the cost of the bag of coffee, which starts at $9 for a half bag. Coffee fans can join its coffee club to cut costs.