Are Coffee Tables Out of Style?

They seem outdated, so it begs the question – are coffee tables out of style? Let’s bring it all to the table and learn more a coffee table is for you or not!

Are coffee tables out of style
Coffee tables saw an increase in retail sales from 5.88 billion to 6.1 billion dollars

Coffee tables used to be a staple piece of furniture in the past. But as the population continues to grow and residential unit spaces keep shrinking, many homeowners are forgoing this fixture. This raises the question – are coffee tables out of style now?

My answer is no; it’s not. It’s still something that a homeowner can consider depending on the situation. Occasional tables such as the coffee table saw an increase in retail sales from 5.88 billion dollars in 2018 to 6.1 billion dollars in 2020.

Mini Furniture With A Purpose

Are coffee tables out of style?
Coffee tables can hold beverages, books, magazines, and other household items

Coffee tables are a kind of occasional table that’s small in size, usually 12 to 24 inches, intended to accentuate your living room or guest room. It can serve as a convenient place to hold beverages, books, magazines, and other small household items.

It is kind of old-fashioned, given that its history can be traced back to the 18th century, around the same time when Europe was experiencing a boom in the coffee shop industry. However, this has become debatable in recent years. 

The first versions of this fixture were made of wood, and even then, these were designed to complement the low back sofas of that era and were used to hold candles, coffee or teacups, and books.

Advantages Of Having A Coffee Table

Complements Your Sitting Area

It would still fit your home because it can fill a gap in your living room, and it’s easy to choose the perfect coffee table since it comes in an array of shapes and sizes. The traditional wood design can effortlessly accentuate your room, no matter your interior style. 

Don’t forget to measure, though! Always consider the space in your home before you decide to purchase.

Did you know you can bring out the best of your wooden table with coffee? Learn how to stain wood with it in five simple steps!

An Alternative For Holding Items

Coffee tables with drawers and lower shelves can serve as storage for your keys or remote control. Personally, this is where I keep my reading glasses as I often lose them. You can also utilize it to keep your reading materials, saving space rather than getting a bookcase. 

Perfect Fixture For Small Gatherings And Activities

Are you planning to invite your friends over for coffee talks or wine nights? Gather them around the coffee table where snacks and beverages are accessible and have a meaningful conversation. Make the night more exciting, and pull out your board or card games! 

One of my hobbies is solving jigsaw puzzles. I use my coffee table as the base, and when I’m done for the day, I can just slide it down the shelf. 

Drawbacks Of Having A Coffee Table

A cup of espresso coffee on a wooden table
Because of its size, you might find yourself bumping your coffee table a lot of times

Not The Friendliest Of Furniture

Due to its small size, you might find yourself bumping into it multiple times, which can be annoying. Since its corners and metal supports can be pointy, it can be unsafe for children and pets, especially glass coffee tables.

I suggest using corner guards to cover those sharp edges but be sure to pick a color or design that will go with your table.

Requires Maintenance To A Degree

Coasters and mats should be a staple for coffee tables to avoid damaging them. Glass coffee tables are susceptible to scratches, and wood can absorb water which can compromise its quality. Metal ones can rust, while the organic ones are notorious dust-collectors.

Make sure to clean your coffee table after every use or inspect it at least once a week.


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